Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Days Later


My eyes slowly drifted open to accommodate the strange surrounding. I tried to sit up and saw my hands restrained and cuffed to each side of the bed I'd been placed on. The realization of the frightening situation dawned on me. I tried to recall the events before the blackout and remembered my call with Megan to meet up at my place for movie night, my excitement to tell Jordan I was leaving in person, and storming out of his office after catching him in a compromising position with Belcarlis. I also remember getting in my car and almost turning on the ignition when someone gagged me with a handkerchief that I figured must have been doused in chloroform because it immediately made me unconscious. 

Have I been kidnapped? The horror of where I could be and what could be done to me left me in fury. My gown was still intact a

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