Chapter Eight

Zuk at late night went to Balak's room, there were guards placed outside the king's room, a loud moaning of women's was coming from inside the room, "Is our king busy with his prey?" asked Zuk, "Yes General" said the guard, "Come inside" a deep raucous voice came from inside the room, hearing this guards quickly opened the door for Zuk, Zuk entered the room and saw Balak having sex with women and girls, Balak had these women all tied up and was using hunter to torture them and fuck them, they were Balak's personal whores, Balak killed his wife after she said no to him once, Balak was a ruthless monster.

"What is the problem" asked Balak looking at Zuk while fucking a girl, " My lord, the knight as informed us about the presence of Hugo and his companion who attacked and killed two of our knights", Balak hearing this was filled with anger he was hurting the girl now, he grabbed the girl's neck and started choking her, "Does that blind fool want to die just like his wife" yelle

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