Chapter 30

Chapter 30


During my days in this dingy place, I'd come to learn its a human trafficking chain that preys on female victims who are later  sold into the Mexican border where they end up mostly sex slaves.

According to the activities that have been going on, we were going to be moved in a matter of days and it bothered me a lot to know that we might not be found. I had no idea where we were or how to escape but, I was willing to take a chance on it. I'd made friends with a couple of ladies and together we will escape tonight and alert the authorities to come save the others who are too wounded to make a run for it.

As the time drew near, I became nervous and scared but at the same time willing to risk it all. I'd made so many of them count on me and I am not ready to let them down. I won't let myself down.

Diego suddenly walked into the room with a gun in hand and Sameera followed suit behi

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