Her Best Friend

Her Best Friend

By:  MieMieoyiza  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when you get married to a Criminal? Your best friend was a victim of his action. You wanted to call off the wedding but you're hopeless. In other to save your parent's reputation, you had to get married to a Monster. But, for how long would this be?

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Her Best Friend by Miemieoyiza is a funny romantic comedy. Zuwairah was initially excited to marry. She invited her friend Tracy to join the celebration. But when she shows the photo of her husband-to-be, Tracy discourages her from pursuing the wedding. Rasheed, according to Tracy, is not a good choice. Believing her friend Zuwairah runs away during her wedding night. What is it with Rasheed that made Zuwairah change her mind? Tracy is also afraid of him. What dark secrets does this man have? Will he put Zuwairah's life in danger? And does he even truly love her?

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Hi everyone! Author Maryam here, kindly leave a honest review about this book so that I can know if what I'm writing does make sense. thank you for reading!
2021-02-14 17:54:21
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It was a good read but the story just jumped around alot. Hard to keep up with the storyline.
2021-12-21 05:08:53
26 Chapters
Chapter One
Today is Zuwairah's wedding and she is so happy, many of her friends have been visiting and she can't wait to be called Mrs Rasheed."Hey! where's Tracy?" One of her friend whose name happens to be Comfort asked. Tracy had been her friend for over eighteen years now, and even though she isn't a Muslim, Zuwairah's family loves her so much. She's also one of her best friend."That's true, where is she?" Zulaiha chimed in."I think you guys should all calm down, okay? Her flight will soon land. Don't worry, she's going to make it?" Zuwairah assured them."She better be" they all chorused.It been over an hour now, and there's no any traces of Tracy. The wedding is about to begin and Zuwairah had starting to get restless. Of all people,she wouldn't want Tracy to be the one who would miss her wedding day.She asked Zulaiha to pass her the phone as she would wants to give Tracy another ca
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Chapter Two
LATER IN THE NIGHT, AFTER THE WEDDING "Don't you dare touch me!".  Zuwairah spat at her husband as he tries to come closer to her on their matrimonial bed. Her voice shaking as she uttered those words.And why can't I come closer to my Amarya(Wife)? I'm your husband Zuwairah" he replied her. He can't pinpoint what was happening. Earlier in the morning, before they had tied of the knot, they were so happy. When he had called her on phone whilst they talked, she sounds so happy. Then, why now? What happened to her all of a sudden? "No, you're not. You can never be my husband!" She clamored at him. She had promised herself never to allow him touched her. She only agreed to push through with the wedding because, she doesn't wants to ruin her families reputation."yes I'm, because we had gotten married this morning, I paid your bride price already my dear wife. Please,just tell me the reason why you're b
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Chapter three
Did she really abhor me this much? What could have been my offence for her to develope this much hatred for me? When she has no interest in this marriage, why then did she agreed to it? She love someone else and she married me? What does she take me for? A fool? He was so much in love with his wife and yet she betrayed him, He finally made up his mind, he will look for her no matter where she runs to,he will make sure he finds her and ask why she had to lie,why she had to deceive him,why she had to cheat him. Is this how she had plan to ruin everything for him? Why would she leave him and run away with a man? Yes, he saw a glimpse of the guy's face. Fuck! I'm even more handsome than that guy! And I'm sure, I'm also more richer than him! Then what was I lacking? "Abdul this is not the right time for this,we need to look for your wife ASAP. This is not funny, you know that?" His friend Abubakar said.
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Chapter Four
"I really don't know what to do with her anymore,I really can't take it. How dare she!" Mr Dauda said out of annoyance."Brother, please calm down" his kid sister begged "you should know sister by now" she said and he nod in understanding."So my dear,you were trying to say something " he said facing Zulaiha."Yes Abba, she and the guy met day before her wedding ""What?" Everyone chorused in surprise.FlashbackJust as Zuwairah was about to open the gate of their house,she bumped unto Zulaiha which got her startled coz she wasn't expecting to see her, though they may have agreed to meet but not this early morning."Zu...Zulaiha! Hey! How...how are you doing?" She asked with a nervous smile."I'm good" Zulaiha answered as she eye her suspiciously."What happened Zuwairah? You looked tensed"
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Chapter Five
Hello?" Binta said"As salamu Alaykum. Please, am I speaking with Ms. Binta Danjuma?" "Ameen, wa alaykumu Salam. Yes speaking,how may I help you?""Actually Ma,I attended your sister's wedding yesterday. How I got your number, Is not the issue now... I saw your sister now in our hotel now which I was expecting to see her with her husband but to my surprise, she was with a man. Anyways, it looks like she was kidnapped or something coz she look terrified.""What?!!" She exclaimed."Well, am at the hotel now and I'm the manager. I'll make sure she stay's here till you come get her. You have to come and rescue your sister ASAP please. I'll text you the address""Yes yes..thank you,we will be there in the next twenty minute..thank you" she said as she hang up the call."Subhanallah" Mr Dauda uttered in shock as Binta narrate her phone call talk with them
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Chapter Six
Innalillahi wa'ina ilaihi raji'un" everyone in the room chorused in shocked."What?!" Rasheed who was also taken by surprise also muttered in surprise. This will be the first time of hearing such thing against him in his life. "Could Zuwairah stoop so low just to make me get out of her life? Is this her way of making me leave her?" He thought as tears flow down his cheeks. Since the day he was born,and has known what's right from wrong, he has never cried like this, not until today. Zuwairah has turned him into someone elseHe thought he had offended her but now, reverse is the case. Now he knows that she was the one who doesn't want him around her and she kept lying. She made sure to hide her true identity just to humiliate him on a day like this...all in the name of what?- nothing! Pure nothing!"Zuwairah my dear,please what are you saying? That my son is HIV positive?""Ye...yes Mom " she stuttered without lookin
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Chapter Seven
"It all happened when........................""STOP!!" Rasheed cut her off. He was so confused, he doesn't even know what to say anymore."What i meant to say was that......I didn't mean to..I didn't mean to say this, but I think Zuwairah is suffering from a mental illness " "What?!" Everyone in the room chorused together."Yes..coz I really don't understand her anymore. First,it was the false HIV and now.....,she is accusing me of being a rapist,murderer and a kidnapper? Haven't anyone ever thought about it? Isn't she acting weird? I mean, who told her all these lies about me? Who was the one deceiving her?" He asked calmly but still Zuwairah kept mum.Should i say it? I think I should, at least all his bragging will be over once I let out the truth"ANSWER ME ZUWAIRAH!!!" He yells angrily making her flinch in fear."I really don't understand what's happenin
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Chapter Eight
FlashbackTwo weeks later "Tracy please calm down, please""Zuwairah how could I? How could I? My life is ruined already,can't you see?! My life is ruined! " she frustratedly said. She's in so much agony that she can't even tell how she's feeling right now,she only knew that she had lost everything in life."Please just try to calm down,we can find a way" Zuwairah tried to calm her down giving her some hope,even though she knew there's nothing that can be done, she still want to say some good words into her"Did you just say we can find a way?" She scoff as she laugh dryly."Tra-" "Tell me what is the way out of this?" She cut her off."I think-""Do you think there's a way out for me? What way could be for someone that's infected with HIV positive?" She cut her off again."I just lost all the right of b
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Chapter Nine
"Zuwairah, take this" Zulaiha said as she pass a small bottle which contains black leaves inside to her friend.'Wh....what...what's this again Zulaiha?" She stuttered as she stare blankly at the bottle in her hand without making an attempt to accept it."Just take it you idiot!" She whispered softly to her,she doesn't want people to know what they are doing.Today is the big day, Zuwairah's wedding and she's not happy about it. She was scared that she had to tell her friend that she doesn't wish to get married to Rasheed but Zulaiha was so good in convincing her. Now, they are in her room with some other relatives and guest dressing up."Take" she then accept it with a shaky hands."What do I do with this?""This will make your husband loves you so much Zuwairah,he'll love you more than his first wife..I know you love him,you can never hate him and it's all written on your face. Th
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Chapter Ten
The Muhammad's Mansion was as quiet as grave yard. Visitor's keep coming from different places when they heard about Rasheed's death. It was a painful death to everyone. Everyone loves him,most especially their relatives, from his paternal and maternal came with a broken heart, just to console his parents.His wife was sitting beside Habiba,while Mardiyya and Habib sat beside their uncle, Rasheed's Mom and Dad sat close to Zuwairah's parents and some other relatives were there consoling them most especially Zuwairah for her loss.Zulaiha badge in with tears already in her eyes "Innalillahi wa'ina illaihi rajiun!" She muttered dramatically as she burst into another tears."Wayyo! What happened? How did it happen? What killed him?" She asked her friend with fake tears on her face."How could this happen! How could Rasheed of all people be dead?" She ask again with tears running down her cheeks."Zulai
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