Her Darkness, His Light

Her Darkness, His Light

By:  S. J Sebastian  Completed
Language: English
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This story revolves around an imaginary world of a few kingdoms. Namely, Red Kingdom, Golden Haven, White Winters Land, The Great Myrtle Mountains, and Silver Heights. An ongoing war between Golden Haven and the barbaric beings threaten the balance of the supernatural world ~~~ Present Eve, a human is forcefully taken from her family to serve the Royal Pure Bloods. When Eve is taken, she is assigned to be a servant to the Dark Prince. Trapped cleaning the gloomy room most of the time, she finds comfort in the white roses placed in a small vase. The Dark Prince never wanted a personal servant but one look at the red head with bluish-green eyes forces him to give it a chance. His admiration slowly turns into obsession as he has never known what it feels like to fall for anyone. He begins to give into his possessive side and alienates Eve from her friends and family who are also taken during her time in the castle. Consumed by loneliness, Eve grows closer to the white roses. Soon after she learns more about herself and the truth behind those white blossoms of hers. Eve faces many challenges and hardships in the castle as a servant but she does not realize that there is much more to her than meets the eye. Eve has a much bigger destiny. So does the people around her. Follow them as they uncover the truth about themselves as the enemy becomes stronger on the other side of the world.

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Thabang Mabe
2023-04-07 21:31:17
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Thabang Mabe
One of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading. I fell inlove with all the characters, they're journeys and transmortaions. The story is well written and so emotional. I would recommend this book any day
2023-04-07 21:29:22
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Came across this story again on my discover page. This is one of my first reads on here. Would have rated 5 if not for the FMC being r***d.
2023-04-17 16:15:17
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Urmila Suryawanshi
when will be next update?
2021-08-22 15:59:46
64 Chapters
Author's Note
 Copyright 2018 by Stephanie Sebastian. This book may NOT be reproduced in any way or in any other language. I know it's boring for you guys to read this same warning from the authors in Wattpad but you need to understand this.This book is fictional and solely based on my imagination. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT APPRECIATE MY WORK BEING COPIED. It is NOT a good thing to do and I will take action on those who do it. And Finally,If there are those who are rer
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This book is fictional and solely based on my imagination. Any similarities to other movies, books, etc is a coincidence.   Hey everyone. Please feel free to give me your comments about this book. Happy reading! Have a nice day. Stay safe.     ============================   We live in a world where power defines your fate. The more power you have, the safer you are. The more certainty there is that you'll live another day. And this world, where we live in is taken over by Vampires. Specifically th
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Chapter 1
 "Remember Eve. The dough has to be perfect. It's gonna be our food for the next two weeks." Alex reminded me. "Aye aye captain." I salute him and he responds by ruffling up my hair like a child. He always does that. Treat me like a child. I don't think he'd stop even if I reached the age of fifty. I've known Alex my whole life. Whole life meaning after the age of seven. There was no memory before that. Only Alex. I don't know where I came from or if I ever belonged anywhere before him. I probably didn't have anyone. Whenever I asked him about myself. He would just tell me the same story.The vampires took his parents as slaves twelve years ago and that they were probably dead. Alex was alone for two years until he found
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Chapter 2
Have a great day ahead and God bless you.✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We could hear the faraway sound of heavy wheels and distant cries. That only meant one thing. They were coming to collect a new batch.Alex immediately took control."Quick! Hide and be quiet. Henri close the curtains. Tonya, lights off." he whispered yelled. We hurdled together in the kitchen.All this is not actually going to stop them from taking us if they really wanted to, but still we always try and stop them from considering our house.Alex holds me tightly in his arms while I held onto Tonya's hand on my right. Kyle and Henri were both close behind us.The sound of the wagons got louder and louder. They were in our street now. We all held our breaths as we stood frozen in our spots.If in any case they come up and order you into a wagon, you have no right to s
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Chapter 3
Two weeks just flew by. Though no one admitted it, we were all getting a little restless. All of us. Even Kyle. You could smell the tension in the air. We knew they'd be back for a fresh batch some time next week. There was minimum conversation, short replies and everyone just minded their own business.Kyle didn't come up with witty replies anymore. He would just be starring into space most of the time. Henri would occasionally read a book to pass time. It looks like that's what everyone was doing. Trying to pass time. Until the time came.Alex wasn't home much but he'd still be back by six. Only because he had no choice.Tonya cleans. Like all the time.She would make sure there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere.It wasn't home a
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Chapter 4
Here's the next chapter. Let me know what you think. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eve's POV "Any news Kyle?" Alex asked while helping me arrange some flowers. "Yeah. I didn't get enough pay today. For all my super hard work and  he,  Mr. Leonard scolded me for nothing. Really! I didn't do anything! He blamed me for dropping a tray of fresh bread which of course I didn't do! Bill was the one who dropped it!!" He whined and plopped himself on a chair next to Henri.
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Chapter 5
Hey guys!!! Here's a new chapter. Enjoyyy!Dedicated to Lidwina_love43 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eve's POVI hugged Alex as tightly as I could. The tears had dried up but I still couldn't believe this was actually happening. I couldn't believe how a person's life can change so much in just a matter of seconds.We were going to be slaves, we won't live long.Was this all life had to offer?"
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Chapter 6
Feel free to comment your thoughts.Let me know how you feel about this book and the characters. 💖💖💖💖💖~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~__________________________________ Eve's POVI was still in a trance even after she finished calling out all the names. I felt so numb, my mind and body refused to work. I didn't know if it was confusion, fear, denial or all put together. I only came to when Alex decided to literally shake me into reality.He was saying something but I couldn't hear a single thing. The only thing I saw was his lips moving. I looked around and realized that the people were beginning to get up and the
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Chapter 7
 Eve's POV After my first day I got a gist of what was needed to be done.Thank God I wasn't punished for wasting a perfect meal. Ms. Odelle was kind enough to let that one slide only because it was my first day.By the next day we all had to wake up ourselves and take care of our own stuff. We did our usual morning routine. Once that was settled, I took whatever cleaning equipment I needed and went straight to his room.It was somewhere during the afternoon while doing my chores, I noticed a pretty looking vase on one of the shelves. Only part of it visible due to a small statue that was in front of it. No wonder I missed it yesterday, I thought to myself.
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Chapter 8
 Hellooooooooo my lovely readers! Sooo, hope all of you are having a splendid weekend.Readers when they realise nothing happened as a result of Eve taking the flower 👀 👀 👀Here's another chapter!!!Do let me know what u think. ############################ Eve's POV I quickly finished up my
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