Her secret CEO desire

Her secret CEO desire

By:  Superovkata  Completed
Language: English
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Alexandra is moving to a new town to live with her cousin Clarissa. Her life is all party and no pressure, but she is tortured by naughty dreams and thoughts about her handsome, but mysterious boss Michael. What will happen when he let Alexandra close enough to learn his secret? Can she handle his dark past, can she trust him? How long can Michael resist his alluring employee? Read to find out. "I knew since the first time I saw her that it would be difficult to be around her and not grab her and take her upstairs to my bed. I knew that I would suffer from that, and I hired her, ignoring my gut feeling. I couldn't be with her. I couldn't be with anyone. At least not at the time. I bet she wouldn't even want to be near to me if she only knew what my secret was, the reason I sold my house and left my hometown to come here." Here is my FB page and my Instagram and Twitter if you want to join and chat ;) I am pretty active on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Author-Superovkata-Natalia-Georgieva-103504375253008/?ref=page_internal https://www.instagram.com/superovkata/ https://twitter.com/Natalia_St_G

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25 Chapters
1. Dream come true
It was as if his vision was penetrating the fabric of my clothes. The intensity of his gaze making me feel uncomfortable.Why was he so intimidating? His dark gray eyes seemed unreal, a demanding sheen illuminating them. In his presence, I felt uneasy, unlike myself, like I was made of fire instead of flesh. I couldn't help but gawk at him like a fool. It was something I grew accustomed to doing when I was around him. I wondered if he ever noticed it."Alex, did you restock the yogurt we spoke about?" He asked me seriously, yet I couldn't bring myself to think about yogurt. My work in his small shop seemed insignificant when I was in his presence; enchanted by him. He kept staring at me, awaiting a response.Finally, I found
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2. The excited angel
I went home that day feeling like I lost something I never had. In reality, he was never actually mine, to begin with. I mean - yeah, he was physically with me every single day, but that was for work only. He never saw how he would tease me with his good looks and gentle attitude. I had slept with him countless times in my head, but it was all just in my mind. I thought, no – I was certain that I was in love with him.I came to this town because my cousin Clarissa needed my support after she got divorced. Her husband cheated on her with his coworker just two months after their wedding. At the time, I had freshly finished college and was as free as a bird. I had no decided career path and had a bad relationship on my own which left me conflicted as far as my life was concerned. A new beginning and a close friend in the shape of my cousin was just what I needed. We kind of kept each
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3. Friendly push
I showered as fast as I could, hoping that Clarissa hadn't used my phone to do something stupid. Not soon enough I rushed back to my room and relaxed as I saw that she hadn't moved from her place and my mobile was exactly where I had left it. I went to the dresser and picked out a loose green tank top and my favorite black shorts. I felt perfect in that outfit. Sexy, but comfortable.I tossed the towel on my bed and dressed myself, without a drop of shame that there was another person in the room. We were so close - Clarissa and I. Ever since we were kids we shared clothes, rooms, secrets and my best summer vacations were always with her. Here was like a second home.I looked over at her, she seemed so obsessed with her phone that I laughed. Her smart brown eyes moved only for a second to see me and go back down.
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4. Wanting answers
My alarm buzzed with the most annoying sound – my favorite song. I thought that it wouldn't be that bad to be woken up by something I loved. No luck there. It was irrelevant that I had a hard time falling asleep, I had to get up at 6 AM to prepare for work regardless. I still wanted to dream about him...again. I was tossing around in bed, unable to escape my dirty thoughts and I didn't know what time it was when I finally drifted away again.I got up, went to the bathroom, tied my hair in a long dark brown ponytail, but did not curl it. In the mirror, my reflection was watching me with tired red eyes."Look at that, without a night out or any drinking at all..." I pointed to myself. I used a bit more makeup, hiding behind light brown shades, mascara, and black eyeliner. I didn't use lipstick, instead, I applied lip balm, which was
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5. Three of us again
It seemed like I had fallen asleep when my phone rang with a new message from Clarissa. It was dark in the room and when I looked at the screen, my eyes were not welcoming its light. I blinked a few times before I read, 'So so so sorry I am late. Will be ready in 20.'I looked at the time and it was 30 minutes after 5 PM. I got up to go to the shower, realizing how the day was not better even after I got some sleep. At least I was dream free. While I dried my hair, I tried to think of a reason why I didn't want to go to the bar tonight. Clarissa would force me, no matter what I said. She was good at convincing. Maybe I should just join them and it would be easier for me to sway her not to talk about my boss.A knock on the door startled me as Clarissa walked inside, wearing a tight brown party dress and her cu
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6. Third wheel
 We walked inside and picked our favorite table in the corner near the wall and close to the stage. Most tables were abandoned as people were already dancing and cheering. Oh, yes...it was a "Rock on" night! A boy band was entertaining a small crowd. People were so lost in the music and maybe already drunk, because no one cared if I had enough space to get to my chair.I tried to sit, but the only place I could reach was in front of the table, and we were three. I turned around with a frown as Clarissa found a quick solution."Oh, it's okay. You can take that, we don't need a chair because we are going to be dancing." She grinned and grabbed Ethan's hand, taking him even closer to the stage, before he could protest.I p
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7. I do care
MICHAELI was watching some lame TV show, hoping that I would not think of her. I cared for her. And not in a coworker kind of way. I liked her ever since she came to my shop to ask for a job. I must be blind or stupid to not see how beautiful she was. I mean really hot, but also so confident, smart, and friendly. I saw the potential in her cat-like green eyes from the first time we talked and my mind went to some very intimate places as I took in her appearance. I could remember what she was wearing that day. Some dark red top with no sleeves which revealed her round breasts, showing me what I couldn't have. Her amazing ass was hidden in her black tight jeans that she rarely wears. Her hair was falling free around her back and part of her shoulders, hugging her like a blanket.I knew since the first time I saw her that it woul
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8. It wasn't you, right?
AlexandraIt was such a great feeling... the fresh air, playing with my hair, some grasshoppers making calming sounds in the night. I was just relaxing on the bench with a fruit drink. It almost made me forget about what I truly wanted... almost.The music from the bar, that I could barely hear, got mixed with someone's footsteps. Oh, it must be my cousin slash matchmaker!"Clarissa, do you have another boy that you want to shove in my f...?" I started, but as I turned around the strangest thing happened.It was Michael... Walking towards me."What the fuck?!" I asked in surprise, accidentally spilling my half-empty drink on the ground as I got up from the bench.
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9. Green is my favorite color
AlexandraI raised my eyebrows in response but did not say anything. I had never seen the second floor of the store, where he lived. I wondered what it was like upstairs.He helped me sit in the passenger seat and I relaxed, feeling how comfortable it was. I could have easily drifted off to sleep. That was if he wasn't so close to me behind the wheel. Maybe I was getting sober, because I became more aware of how his hand was almost touching me, considering that I let mine hang near the gearshift. My dress was showing more of my legs, while I was sitting and I could have sworn his eyes were stealing a look or two as he was driving.Soon we parked near the shop and I managed to get out alone, without falling, before he came to help me out. Again his hand snaked around my waist and the fire inside me lit up again. He was taking me to his place... where his bed was... at night. I tried to push my thoughts away, but all I could think of was his hand and what could he do with it... what I wa
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10. Where is my phone?
Alexandra I went directly into Clarissa's room, without trying to be quiet. I was sure she was still sleeping. Good, let her feel my rage. Why did she always have to interfere? My suspicions proved correct; she wasn't awake yet. One of her hands was lifted above her head on the pillow, while she was on her back. She had her cute tiny sleeping dress on which I could easily see because her sheets were covering only her tummy. Next to her, unsurprisingly, was Ethan. He was shirtless for sure. He was making some small snoring noises, while lying on his stomach, hugging his pillow. All of his back was naked and I would have been impressed by his wide shoulders if I wasn't so angry. They did not hear me coming. "Clarissa!" I yelled, causing both of them to jump up and turn to me with their mouths open. "Clarissa, how could you? Why did you... seriously? Writing to him from my phone? Pretending it was me..." I gasped for air, suffocated by my rage.
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