Birth of The Divine One

Birth of The Divine One

By:  Momo  Ongoing
Language: English
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A beautiful pink haired, red eyed girl was born in the vampire world but unfortunately was abandoned the moment she was born in front of an orphanage. The nurse named Lucy raised her with great love and care. Unlike other vampires she had multiple abilities which was considered a bad omen so she was told by the headmaster of the orphanage to use only one ability while hiding others. Now she goes to the most prestigious high school of the kingdom where only nobles and royals go. Will she be able to hide her other abilities as trouble follows that school or embrace them as a part of her being?

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I like how strong our female lead is. I mean in anime Male leads are strong but female lead is weak who only falls in love with ML. Loved to see her being strong and independent
2021-09-06 21:01:48
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really in love with this story ......️
2021-08-21 00:50:04
26 Chapters
The First Meeting
English is my second so if there is any grammar mistake please don't mind.It was my first day at school and I was really excited to go because ever since i was a little girl i always wanted to the most prestigious high school of the kingdom for becoming a protector. I have admired all those kingdom protectors like how they risked their lives just to save our/their kingdom so, it was a dream come true for me. I woke up early in the morning and took a nice refreshing warm bath. I styled my hair as usual, wore a dress. My roommate Miko helped me in dress selection because I was so excited that I couldn't even chose a decent dress. After I was completely ready, we both went to the dining hall where everyone was waiting for me. When I reached there everyone looked at me with visible joy. I sat down to eat my special breakfast made by none other than my beloved nanny Lucy. But before I could start eating everybody started clapping. I kind of felt emba
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The Battle
English is my second language so, if there is any grammar mistake please ignore it. And my name is Mizuki. I also have something to add in this deal of yours. What Is it that you want to add? I just want to add a tiny detail. If I win there will be no social statuses in this class. Everyone will be called by their names and treated the same way as you want to treat yourself. Agreed?Fine by me. Besides I never wanted to be treated like a prince here so even if you lose this stupid social stuff will be over anyway.Well then, the deal's done. We Shook our hands. As soon as we Shaked the teacher came into the class. She was our homeroom teacher and not being rude but she had a scary aura going around. She threw the papers on the table which were in her hands and told us to sit on our seats. Everyone did as she told us to do because no one had a choice she looked like he would murder us if we didn’t listen to her. My name is Harmony and
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The Dormitory
English is my second language so, if there's any grammar mistake please ignore it.I quickly teleported to my castle and summoned my servant, Carlos.“You called me my prince”.“Yes, I want you to check the history of all those vampires who used mana ability”.“Is there something wrong? As far as I know, you were never interested in the history of vampires so, why the sudden change?”“No, it’s nothing I’m just a little curious about their history. Besides sadly now history is one my subjects at school so I thought maybe its time to learn a little about the history and chose mana ability to study first”.“That’s a good thing. I never thought that this day would come when you will be interested in history”, saying it while shedding tears of happiness. “Uhh…. Don’t exaggerate things Carlos it’s embarrassing and pl
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A Little Mischief
Mizuki’s POV:I went to my dorm room and opened it. Now what I saw after opening the door made my eyes wide open. I have never seen such a big room along with so many luxuries like my own refrigerator, closet air-condition, and an attached bathroom.“Wahoo! I’m so happy. I never had such a big room in my entire life”.Back at the orphanage, I had a cramped room and I also had to share it with Miko but now I have this room all to myself. I’m glad that I came to this school. This school has its own perks. While I was enchanted by the luxuries, I looked at the boxes lying here and there in the room. “Well guess I’ll have to unpack my stuff”.I opened the closet to put my clothes in it and I was so surprised to see that the closet was so deep, spacious and big. My mouth was opened wide.“Wow! Even my uniform is in here. I’m in heaven”.I started to put my casual cloth
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Result Of Mischief
English is my second language so, if there's any grammar mistake please ignore it.Mizuki’s POV:I start stuffing food in my mouth. I mean it was so delicious how can someone resist it. As I was eating my Sunday delight, I asked Ronesme about why she wanted to be the protector of the kingdom because as far as I knew her family runs the business of most expensive equipment manufacturing.“Well! My family indeed runs the business of equipment that is needed for different purposes during the war. They help our kingdom's protectors in their fight too. I inspire my family’s business for it but I wanted to fight alongside them and not behind the scenes”.“What do you mean by that? I think supporting equipment is as important as fighting alongside them”, I said and technically saying it's not behind the scenes.“I know that but I admired protectors’ courage and their resolve to protect the k
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Team Making
After that, all of the classes went smoothly with no trouble. When classes were over, I packed my bag and was about to go to the nurse’s office when Ronesme asked me where I was going.“Where are you going now? All of the classes are over”.“I know that classes are over. I’m going to check on Kei. He got a pretty severe allergic reaction. I’m worried about him”, I replied.“Oh! Then I should go back to the dorm first”.“Why? Don’t you want to visit him”? I asked.“’s not like that. It’s just he is a prince and I’m just a low rank noble”, Ronesme said while stuttering.“Come on he is a normal vampire in this school just like other students. There is no need for you to stutter and besides I’m just a commoner and still paying a visit”.“No, you go ahead. I’m not ready for this kind of commitment yet&rd
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Injuries & Bruises
” But she/he is a pain the butt”, both said in sync.“No buts and if both of you think that you are a pain for each other then I recommend both of you should take painkillers”, said Miss Harmony.Everyone in the class laughed at us. We both sat down after realizing that there is no way of reasoning with miss Harmony. Resentment was clear on Kei’s and Mizuki’s faces for each other but they could do nothing. Miss harmony announced the rest of the teams.Team no 4: Sora and Sisi, Team no 5: Flora and Soma. After announcing other teams, she took our attendance and everyone went to the battle arena.“Okay, today you are all going to be engaging with mechanic vampires along with your partner. You have to take down these mechanical vampires with the help of each other if your partner fails to even put a scratch on it while you take it down all by yourself the whole team is going to fail. And remember if you get F more th
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Peace Sign
“Wow! Your team is doing awesome while I’m doing trash”, said Mizuki.“That’s not true your team is perfect too. You know miss Harmony made every student’s partner according to their abilities and power level. Both you and Kei are a powerful team if you both work together”, said Ronesme.“I would love to work with him but he is too arrogant and try to boss around. If he conder me as his equal things would be easy”, I replied.“Sigh! well it's up to you two because if you both don’t work together you might end up being demoted and I will have to find another friend since we won’t be able to meet due to our class differences so, I guess I have to start working on finding new friends as well”, said Ronesme being dramatic.Hey! Don’t go around thinking of making new friends. Just to remind you I’m still your friend”, said Mizuki getting a bit jealous.&ldquo
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Something Dark
English is my second language so, if there's any grammar mistake please ignore it “Hey! Wait for me. I’m coming with you too”, Kei shouted from a distance. “Why? I thought you hated my guts and didn’t want to get in trouble” Mizuki said. “Don’t get the wrong idea. I still hate your guts. I only want to come because whenever you are done with eating, we could go to visit those flying boars and start making our assignment”. “Good thinking. Fine, you can come”, Mizuki agreed. Mizuki’s POV: Then we went to the cafeteria and my eyes were again stuck-on food. Most people would say that I must be on a diet or fasting judging from my slim figure but once they get to know me, they say that I’m a foodie and ask where does all the food go. Well, the only thing I could say to them is that I don’t know myself. “Hmm… what should I eat now? How about Strawberry Cheesecake Poke cake, Root Beer Pie, Dulce de Leche Lava Cake, S’
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Rising Suspicion
The meeting is dismissed.Kei and Mizuki went to the tiny zoo made in school for students’ study and started to look for flying boars.“Wow! There are so many animals here. I can’t believe that they also have endangered as well as exotic ones too” Mizuki said in wonder.“Well of course they have these ones too because endangered ones can’t be kept at the public zoo. Our school is also ranked no 1 in preserving endangered species in the entire kingdom”, Kei said praising the school.“I’m glad that I got admission to this school. Now I only have to work hard and my dream will come true”, Mizuki said to herself as she was looking at different animals and admiring them and their capabilities, they were able to do.“Come to think of it you yourself are a new species. You should be locked in a cage too”, Kei said making fun of Mizuki.“Huh? Wh-What are you talking about?
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