Her Request

Her Request

By:  TOMISIN AYOADE  Completed
Language: English
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April Denver's Erotic message to a constant one night stand was mistakenly sent to someone else after siri chose scum instead of sean as the receiver on her contact list. Jordan Cross sets out to her hotel room and from that night onward, his virginity taken by her, he knew he was done for.

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Dr. Andre' B. Love
Nice story
2021-06-20 13:29:49
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very good story and well written. I will look forward to other books by this author
2021-05-23 06:21:35
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Dora Garcia
Really enjoyed reading it from beginning to end.... it's a roller-coaster of emotions and worth reading..... thank you
2021-03-09 14:29:50
user avatar
ving dilla
I love reading this
2021-02-18 23:06:02
user avatar
Ami Rodrigo
sad but nice to read. I just wish it did not happened to April. I'm find of her
2021-02-09 15:50:35
user avatar
DhineLee Afidchao
amazing and interesting story
2020-12-07 10:13:32
default avatar
What are your other books? I'd love to read more from you!
2020-11-30 23:44:38
user avatar
Okulate Aanuoluwapo Ibukun
damn the story is quite touching..... can't wait to read the whole book
2020-08-06 00:52:34
default avatar
Very dissappinted
2021-03-13 16:32:47
35 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 115 years agoAprilMonday is the worst day for me and it's because it's the beginning of the week hence a long transition to Friday- my favorite day into the weekend mostly because i love staying at home. If schooling wasn't a necessity or mandatory, i would totally buy the idea of staying at home for the rest of my life but education is the greatest gift you can give a child. My parents forced that quote into my brain since i was born. They wanted me to be successful, who could blame them. I step into the hallway and something unusual caught my eyes. People staring at me like i am the best thing since sliced bread but then again, i am no sliced bread, in fact, I'm the opposite in the worst way. Overly big glasses, braces, two sectioned cornrows, bright rainbow-colored armless turtleneck sweater, calf-length pleated skirt, and flats aren't exactly a sight to see excep
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Present DayToday, I am looking and feeling like Tika Sumpter from the movie Nobody's Fool and by that, I mean short bob hair, perfectly tailored blue crepe trousers and polka dot chiffon blouse tucked underneath with black pumps to die for. The company I work for senior as editor and show host, 101 Corp is one of the biggest brands in the country owning a widely acclaimed style magazine and Radio station that mostly airs gossip shows in the entertainment industry. I joined the company five years ago as contract staff, working my butts off to become a prominent employee and I can tell you for free that I succeeded.I punch in level 15 in the elevator praying earnestly that no one joins because I hate getting cramped up with people on the ride. My Prayer was almost answered until I saw someone's leg halt the complete closure of the door."....my elevator is broken, send maintenance to come check it ou
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 AprilWhatever happened last night is in the past and I won't hold it against myself for giving in to him. Today is a new day, the dawn of redemption. "Good morning Jackson" I, as usual, gestured towards the security official guarding the ground floor. "Good Morning Ms. April" he took a bow I mount on the elevator all smiles until what felt like a Dejavu from the previous morning emerged. Someone halting the elevator door. Crap! My panic attack almost transitioned to a heart attack and only eased down when I saw who. Always slutty dressed Zendaya. 101 Mag junior editor."Morning," she said as if forced to speak with no respect for courtesy."Morning" I take a sneak peek at her outfit and my jaw dropped."Isn't this too short for a workplace Zendaya?
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4AprilI quickly wipe my face clean of tears, clearing my throat and then stood up to exchange pleasantries. Because I'm sure he sent me those gifts earlier."Thanks for the gifts" I faked a smile He didn't ask why I had puffy eyes or why my eyeliner smudged my eyes therefore creating dark circles beneath my lower lashes. He just pulled me close into a hug and I couldn't help what followed next. Tears. Uncontrollable tears. This was the first time since Luke that I leaned on a Masculine shoulder to vent my emotions. I didn't say a word, I just cried as he stroked my back continuously. After what seemed like forever I stopped crying."Thank you" I aimed for the exit feeling awkward. I've never cried before in the presence of someone I didn't know in fact this is the first I've cried with someone in sight. 
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5April King Lee meows."I wish I can take you with me too but they don't allow underaged to step into the club" Call me weird, I don't care. I like to talk to King Lee like a person even though he's a puppy. Megan, Vanessa and I initiated girls night twice in a Month on Saturdays much to the fact that it's the only time we all get to hang out as a result of the busy schedule with our jobs. "See you in a bit" I halt the speed of my car as i approached the traffic light on red and then suddenly a car hit the back of my car. What the hell?!.I alight to check the damage done. I looked around to see if i can find Road officials but of course, it's too late to find any. I am just going to deal with this lady's way. "I am so sorry Ma'am"
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6AprilMy reflection was lying to me.How can i feel so complete yet incomplete? So far I'd been lucky. Got a good job that pays me very well, will soon complete my mortgage payments, have amazing friends, got a car, i am happy. Though sometimes i suffer from all the symptoms of a mid-life crisis, comparing myself to my friends, wondering if I'll ever find more fulfillment in life, i am still happy and contented.Megan was right. I do need the D.I took another glance at myself in the bathroom mirror, carefully looking for where i might start wrinkling out. Are you truly happy? I ask myself. "Of course i am," i answered. We both know that's a facade."I'm not talking to you anymore" Gosh, my subconscious self is so daring and nosy. 
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 AprilMy phone buzzed as i finished the last paperwork on my desk. It's a group text from the girls indicating i have four more hours to get to the tarmac. I'm done With Magazine related work and I've got no show to anchor today so I'll make it to the private jet in no time. "This is the issue for this week's publication" Corrine hands me a copy of the Magazine.Of course, Cavanaugh didn't rule out Zendaya's article. I sigh into my palm in disgust but i won't let this ruin the beginning of my funfilled trip with the girls. Besides, i took two weeks leave so i have fourteen days to not think about work. Fourteen days to have fun and be there for Vanessa's wedding. Corrine, of course, would have to mail things that needed my attention but she is capable of tending to the trivial things. "Its fine Corrine, book me an Uber in thirty min
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8April"Hey Mom, we are about to leave, please don't forget to take my car to the mechanic and have him fix the scratch at the back ... Love you too" I air-kissed her then hung up. Megan had gone with Vanessa to explore the master suite while the guys are having a drink. I safely secure King Lee to sleep in one of the seats close to me and then bury my head in a magazine to avoid making eye contact with you know who."Can't avoid me for long" I heard JC said as he majestically walked towards my direction."You are so full of yourself you know, just because I didn't acknowledge your message gave you the presumption whereasI have been busy, too busy to text back a douchebag" I laid emphasis by dragging the last sentence. "So you saw my message" He stuffed his hands in his pockets.I felt his eyes on me and it made me hot inside but it all turned cold when I saw Megan comi
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9AprilMoney is numbers and numbers don't end. If your happiness is measured by money, do all it takes to increase the numbers to a point you don't need to work to earn it anymore. That was what I could only think of as I entered my room in the Mandarin Oriental luxurious hotel. I'd only seen photos of the 18th Century property online with the girls but I didn't expect it to look so grand in physical. Traditionally filled with cascaded history. My room had a floor to ceiling glass view opposite the large bed, heated marble-floored bathroom with tub, and a balcony that revealed the beauty outside especially the famous Milan Cathedral that took nearly six centuries to complete and the Teatro Alla Scala. I hurriedly dropped my box by the bedside to go check out the other girl's room especially Vanessa's. Jason booked a
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10AprilHe was coming at me and i was too flushed to retreat. The kind of shock that hits you when you're caught stealing meat from the kitchen pot by your mum except this time i wasn't the one stealing. He's the thief.In case you're wondering what he stole, it's my sexuality. His being is just too hot to ignore and speaking of ignoring, i quickly remembered my self made pact to stay away from him like he was a disease. I picked up the towel and made a retreat back to my room. "Too hot to handle?" His deep voice filled the silent room with induced echo. He's a proud ass, thinks too highly of himself and rude individual. I halt on my tracks to give him the reply of the century. "Hate to swim with a child" Or so i thought. I heard his footsteps directing
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