Bedded by the Rogue

Bedded by the Rogue

By:  apoeunice3  Completed
Language: English
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The thrill behind old Manors, old love letters and a lack of job inspires Meg to go write for a man she has never met. A man she has no idea what he looks like.But she has a fantasy built up in her mind, who wouldn't? With all the mystery and intrigue?But Jack is not like any of Meg fantasies.He is not a guy scuplted like Adonis with the perfect face and charming attitude, no.He is a man riddled with scars and a past that left him bitter against the world.Meg should not be attracted to him, this she knows,Yet, she finds herself drawn to him, inexplainably...wanting to do his every will, to submit...

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33 Chapters
"Meg, what are you doing here?"Jack asked her.Why would she be in his study when she had clearly stated that all they had together was business?And why was she kneeling, palms facing up on her knees and head bowed?Had she decided to finally submit? Had she...?No,he mustn't think that. She had made her point clear a week ago. She had told him loud and clear, she was no mansm submissive.So, he asked her again."Meghan, why are you here?"With the most alluring and pleading eyes he had ever seen, she looked at him and said two words that completely undid him."Please, sir"
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Beginning and Impressions
MeghanMeg tugged on the skirt she had been forced by her friend to wear as she walked through the formidable gates into the Victorian house her cab had just pulled up at.She was going to meet her new employer, Jack Grayson and for some reason Juliet had thought that a fitted pencil skirt would look appropriate and maybe appeal to the figure she was lacking as a female. Not that she was on the skinny side, but compared to Juliet who had a flat tummy, amble bosom and a killer backside, she was seriously lacking.And she seriously needed her new job. She was way behind on her rent and other bills that were piling up by the week. This was the only solution if she did not want to accept Juliet’s offer to move into her house. Juliet had come from old money and had no reason to work
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Embarrassment and mortification
JackJack sat in his study on Monday morning with Jake. Jake had been his best friend for over fifteen years and the only person he was comfortable showing himself to. Not like he had gotten any say in that area though. When he had the accident, Jake had been at his side until recovery and till he was discharged.The first time he had seen himself in the mirror and had immediately banned everyone from visiting, Jake had thrown protocols to the wind and had barged into his house the next day demanding to see him. He had waited a week before Jack had finally come out of the room. Jake hadn’t flinched or expressed disgust when he saw his face and from that moment the two had become inseparable. Mostly because Jack had refused to show his face to the world and needed a representative.Jack hadn’t shown his face to the public apart from the month of his accident in five
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Emotions and unwanted feelings
Meghan“I’m sinking my feet into the plushiest rug I have ever seen and the bed behind me feels like heaven. If I knew it would be this cozy, I don’t think I would have put up an argument in the first place” Meg said to Juliet.She had turned back to her room after Jack had strode off, suddenly feeling foolish and featherbrained. Maybe she was not supposed to walk around the house because of places she wasn’t supposed to enter or maybe the sight of her made him angry.She could not for the life of her understand why one minute he was laughing and the next he wanted her as far as possible away from him.“Well, if you are going to be staying long you might as well enjoy it “Juliet replied her.“Oh yeah, I plan to.” “So, tell me. Have you met him today?”“Who am I s
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Dreams and startling desires
MeghanMeg woke up clutching the sheets. Sitting up, she tried to process the dream she had just woken up from. Dreams like that didn’t come to people like her, ever.She had been tied hands and feet to a bed that had four posters and had been stark naked. Her body had been glistening with sweat and flushed with desire. She had sought for some sort of release or friction to ease the ache that ravaged her body and pooled down below.Meg was familiar with bondage because she had read a few books, however, she wasn’t a fan of it. But the odd part of the dream had not been way her body had bowed with desire and she had writhed in pleasure as greedy fingers sought and teased her. No, it was the person that made her body ache and hum with so much intense passion that she had screamed herself awake when she finally found her release in deft tongue and a skilled mouth.It was the shock
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Meghan“I have news for you” Juliet’s voice sounded really breathy when Meg picked up the phone the next day.“And it couldn’t wait till a reasonable time? Like maybe when humans had gotten up?” Meg said to her.“Well, I thought you would appreciate me telling you now than later” her friend replied impatiently.“What could be so important that it couldn’t wait?”“I am going on an impromptu trip with this guy I met two months ago. I’m actually leaving in two hours and thought it would be appropriate to, you know, inform my friend” “Why would you be going on a trip with someone you just met? What about your job?” Meg inquired. Her friend was the kind to be spontaneous, alright, but she had just come out from a nasty breakup and Meg would have thought that th
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Kisses and Decisions
MeghanMeg felt heady as his tongue teased the seam of her lips, his warm breath fanning her face. She let out a moan as his teeth caught her bottom lip as he gently tugged on it and nibbled.“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this” he said in between nibbles.When her mouth finally opened for him, he kissed her as though he had been starved, his tongue fucking her mouth and Meg had to hold on to his head for balance.Her tongue met his with a matched fervency. Nothing was tempered, he ravaged her and kissed her as though he was taking his last breath.He finally broke the kiss as his mouth settled firmly over her nipple through the sheer material of her shirt and Meg gasped. He deftly undid the buttons of the shirt she wore and raised his head up so he could lift it over her head.Then his head descended again on her nipple
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Night out and Drinks
Meghan"Hey, you're on time" she said to Jake when he knocked on the door at exactly 7pm."I try to be. I also wanna make a good impression on your first night out" Jake replied"Chivalry isn't dead, I suppose" Meg told him as she stepped out of her room."Let's just say, I was brought up to be a gentleman and may I say that you look absolutely lovely?" Meg was wearing a dark blue tailored jumpsuit with blue studs and a simple neckchain.She had opted to put her hair into a bun. No use trying to style it when she had no idea how."You should thank Juliet for that then. She literarily dragged me shopping, bought clothes she thought were casual but classy and shoved them into my box before I came. I, on the other hand, have no fashion sense. I am absolutely terrible" Meg told him."She did a splendid job then. But again, I'm sure
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Stereotype and neat little boxes
Meg opened the door of the Manor and stuck her hand outside. The raindrops fell on her palm as she stared into the horizon.It had been raining for a few hours and she had hoped it would slow down to a drizzle so she could take a walk.And it had reduced to a drizzle already.She needed to clear her head and do some serious thinking. The Catherine story had gotten a little complicated than she expected and her thoughts were jumbled.The week had gone by and she had spent most of her time reading and writing, trying to interpret and piece the story together in an orderly fashion.She had seen Jake twice during the week when he came to hang out with her for an hour or two, but no mention of the other night was made.It had given her some serious thought.Had Jake been flirting with her the night at the club or was he truly interested in her but waiting until she made the first move?Or was
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Letters and more
JackJack ended his call and slammed the phone down with a loud bang.How the hell did his father think he could pull a stunt like this on him?If he thought for one minute, just one moment, that Jack was going to bend to his wishes like a puppet then he was sadly mistaken.He would not be blackmailed into giving a public statement or attending a meeting. He had done so well staying afar for years. It did not matter if the public included just twelve board members. He would not do it.His father could shove his subtly delievered threat up his ass.If his father decided that his good for nothing cousin would get the company after his retirement, then so be it. Jack Grayson would not be blackmailed.What had possessed his father to want to retire suddenly? He had always told his children that only death could make him retire and that Jack would become CEO when he was neatly tucked beneath
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