Help! I don't want to be the female lead

Help! I don't want to be the female lead

By:  Shin Sungmi  Completed
Language: English
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When Park Seraphine realizes that she had transmigrated to be a character in the novel, she was shocked. On top of that, she was the Female Lead whose life she despised. Even though the Female Lead wasn't her favorite character, that wasn't where the problem lied! It was the fact that all the men around her was sadists— her three brothers, the crown prince, her knight, and the mage! Although the Female Lead bore with them, Park Seraphine wasn't willing to do the same. She was ready to fight against those sadists for her rights no matter what it took! As for having a happy ending with the Crown Prince at the end, she discarded that thought from the beginning. What she wanted was that Crown Prince was to be at her mercy!

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I really enjoyed this book a lot. the ending was a bit too abrupt but other than that it was a fun read.
2023-04-14 17:34:47
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Kai Deco Rina
sana all may pera hahahha.........
2021-08-21 11:09:55
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Hanna Almyrasyifa
ceritanya menarik
2021-06-11 10:12:34
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Maria Catherine
No update?
2021-04-17 16:49:30
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Waiting fir an update!!! Hello
2021-02-20 21:48:17
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i think it's not complete yet??
2022-08-26 19:59:25
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Shubha N
very imaginative and entertaining
2021-10-03 21:45:41
261 Chapters
I transmigrated to be a what?
First and foremost, this is a work of fiction, and no correlation should be made with living people or incidents. The author doesn't support any of the ideology or the relationship— friendship or romantic— being presented in this story. This was merely written for entertainment sake, not to be followed and used as an ideal. There are many things that are wrong in this novel morally, and therefore, don't let this novel influence you.   A sharp pain went through her back, and a cry escaped from her mouth the moment she opened her eyes. Tears started to form at the corner of her eyes.   This sudden development managed to surprise Park Seraphine. Taken aback, she opened her eyes, and, raising her hand, wiped away the tears that accumulated at the corner of her eyes.   That's when, her hands fell into her line of sight, and a gasp escaped from her mouth when she realized how small they appeared.    '
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The familiar names
 No matter how hard she tried to think, she wasn't able to exactly pinpoint it. But the sense of familiarity did not allow her to have a peace of mind unless she confirmed it. Creases appeared between both of eyebrows while she pulled her lips into a thin line, trying her hardest to recall. In the eyes of others, this expression of hers looked endearing. "What are you thinking so intently, Lady Seraphine?" the maid asked while her eyes were filled with adoration towards the small child. "What's your name?" Seraphine asked— her voice being little incoherent. "Lady Seraphine, did you forget my name again? It's Betty," the maid voiced out, "Lord Lyle and Lord Clayton was looking for you to play with them earlier. Let's go to them." All those names caused something to click within her. The name of a certain novel came inside of her mind—
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Shocking everyone
Without anyone excluded, starstruck expressions and gasps spread through the room. Few in the room had difficulty believing what they heard; Clayton was the prime example of that. Due to the immense shock, he let out of her cheeks and blinked his eyes multiple times before her, unable to understand the situation. Once the shock was gone from their faces, the maids were in awe with their young lady. Seeing her stand up for herself and say those mature words for the first time managed to strike them at their heartstrings. Everyone present wanted to see this continue further. "Yah! Why are you acting—" "Don't put your hand on my shoulder," she voiced out, "Since you abused me until this age, I am still shaken up in your presence." The earlier words were somewhat acceptable, but this time around, they couldn't believe it further. How did a docile child lear
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Taking care of herself
"Take care of myself? You are telling a four year to do that? What a joke! I will show you how a four year old takes care of herself!" Seraphine mumbled as she paced around her play room. Betty and the other maid, Anna, watched their Young Lady with concern in their eyes. Ever since since she has returned, she had been acting strangely; it seemed that the Young Lady was growing worries. Unaware of the thoughts of the Betty and Anna, Seraphine remembered about the contents of the novel. Since the novel also had written about 'Seraphine's' childhood, starting from her four year old self, she could recall reading about this situation as well. Her main concern right now was to avoid meeting that important person. Knowing how the story will unfold, meeting that person will be disastrous— something that can't be avoided later on. So, that's why, she had to work early on it.
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"Ugh," a moan escaped from her lips. All parts of her body ached tremendously, and a lack of energy hit her. Feeling fatigue, she had a hard time trying to open her eyes. When she barely managed to lift her eyelids, the hazy view of the white ceiling fell into her line of sight and wondered what had happened to her. Could it be that she had finally woken up from that horrendous dream? Not caring about how weak she currently felt, she wanted to confirm that. That's why, pushing her hands on the bed, she wanted to sit up. But before she was barely able to lift her body, she collapsed. "Seraphine Dear, you are finally awake!"  A soft voice, filled with relief, entered into her ears. Finding the voice to be unknown, she slowly turned her head and took in the appearance of the blurry woman. After blinking couple of times, her vision started to clear up.
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Cured of it
She was cured of that cold sooner than she had expected. The cold seemed extremely horrible on the first day, but from the next day onwards, it barely caused her to feel anything. Even in the modern world, such a recovery state would be considered a miracle. Maybe it could be that her current body had an amazing immunity. There was one more possibility that crossed her mind, but she brushed that off as soon as it appeared. It was that a Mage was hired to get her cured. But taking in the position she was in, that seemed like a joke, especially when her father and brothers did not care about her. Moreover, in the novel, there were no mentions of Mage being hired to cure 'Seraphine'. In a world that was filled with magic, such creatures were not uncommon. As their name suggested, Mages dealt with magic. There were various types of Mages, and
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Her own decisions
Baffled and aggravated— those were the perfect words to describe Seraphine's emotions right then. There was no way both of them would stay beside her for that long. Calming herself with the thought of how impatient Lyle's personality was— which meant that he would leave soon— she decided to keep on the act for a little longer despite of how uncomfortable it was. °°° A yawn escaped from Seraphine's mouth as she opened her eyes. It appeared that while she was waiting for the boys to leave, she had accidently drifted off to sleep. Feeling refreshed after that nap, she stretched her hands, and her body felt barely uncomfortable. Although the story took place at the ancient setting, it seemed that they were quite effective when it came to medicine. This worked almost as good as modern day digestive medicine. Wearing a smile on her fac
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Moody Seraphine
After about an hour of sitting, Seraphine was completely bored, and there was nothing she was able to do other than glaring at Lyle. That boy, on the other hand, did not bother to even spare her a glance. The boredom made her want to grab some of the books from shelves and go through them. But her strong pride was preventing her from doing so. In her opinion, she would be left with no face if she gave into temptation right now. Taking in a deep breath, she let out a loud sigh and laid down on the couch. Since there was nothing for her to do in the first place, she might as well go to sleep. Since she was still a child, it wasn't difficult for her to fall sleep. °°° Hunger gnawed at her stomach, causing her sleep to be disturbed, and as Seraphine opened her eyes slowly, she realized that she was in Lyle's office right now.  
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Now that she was at a brighter mood, Seraphine did not hold herself back anymore and started to point towards some of the food on the table. A wide grin formed on her face while she said, "I want to have that soup and that too." Seeing how Edward was complying to her and feeding her whatever she desired for made her much more enthusiastic. Although he was slightly clumsy with his hand, she let it pass for the sake that he was taking the initiative to feed her. Yes, it was probably embarrassing for her sixteen year old self, but now that she was at the body of a child, she did not find herself minding this. Unbeknownst to her, two boys watched the girl eat through the slight opening on the door, and relief was present in their eyes. Clayton shook his head and ran his hand through his hair while he leaned against the wall. He then expressed, "She is such a hand
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The villain
A party for Lyle's eighth birthday was held at the mansion. Seraphine was excited about it, not because it was Lyle's birthday but due to the fact that she would be able to interact with more characters during this event. Since Seraphine did not have any close friends to begin with, she couldn't invite anyone over to her mansion to play and vice versa. She did not know why there were so many obstacles placed in her path when it came to making friends, but all she knew was that she wasn't ready to lead a lonely life like Seraphine in the novel. No matter what happens, she needed to get some friends. With her protagonist nature, she knew that there were chances that she might get the rotten ones as her friends. But that did not matter to her. As long as she was smart enough, they wouldn't be able to attack her, and it's not like she would be trusting herself to
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