Auctioned to a mafia boss

Auctioned to a mafia boss

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“Get up and strip” The unknown man commanded, his deep voice reverberated through the room bringing me out of my ogling phase. I stared on mortified as sudden realization hit me. I’ve just been bought for a one night stand by this unbelievably handsome man, but that means I’ll loose my virginity tonight!. Feeling his piercing gaze at me, I get up to undress but instinctively move towards the counter for a glass to alleviate the burning feeling creeping through my veins. “God damn it!, why won’t it bulge, I’m positive this zipper is determined to ruin my life”. I said underneath my breath as I dare not spare him a glance. I gulped as I summoned courage to meet his fierce gaze and with an almost inaudible tone I pleaded “It won’t bulge, can you help me?” He closed the gap between us with long strides while I subconsciously retreated till I hit the wall, my breathe hitched as he locked my lips. “Pah!” The sound of a slap resounded through the room, My eyes filled with terror as I raised my hands to cover my mouth. What have I done? I asked mentally still stunned at my action. “How dare you!” He roared and I knew I was done for!. What would happen if a legitimate but outcast daughter of one of the prestigious families decides to sell her body for money and unexpectedly gets into a contract marriage with a cold blooded mafia boss? Will their encounter be just a one night stand? Why would the world’s richest and powerful tyrant choose to enter a marriage of convenience? Find out in <<<Auctioned to a Mafia boss>>> Disclaimer: the book cover isn’t mine, credit goes to google

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More, more, more, please.. It's so good.. Great story so far.. Love it!
2024-05-08 00:33:23
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Nero Idama
Great stories
2024-04-27 04:21:18
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Laura Clarke
I just finished chapter 129, waiting for the remaining chapters #loveit
2024-04-19 10:10:28
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So far so good, loving it
2024-04-05 16:46:59
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Aigy Osagie
Paragraph after paragraph of pure writing skills. A must read
2024-01-14 23:56:17
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Uwakmfon Bassey
The writing is impeccable… love it!
2024-01-14 23:25:30
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Gift David
Awesome writing skills... keep it up...️
2024-01-12 02:52:45
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Phayte David
Love this book... keep on going I’m right behind you ...
2024-01-11 17:18:11
183 Chapters
Chapter one: money cleans up better
Median Hospital “Doctor No! Please, wait! Please...” Her eyes which sparkles like the stars now seemed lifeless as tears rolled down her cheeks, Arya pleaded once again with the doctor to save her mother. “I am sorry miss, without money we won’t be able to operate on her” Arya stood frozen to the ground, she knew it was ridiculous to ask for a free bone marrow surgery but what can she do in this desperate situation. As always life has been so cruel to her, she clenched her fist as the thought of going to ask her father for help flew through her mind, the thought alone enraged her, The very people that made life unbearable for her and her mother are the ones she is forced to ask for help?. “look at this poor girl with her physique she could be mistook for a super model at first glance”. A passer-by murmured “you’re right she looks like a fallen heiress, what a shame such a spec of gold is wasting away in the dust”. their bickering brings her back to reality but she’s unbothered
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It was none other than Anna, Arya’s stepsister. “Mhmm, what’s that stench? who allowed this country bumpkin into this house?!” Anna said while gesticulating with her hands as though there was a fowl stench. Arya stopped in her tracks and shot Anna a murderous gaze, she flinched. “Why’re you giving me that nasty look? Did I say something wrong? You don’t belong here and that’s a fact! You and your sickly mother should stay where you belong and stop polluting perfectly clean air!” Anna retorted trying to get back her composure. smiling cynically Arya stated “you’re right, everyone should stay where they belong!.” Anna who was obviously taken aback didn’t expect Arya to be so compliant but then again she’s always been an easy pushover. Unaware that Arya’s words were dripping with sarcasm she put on a smug look and said mockingly.“Yes, seems you finally know your place, I don’t want to see you or your peasant of a mother anywhere close to this mansion or you’ll be thrown out. U
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Chapter Three: Who is that man?
Arya’s pov I stood by the road waving and not long after a taxi pulled up front, it was a short but relaxing ride, I guess it’s the calm before the storm. Soon we arrived I could swear that my heart palpitation can be heard from miles away, I don’t know what awaits me and that terrified me even more. I braced myself and took slow strides into the building, maybe it’s because of my disarrayed thoughts earlier but now I’m suddenly aware of my surroundings, this place in one word “Exquisite” I blurted out my thought. Still lost in thoughts I heard a voice that zapped me back to reality. “Are you Miss Arya?” “Ah..yes, that’s me” I responded He was a middle aged man and from his looks he seems to fit Bella’s description of the manager. “Alright come with me”. We soon reached a well lit room filled with girls of all body sizes, heights and nature, but in all these differences they all looked exceptionally beautiful. They were all very busy picking out outfits and styling their hai
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Chapter four: Get up and strip
Nicklaus pov *Harrington Group* 8pm “Who dared to intercept our new arrivals?!” “This unimaginable boldness is intriguing!” I thought as I held the wine glass so tight I feared I might crush it. Standing in the pitch black room with only the moonlight reflecting through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. My cold sharp eyes giving reference to the murderous aura emanating from me effortlessly. Taking interval sips from the glass while swirling the wine to the rhythm of my ire. “Whoever it is, better prays to God I don’t find em!”. Cause I swear no where on earth will be safe!.” *Door opens* “Nick, we’ve got him” klaus annouced “Who?” I growled with impatience. “Mr Thompson of the Huzari Clan”. Klaus answered watering my itching curiosity “That Perverted fool has the nerves to steal from me?!” I asked with a smirk others like to call the devil’s grin. “Putting fools like these in their place is my forte”. “Where is he?” I asked “He’s currently on his way to the Bouta
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Chapter five: Kitty, you’re mine. Do as I say
Arya’s point of view I almost voiced out my irritation at the way he roughly tugged the cloth off my eyes causing my hair to cascade down my shoulders.Already at the climax of my curiosity, I locked his gaze immediately the wrap left my eyes.This man...Is this the man that bought me? He’s.. he’s so handsome, Oh my gosh!.Saying I was spellbound would be an understatement! This man must be a Greek god like in the movies, with his exotic facial features there’s no doubt women swoon all over him, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if men did too.For short, he’s the perfect description of your dream idol. From his sharp jawline and high nose bridge to his masculine broad shoulders and long slender legs all screaming perfection.Although I wouldn’t have pictured him for the type who buys girls at an auction especially with this stoic expression of his, plus he could get any woman he wants!Well, it’s as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, tsk.All these thoughts running throu
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Chapter six: A match made in heaven
Author’s POVThere’s a saying that sleep isn’t enjoyed in a new environment,Arya thought as she sat up while stretching her limbs on the king-sized bed. She let out a yawn in satisfaction while walking towards the floor-to-ceiling curtains and spread them apart with one swing giving way for the mild morning sunlight to envelop the room with some refreshing theme color to its interiors.Taking in the nice fresh air in a deep breath she said out loud.“Whoever made that saying hasn’t tried sleeping in a magnificent castle-like mansion”.This place is beautiful and very soothing to the eyes she thought as she kept looking at the well gardened surroundings through the window in a daze and for a moment wished for such a peaceful life like the birds and butterflies flying around in harmony.But that moment of peace was fleeting as she heard a loud thud on the door and without waiting for a response the door was immediately flung open followed by a tray of maids flocking in with all sort
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Chapter seven: A deal with the devil
Arya’s pov Unfathomable emotions washed over my features as I stared at the groom’s name column on the certificate. “Mr. Nicklaus Harrington”.How did I get involved with the most dreaded and dangerous man in M country and undoubtedly the world?Oh my gosh! I instantly regretted my previous actions. A man that is known for his brutal nature and ruthless actions in the business world, rumors have it that he’s a mafia and a tyrant of the underworld, the most merciless one at that. Is the supposed man I’m getting married to? What do I do?.“What’re you doing? Sign the papers”. His deep voice interrupted my dilemma while I batted my eye lids continuously to get back my composure, but all to no avail as my face grew pale white seeming like all blood has drained from it.I stood there frozenly rotted to the ground not being able to utter a response or take action. Am I making the right decision? So many questions but no forthcoming answer. I bit on my lower lip subconsciously, my ha
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Chapter eight: Party’s over
Nicklaus’s POVDressed in my usual exotic tuxedo while standing in front of my broad-way stairs reading through Arya’s past, but I couldn’t understand why I felt a tightening in my chest the moment she came to view. She’s a girl whose been through a lot of betrayals and scorn from the people she calls family. Maybe the feeling in my chest is a result of the guilt I feel dragging her into my mess, I thought to convince myself.The emotions in her eyes stared at me with expectations, a luxury I just cannot afford to offer. I looked away knowing she had no idea the new world that awaits her, she probably wouldn’t be giving me that look if she knew the monster I was.She doesn’t deserve any of this. Not what she went through in the hands of her family, definitely not what she’s gonna go through with me and she certainly doesn’t need to dye her hair while she’s with me, I voiced out and I could see her eyes lit up at once.The engine roared to life and began the ride, although it was
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Chapter Nine: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
Arya’s povThe first person that came to view immediately we stepped into the dinning section was a young lady seemingly around my age, I caught her reaction when she noticed our ambiguous posture and how she fought hard to keep her composure while twitching her lips upwards into a forced smile that gradually turned to a wide grin revealing all her dentures.She approached us with a burst of enthusiasm or rather she approached Nicklaus as she completing ignored my existence and tried bridging her way to give Nicklaus a peck that didn’t get a chance to reach his cheeks as he tossed her aside with a swing of his unoccupied arm and headed straight for our seats leaving her forced to flash another half-hearted smile.I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, she’s just a poor sister craving her brother’s love, did he really have to push her like that? So heartless. Although I felt their relationship was kinda strange but this was a family dinner after all, if she wasn’t his sister then who
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Chapter Ten: The lady in red
Lucious POV“Why’re there still so many papers to sign?”. I asked to no one seeing I was alone in my now dark office as time was far spent. Soon the door opened and my assistant Dylan approached me. “Sir, you still have one more agenda scheduled for this evening”.Hearing this I furrowed my brows, as if today’s arrangements for the new movie shooting wasn’t enough, there was more to add?. “Which is?”. I asked irritably.“Your mother’s invitation to a family dinner which I believe to be a disguise for an engagement between your brother Nicklaus and his fiancée”. He responded earning a raised brow from me, “you mean the bride in the photo with the ginger colored hair you sent to me just yesterday?”. This is just hilarious, why was he in such a hurry? He couldn’t be thinking I’ll fight to be Adam’s successor, could he?. Anyways that’s none of my concern.“No, it seems your mother has arranged someone else for Nicklaus. I believe her name was Veronica Lucas”. Dylan revealed and I co
Read more Protection Status