Chapter 4

Chapter 4


I quickly wipe my face clean of tears, clearing my throat and then stood up to exchange pleasantries. Because I'm sure he sent me those gifts earlier.

"Thanks for the gifts" I faked a smile 

He didn't ask why I had puffy eyes or why my eyeliner smudged my eyes therefore creating dark circles beneath my lower lashes. He just pulled me close into a hug and I couldn't help what followed next. Tears. Uncontrollable tears. 

This was the first time since Luke that I leaned on a Masculine shoulder to vent my emotions. I didn't say a word, I just cried as he stroked my back continuously. 

After what seemed like forever I stopped crying.

"Thank you" I aimed for the exit feeling awkward. 

I've never cried before in the presence of someone I didn't know in fact this is the first I've cried with someone in sight. 

"You're not going anywhere at least not now until you tell me what and who it is made you cry" he grabbed my arm, stopping me from going further. 

A brief pause to ponder about his true intentions. 

"What difference does it make if I tell you?" 

"Try me" he straightened.

"I'm just having a bad day, it'll pass"

"I take it you don't want to indulge me your affairs?"

"Why would i? I barely know you" i shrug my shoulders defensively 

He opened his mouth as if to speak but suddenly cautioned himself by closing it.

15 Years Ago

A week had passed since the reveal of my love confession to Jordan and it only took until now to find the courage to face and challenge him for exposing the screenshot.

"Why did you do it?" After making sure the indoor basketball court was empty, i enter to find Jordan alone.

"Why did i do what?" He starts to leave and i walk in front of him to stop his tracks. 

"Our chat" "my chat" i corrected cause i figured in his defense, he didn't text me back. 

"Well i didn't," he said without blinking.

"So you're telling me your phone did the magic itself?" I scoff

"Actually, yours did and if you're smart enough you'd figure that out" he bumps his shoulder against mine leaving me to figure out what he meant. 

Mine did? 

There's always a loophole in any criminal act. 

I bring out my phone to check the picture and it turns out the screenshot looked like it was taken from my phone because my side of the chat is blue and on the right side of my screen while his is on the left side and colored white. It would be vice versa if he sent it.

 The act was done from my phone or maybe someone logged on to my account.

I didn't do it so who has access to my phone? 

Iris. She's the only one that has my passwords. 

But why? 

I storm out to go look for her and when i did, i couldn't speak. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that she could be the one. 

"What's wrong April?" It was hard to miss the sincerity in her eyes when she asked. 

She couldn't be the one, could she?

I rolled my eyes and leave instead.

Leaving the question in my head unanswered. 

Iris is the only friend i have and if she admits to betraying me, it means i won't have her in my life again. I won't have a friend anymore. I can deal with the shame of being ridiculed for having a crush on Jordan but not the loneliness that accompanied the loss of a friend. 

I chose the easy way out knowing fully well it only made me question her loyalty more. 

As for Jordan, today was the last day i spoke to him, only saw him from afar. And a few months later, my mum got transferred to a different city and that's how we moved. I finally left Jordan, Iris, and everything unhealthy behind me, forging a new path ahead.

Mostly, a new me. 

Present Day

"....ever had a partner break up with you via text? Well for someone like me who's gone through this I can assure you it hurts than period cramps and even worse when it goes to show you've been dating a coward who can't face you and tell you he wants to break up"

My podcast Hotline began to ring. 

"We have a call coming in...."

I picked and place the phone close to my microphone. 

"Good evening" the caller greeted.

"Good evening, what's your name and where are you calling from?

"Would you give someone a second chance after they blew you up before?" 

 Usually, people would answer my opening remark before asking theirs or maybe this guy caller seemed to be in a rush to get answers except his voice was so relaxed and chilled.

"Depends on the previous encounter. If we were dating and then broke up, I am not one to engage in Ex come back but if we weren't, it then depends if the blow-up can be salvaged. If so, then I see no problem with that"

"Truth is, she had a crush on me in high school and I walked out when she told me but now it's been years and after bumping into her of recent, I have been feeling all kinds of affection and it's certain I want her to love me back because I can't get her out of my head, I'm not sure what it is but I know I want her to feel the same way for me again"

This was a tough one to meddle in. If Jordan showed up and asked me out, I'll definitely say no and this is not because I don't want to give love a chance anymore, it's because I've outgrown that girl. That girl does not like people like Jordan anymore. Her spec changed. 

"I'd say you find out what it is you're feeling exactly for her then you tell and hopeful she still feels the same way "

"And if she doesn't?" He sternly Interrupts.

"If she's not married, engaged or in a serious relationship.."

"I'm certain she's as free as a bird" again with the interruption.

"Then make her fall in love with you all over again."

"And if she still doesn't?"

"Then don't push it, it was likely never meant to be"

"It's meant to be and I'll prove it. Thank you April"

And before I could say goodbye, he hung up. Such a strange caller.

"That was intense" I chuckled 

King lee 'meows' in my arms, indicating food time. 

"And that's it on today's episode of Angels and Demons Corner with me April Denver. See you next week"

I close the live on my laptop.

"Hey kitty kitty, you want food right? I'll give you lots of it until you can't stomach a spoon. You like that right?" I rubbed his tummy as he laid on his back. 

Jordan... I wonder what he looks like now, pretty sure I won't recognize him. Is he married? To Macy? Or someone else? Is he cute, hot, sexy and what the hell am i thinking? 

I shrug his entire thought off my mind and take Kinglee downstairs for his midnight food.

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