Chapter 3

Chapter 3 


Whatever happened last night is in the past and I won't hold it against myself for giving in to him. Today is a new day, the dawn of redemption. 

"Good morning Jackson" I, as usual, gestured towards the security official guarding the ground floor. 

"Good Morning Ms. April" he took a bow 

I mount on the elevator all smiles until what felt like a Dejavu from the previous morning emerged. 

Someone halting the elevator door. Crap! 

My panic attack almost transitioned to a heart attack and only eased down when I saw who. 

Always slutty dressed Zendaya. 101 Mag junior editor.

"Morning," she said as if forced to speak with no respect for courtesy.

"Morning" I take a sneak peek at her outfit and my jaw dropped.

"Isn't this too short for a workplace Zendaya?" I arch a brow, gesturing towards her overly tight silky gown that only went as far as the curve of her butt. 

"No one's complained of my outfit so far" 

That didn't surprise me. No one's talked bad about her dressing because they love to watch a mini porn. If only the company was owned by a woman.

And don't say it's because I'm Thirty and not in vogue. I know a slut when I see one. 

The whole 101 corp is no longer what it used to be. The Magazine only preaches nudity as fashion and gossip as news. I still run my podcast now called Angels and Demons Corner every Saturday night at eight from the comfort of my Bedroom. It's a channel where I discuss relationship dooms and how to amend those that can still be salvaged. I intend to quit 101 in six months and invest fully on the channel. 

Six more months and I'm done with 101 Corp.

"Corrine!" I called out, carefully opening the parcel on my table.

"Who dropped this here?" I turned to face her.

"The delivery guy said from JC"

"You can go"

I walk around my desk to sit. 

Chocolate boxes, Champagne, Macbook Air, and a see-through G string. 

First off, who is this JC?

Second, I don't know any JC

Third, since I am sure I don't know him, why send me all these especially the G string?

Fourth, secret Admirer? Most definitely. But this admirer got it all right except the pant. Unless he's trying to prove he's just after sex, right? 

I take out a wrapped note placed beneath all the items. 

- I don't know what you like but I hope you fancy them all especially the pant because I'm sure I made you ruin the first one. 


The last part replayed in my head before it hit me like a bowling ball. 

Elevator dude. 


I look at the items from the chocolate box to the Champagne, the Laptop and the fabric. I'm definitely keeping them. Who rejects a Macbook these days? Absolutely No one. 

I'm taking this as a consolation prize for the humiliation I received. 

I go back to starting the day's work by going through the articles to be published this week from the junior editors before taking the appealing pieces to the Editor in chief for final approval. 

Plagiarism. That's what came to my mind immediately I read the first line from Zendaya's print in vogue. I'd seen this article somewhere but I can't pinpoint the origin. She changed a few words but this is definitely not original and something I read on a website. 

My most visited website to catch up on fashion because by now you can tell I am obsessed with fashion and I love to stay updated on trending fabrics, prints, and designs. 

That bitch stole someone's work. 

Not giving a damn to question or confront her, I head straight to Cavanaugh's office, the Editor in chief. 

"I'd like to report that Zendaya plagiarised her article, Mr. Cavanaugh" 

I take my seat to explain further. 

Mr. Cavanaugh joined 101 corp two years ago when the previous Editor in Chief resigned for personal reasons. I had hoped the position would be given to me since it was obvious how committed I was to the job and the company. Then a few months back, rumors circulated that he was having an affair with Zendaya. 

Call it an environment with Melodrama. 

Now would be the time to see if the rumors were true. If he justifies her actions instead of giving her a red flag, I would have to report both of them to the CEO. 

I won't let anyone rubbish my reputation. 

"You can go, I'll deal with it," He said.

"Excuse me, sir?"

"I said I'll deal with it" his voice was harsh.

If there wasn't a rumor, I would have believed he's going to take action but with everything said, I doubt he meant to act on it. 

Son of a bitch. 

I angrily left his office into mine. Should I let him approve the article and then anonymously inform the owner of the work about it letting them sue 101 Mag for intellect theft? 

The company's reputation would be marred and that's something I can't watch happen. 

The only answer is to inform the CEO because HR has no power over this. 

Still angry, I decided it's best to cool off at my self discovered sane place in the building.

The rooftop. 

Getting there, I began to break down emotionally. All the emotions I'd bottled up the past few months including insignificant things were erupting and I cried into my palms. 

My failed wedding with Luke, the stupid blind dates, the job I love no more, the workers, my lonely puppy kinglee at home, my mum's constant nagging and frustration and my life in general. 

I stopped crying when I felt someone's presence behind me and when I turned, 

Holy crap, JC.

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