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HIS DESIRE is a book that evolves around James, a wealthy CEO, who was hunting for love, and Joyce, the talkative with a petty job and a petty salary. She was in dire need of a new job but what happens when, with her loquacious personality, has insulted the CEO of the company she submitted her application and had been invited for an interview?

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Chapter One
James Andrew, the CEO of Andrews Limited sighed heavily on the chair in his large and well furnished office, besuited in color red and white shirt. It was valentine's day. But,he had no one to celebrate with at the age of thirty. No woman was in his life. They all date,use and jilt him for no reason exactly. It was obvious they were all after his money so he decided to remain a bachelor for a while. James sat upright as he pondered about his life. His parents had been pestering him,wanting to see their grandchildren . They wanted him to choose a woman from a good home and who he loved. They did not want to choose for him. Being the third and last born,he was cherished and loved by his twins brothers,Peter and Paul. His brothers had gotten married and had two kids each. He was the only single in the family. The more he pondered,the more he realized that none of these women had any tangible reason neither did he find any flaw in himself. He was handsome,tall and with sligh
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Chapter Two
"Mum,dad. I will really kill myself if you don't get me a job that pays well," Joyce cried,stamping her feet on the ground in akimbo. She was a beautiful young lady of twenty five but with a petty job even though she was a literate. Her parents knew her to be always unserious and careless but with integrity. She was also known to be a trouble 'stirer.' She had beaten a few men,till they lost consciousness,who had asked her parents for her hand in marriage. Both rich and poor men. Joyce had once ended up behind bar as a result of 'disciplining',as she claimed it,a rich man who asked for her name and address. It seemed the man was persistent as she refused to give him what he wanted,so she 'disciplined' him. "Joyce," her parents chorused. "Be calm," Donald,her father said. "You can kill us if you want or yourself. Aren't you supposed to be the one out there seeking up and down for a job?" Felicia,her mother said. She continued, "You have no shame,dear child. So,you want your father a
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Chapter Three
Joyce Donald was in her place of work,chatting with a friend named Angela. They were both working as waitresses in an eatery which was popularly known as 'Yes,thanks.' The nickname was given to the restaurant as anybody as anybody who ate there always request for more. 'Yes,thanks' had always been the reply of most customers if they were asked, "Do you enjoy the meal?" Or "Do you want to order for more?" "No matter how popular this place is,Angela,it will be bad if the pay refuses to increase. So many waiters and waitresses have been complaining about that," Joyce said to her friend. "It's not as if they are not earning,Joyce. They are gaining a lot. The manager is just too stingy. He is a miser," Angela pointed out. Felix,the manager of the restaurant approached them. Talk of the devil. They were shocked at first but relaxed when they notice he didn't hear the gossip. "Joyce,I want to ask you for a favor," he began. "The man at the entrance..." He paused
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Chapter Four
James Andrew was in his house,reading an article in the newspaper about unemployed graduates and blaming the government for their incapability to solve the problem. He felt for them. His brothers arrived as he was about to rise up and go inside. They exchanged pleasantries and he offered them seats and entertained them. "Happy weekend, brothers. How are you doing? Your wives and children?" James asked his brothers. "James you know I dislike many questions. One at a time," Paul Andrew said. "Alright. Anyway, what made you two come here? You don't visit me often," James pointed out. "Just to say 'Hi' to our little brother," the twins chorused and laughed. They chatted for a while longer and Peter changed the subject they were discussing about. He asked James if there was any vacancy in his company where someone could work and receive high salary. "Brother,does Cecilia want to work in my company?" James asked thoughtfully. "My wife is not going to wo
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Chapter Five
Vivian once again visited James on Sunday and insisted that James should follow her to a place. He refused at first but she was really persistent. He had no choice. They were halfway to the place when he broke the silence playing around them.     "Viv,where did you say we're going?" James asked with curiosity. He was just being directed by her on where to take a turn right or left. He was the one driving in his car but he's ignorant of the place.       "Yes,thanks," she replied and the expression that appeared on his face was the perfect definition of confusion.       "Pardon?"       Vivian laughed. "I know you'll be confused. You need to take a look at  your face," she told him between laughter. "Anyway, that's the name. It's a popular eatery. I just want us to try the place," she furthered to qu
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Chapter Six
   "Calm down. Miss,will you stop this?" Vivian pleaded but Joyce went on,not regarding her plea.         "Hello, Mr Pride. Who are you? If not for the fact that you're a customer here,I would have done something you wouldn't expect to you," she paused and survey the place. Mr Manager wasn't around and there were also few customers and that's because it was Sunday.          "Here's your tie,washed,dried and ironed smoothly. What else do you want me to do?" She asked, softening up.         "Miss Joyce,I will report you to your manager," Vivian threatened with all seriousness.        "Oh,no,pretty woman! What do you want me to do? Okay,I think I understand," she said repentantly,not that she gave a dam* about her manager but because...... Well,she didn't know.  "Mr Handsome," she called. "I'm sor
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Chapter Seven
It was already seven thirty in the morning and Joyce was still asleep. She slept late the previous night,how could she not still be sleeping? Her mother had thought she had gone out early to the place but was shocked to see her in her bed.        "Oh,Joyce. It's Monday morning. Your interview," she shouted at her daughter who used a pillow to cover her head,not wanting to be disturbed by any noise.   Your iiinterrrviewww! The words pierced through the pillow directly into her ears. She jumped up and shouted at her mother for not waking her up earlier as she ran to the bathroom.       "I thought you've gone," her mother retorted.      Joyce rushed out of the bathroom and sharply got dressed in a yellow shirt and fitted black skirt and a black handbag with a black flat shoe. She combed and folded her hair
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Chapter Eight
He was touched. He hated seeing women crying. He had no choice. After all,he didn't want to go back on his words to his brother. "Okay,okay,fine. Have your seat. Let's get started," he said to her assurance.      " Thank you so much,"she appreciated as she had her seat before him and he began his questions. She answered them sincerely but paused to look at him when he cleared his throat.    "Answer this faithfully," he commanded.      She nodded.      "Are you married or into any sort of relationship?" He asked,looking straight into her eyes.       "Is that part of the interview..... Sir?"         "You're going to be my P. A,so I need to know you're going to be chanced anytime, any day," he said.       Wow! Th
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Chapter Nine
James sat in his office alone after summoning for his personal assistant. He had been in need of it for quite a while now. Not that there were no applicants that wanted to work but they were not qualified enough to his taste. His former P. A,a man of integrity and loyalty to him,suddenly resigned with the excuse that he would be abroad - based from then on.          He was hurt but he had no choice and all applicants he had been interviewing after him did not have the qualification he wanted.        Thus,he was happy when his brother,Peter,had told him of a person that was educated,hardworking and intelligent. Peter had suggested and assured him that the person would be no doubt qualified and fit for the position.      If he were to be honest with himself, he found her tactful even though she talks too much. She was always willing to keep quiet whenever he told
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Chapter Ten
He was boiling and this loquacious woman wouldn't do anything to help than her ranting.     He was right after all. She suddenly kept quiet,dumbstruck. When she finally found her voice,she exclaimed, "What!"      He laid on the sofa with his head up. He looked at the dummy looking before him. "I will if you don't stop talking. I'm queasy and all you can do is talking again and again," James complained with all seriousness even though he felt like laughing his heart out.     Joyce said nothing other than,"I'm sorry. I was wrong. I talk too much."     "I know,so quiet. I'm sure the staff are all gone. I need silence, okay? And find something to reduce this boiling body of mine cause I don't want to go to the hospital," he said and Joyce scampered out of the room, leaving him speechless. He couldn't shout so he let her be. It took her a while to
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