Half Hope, Half Love

Half Hope, Half Love

By:  lily97000  Ongoing
Language: English
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[ ᴜɴʀᴇǫᴜɪᴛᴇᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ]"Let me go, Heath. You know it's wrong." I whispered, as he shifted himself closer towards me. "What's wrong with me hugging you?"I took a deep breath. "You just got cheated on by my sister who you were about to marry in some weeks! Not to mention, you loved her so much you fought against your whole family to marry her. Is that enough of a reason now?"With that being said, he left me abruptly and I could feel him still standing behind me. "You just have to mention that now, don't you? When I'm trying to cope up with the truth?""It's the truth. You really were getting married to-""Is that the reason you're leaving me?!"I frowned. "What?""I was going to marry Kiara. You didn't like it-""Why wouldn't I like it if you'd marry my sister?!" I yelled, my own temper rising at his random observation. "It's simple. You were jealous." ___Eight years working your butt off for someone you love, only to watch them fall in love with your own sister and propose a marriage by your help, is not something everyone have guts for, to do. Follow the journey of Heath Evercrest and Hazel Scarlett, as Hazel struggles to put up with her employer's sudden unexpected odd request, while her own heart threatens to betray her sooner or later, in her own quest.___Warning - Contains kisses and scenes that might make you blush.Copyright © StarryRitika 2020.

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Little Bella
Wow, I'm totally drawn into the plot and these characters seem so intriguing. Your writing slips in so smooth, it makes me imagine the whole scene like web series hahah. And those teasing scenes gave me tingle lol. Waiting for more updates! ?
2020-09-11 18:34:47
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Daphnejearaine Quilang Bagnuig
this will be likethe first book again tssskj tsskk ... i will never recomment this author hmmff.. wasting money
2021-04-10 10:18:48
15 Chapters
0| Epigraph
"I wish I had the guts to walk away from what we had, but I can't, because I know you won't come after me, and that's what hurts the most."[ Author's Note ]Thank you for choosing this book.-This is my second book. I am a big fan of unrequited love so wrote this book, as many of you must've guessed while reading my first book, "If Only He Knew" which is also available on GoodNovel. Please read and enjoy the story happily and if you want, you can truly point out my mistakes, I seriously don't mind. Happy Reading to you.ritika. ♥
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1| Half Hope, Half Love
~This book is based on the same theme of unrequited love, but with the different sort of love-triangle. Written with feelings and passion, so hold your seats pals, it might give you Tachycardia if you ever had serious one-sided love for anyone lol.*throws dark chocolate to all my readers*>>Here you go! 1| Half Hope, Half Love__________"If someone you love hurts you, cry a river, build a bridge and get over it."__________"I'm nervous, Scarlett."In the midst of choosing the attire for his special night, after probably scandalizing his whole closet and not getting the desired piece, I stopped my ministrations, only to turn around to look at his troubled expression. Very rare, indeed. "What if she doesn't like me?"When I made no move to correct him, he gauged my incredulous expression, but continued nevertheless. "You know I don't have much experience with women."Actually, his '
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2| When He Touches Me Like He Means It
I stared at him blankly, as if he'd just asked me to show him how my sister wants him to kiss her.  Realising that's exactly what he said, I toppled over in my own steps, knocking him down gently with my own disbalance, both of us landing on his soft bed, him on top of me, breathing heavily. I tried to reason with him, our close proximity suddenly making me crazy. Nudging him gently on his shoulders, I tried to push him from above me. But when he didn't, I grew nervous.  "You're drunk." I said, as a matter of fact. "I can't be. Just four cans of beer isn't enough for me to get inebriated." Four! He told me he just had two. &nbs
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3| Why His Actions Always Prove Otherwise?
"Don't trust just anyone blindly, Heath. You know not everyone wants your best.." I sighed in pleasure as his lips peppered kisses on my exposed throat, but remembering that he had a date with my sister tonight, almost immediately I pushed him aside roughly, his balance swaying for a minute before he hovered once again at me, this time keeping his right hand firmly on my chin, tilting my head to my side.  Once again, his lips found my neck, this time pressing wet kisses across my throbbing pulse. I gripped the bedsheets tightly with my hands, my fingernails pushing against each other, my eyes closing almost involuntarily at his ministrations.  His fingers stroked my cheek, rubbing his thumb pad lazily over my skin, light friction causing me to whimper in response. "If you think doing this will get you Kiara, then you're wrong, Heath. She'll hate it the moment you become dominating with her." My words must've kn
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4| Where There Is Hope
"Her favourite color are many, to be honest. Red, black, orange, yellow, white, purple, pink, sunny yellow, lemony yellow, sunflowery yellow, cauliflowery-yellow, candy-yellow-" "Where the blue fits in there then?" He asked, with the hint of annoyance and worry, in his deep voice.  I pretended to think like some good old scholar but ended up looking like some jarred granny instead.  "She always has some shades of blue in her usual clothes, that's where I decided from that she must've this indescribably unknowingly obsession with the blue color and honestly, if you ask me, it's actually very sexy, in my opinion." I chirped at him when he stopped doing his hair and looked at me incredulously.  "Seriously, Scarlett? That's your reason for making me wear blue on my first date-" "I told you it's looking good. Sexy as hell! Kiara will never dream of another man again-"
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5| He Is A Whole Different Person With Her
The deep pitter-patter of the heavy rain reverberated through the window shutter of my apartment as I adjusted in my sleep, pulling the blanket tightly around my curled body.  The need to make the necessary call to check on his well-being was increasing through each passing minute.  I glanced at my silent phone, time being past midnight and seeing that there were no missed calls from him, eventually I settled on going back to sleep.  Which proved to be a tougher task 'cause half of my stupid self was wondering if he got home safely while other half threw cactus at the first half for making such speculations of him reaching home at his first date, stubbornly making me imagine various interesting and steamy ways he might be enjoying his date with Kiara.  Hell, no! Heath wasn't like that. As far as I knew, I was fairly informed of all his barely touched relationships with women and n
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6| Where Love And Desire Meet
Placing the cleaned cup inside the cupboard, I took his own empty cup from his hands and washed it down the running water. "Leave them on the sink. Maid will take care of it." He said.  "I'm already done with it." Wiping my wet hands in the kitchen towel, I took my place, leaning on the dining table beside him.  Soft blow of semi-wet breeze from the corner of the slightly open window reminded me I was still in my wet clothes and I shivered in cold, wrapping my hands around my shoulders to keep me warm.  I heard Heath shuffle beside me before he placed soft dry towel on my still wet hair, applied pressure over the cloth and started to dry my hair.  "I can do it mys-" I tried to take the towel from his hands but he used his height to his advantage.  "Keep still." He said, his voice hinting authority and I pressed my lips in thin line, nodding meekly. 
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7| | Something In The Rain - Part I
One and a half year later...  The laughter died down my throat the moment I saw them around the dark alley, pressed tightly against each other.  Aghast, I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to look at him in anxiousness as the heavy thunder mixed with the low roaring of unshed clouds reverberated in the background like the ringing storm of destruction ready to swallow everything coming in between.  He was standing still in his place, smile long gone from his handsome features. Instead, his face contorted into the unsual look of disgust, streaks of moisture dripping from his forehead down the chin.  He looked angry, hopeless, lost, deserted, betrayed and appalled, looking at them kissing the life out of each other.  "Heath" I called out his name, my heart beating rapidly in my ribcage.  He gave me a side glance, raising his left
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8| Something In The Rain - Part II
"Heath." She called his name and I could hear it faintly soft from where I was standing. Immediately, I increased my pace, my feet landing on the puddle of mud in haste, before I stood beside Heath, eyeing Kiara.  "Heath." She called him again and I tilted my head to see Heath looking at anywhere but her.  Kiara took one step towards him and he took one step away from her, hitting my shoulder in the process, to now stand in front of me, his back facing me.  "I..." Kiara started to say something but stopped when she saw him glaring at her.  "I don't have anything to say to you." He said, before striding past her in haste, bumping her shoulder harshly in the process. I could see him walking, more like running in the street, as the rain above us once again started to increase in intensity.  Kiara didn't turn around to see him walking away. She didn't look br
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9| Something In The Rain-Part III
"What're you-" I started but was cut off when he started to drag me with him.  "It's enough. Let's go now." He replied, taking me with him.  I looked at him in confusion. "But-" "Shut up and just come with me, will you!?" He suddenly barked at me and I felt the anger rising in his voice.  Nevertheless, I put my hand over his hand clutching my wrist and tried to release myself from his grasp. But his fingers didn't budge one inch from his grip. I sighed loudly and tried again but due to the rain, my fingers were slipping over his knuckles while he continued to drag me with him.  "Let go of my hand, Heath! You've been treating me so roughly this whole night, do you even know that?!" He stopped in the middle and turned towards me. "Why do you think I've been doing this in the first place?!" I opened my mouth to speak but
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