8. A Battle Of Wills


"Or What?"

Her words surprised me, but I didn’t let it show. Right now controlling my instincts was proving really hard. She lay there on the bed, not even an ounce of fear came from her. That shocked me more than anything. She knew I was stronger; she wasn’t fucking dumb. Her breasts were close to spilling out of her thin-strapped dress and my eyes took in her hardened nipples. I narrowed my eyes at her remark.

"You don’t want me to show you what." I said coldly.

"Maybe I do?" She challenged, trying to push me off. Her words were tempting me and I was ready to show her exactly what, when suddenly she pinched my nipple hard. I raised an eyebrow, even when her nail had dug into the piercing I didn’t even flinch. Her soft fingers sent a delicious sizzle of pleasure through me. Letting go of her neck, I now pinned both of her arms to the bed on either side of head.

"That won't work. Are you really going to resort to such petty tricks?"<

Moonlight Muse

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Amanda Brown
They are after their daughter Kia the his true fated mate. Loving this so far an I just started it
goodnovel comment avatar
Kiara must be the target that is why she wasn't killed. Can't wait for her to get under Alejandro's skin......this is going to be good
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope Kiara has some kind of goddess blessed power, which is why they’re after her ...

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