Hidden Away

Hidden Away

By:  Serena Light  Completed
Language: English
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Serafina Marie Regnante led the perfect life.Gorgeous looks, beautiful personality, charismatic charm, loving parents, protective brothers, with her dream job and her own house, and not to forget the best fiancé anyone could possibly ask for.Her life was flawless: serene, secure, happy, meticulous, and beautiful.That is, until an untold secret leads to the death of those dearest to her, and causes her perfect world to come crashing down.In a place where peace and safety become foreign, where can she find the tranquility she most desires in a world of chaos?In her bodyguard, of course.A man whose sole purpose is her protection. Not only from the enemies out to get her but from the destruction inside her as well.But both of them knew to keep their feelings hidden away because she was the modern form of royalty, and he nothing more than a servant to the princess.Can the two keep it professional, or do their hands slip and their lips wander? *Completed*

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Loved reading about Serafina! I love all these characters..Amazing writing! Love all of your books. Hope to read more books on the Regnante family
2020-12-22 05:40:30
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Love your writing!
2020-12-17 21:38:55
40 Chapters
Chapter I: New School
A young girl with raven black hair and piercing blue eyes stood before her vanity mirror, growing increasingly frustrated as she fumbled with her tresses. With a groan of irritation, she let her hands fall to her sides, staring at her reflection.Today was a new day at a new school.A mafia-exclusive school to be exact and here she was, attempting to look presentable. It took her a lot to convince her father to allow her twin brother and her to be s
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Chapter II: Bullet Wound
"Let's see how stealthy you are," Salvatore taunted at 1 a.m. at night."What do you mean by that?""Mom and dad are asleep," Her twin brother grinned as Serafina yawned sleepily, having been awoken to entertain her brother's whims. "Dad keeps a gun in his bedside table. You will sneak into the room and take the gun, and we'll go to the shooting range for a little practice,"
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Chapter III: Grounded
Being their father, Arcangelo was very well aware of what his children cherished and valued most. For his only daughter, it was the simple taste of freedom; and act which she achieved by ordering her guards to remain in their positions. Meanwhile, his second son treasured his mode of entertainment and his freedom which he got from his electronic devices – phone, laptop, X-box, books, music, etc. – and his freedom from driving whatever car he willed.Now in order to teach them a lesson, their father had no choice but to take it all away and ground them for a month.
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Chapter IV: Cookies
The twins had tolerated a week of their punishment and were already begging for an end to it.For the last week, the twins found nothing better to do than interacting with the people present. Their routine had changed substantially to allow time for everyone. The twins often found themselves in their parent's bedroom after they had finished their homework, talking with one another, with Marco, or their parents, and often after dinner, they would have a family debate, Arsenio sometimes coming by to take part in them.
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Chapter V: Anniversary
Serafina found herself embraced in a different sort of warmth, one that didn't feel too much in this June season, but one that was comforting and familiar. She tried to shift onto her back, her movements met my a restraint as she peeked open her eyes, blinking away the blurriness before inhaling sharply at the sight of the tuft of brown hair.The memories of last night came surfacing back to her, her cheeks flushing red at Paolo's words before he fell asleep."I'll marry you someday, Serafina"
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Chapter VI: Little Brother
Serafina had been trying her level hardest to avoid Paolo as much as possible, having her twin brother occupy him as she saw in her parent's bedroom, hiding. In the morning when she had arrived in their bedroom, her parents looked at her in confusion as they were getting ready, watching her get under their covers and rest her head on the pillow. Her mother had checked her temperature to see if she was sick but frowned when she was perfectly fine.She didn't provide any explanations and they didn't prod, so placing a kiss on her forehead, they both left.
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Chapter VII: You are loved
Salvatore's sling was off.To say he was overjoyed was an understatement. He was euphoric.The day he had returned with Arcangelo without that torturous device restricting his movements, he had resembled a child on Christmas morning. He had been so ecstatic that he was smiling all day and dancing to soundless music with his arms thrown up; an action which wasn't a very wise decision given that his recently healed arm began to ache too badly for him.
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Chapter VIII: 3 A.M.
"Reena," A voice hissed over her followed by the shaking of her shoulders.Startled, Serafina sat up in bed, blearily looking around her room as her vision adjusted to the darkness of the interior. Salvatore stood beside his twin's bed in a pair of sweatpants and hoodie, bracing his knees and looking at her expectantly."What?" She pouted and rubbed her eyes, looking like a petulant child with her disheveled hair and half-open eyes.
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Chapter IX: Late
Paolo had been over the moon with his joy.Ricardo was getting better and everything seemed to pick up from there. Paolo's dad was finally home and his son couldn't have been any happier to have his father back as healthy as a horse. He had been spending a lot of time with Salvatore when he wasn't with Ricardo, and Serafina tried not to let it bother him knowing that there were certain things he was more comfortable with sharing with Salvatore.She
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Chapter X: What is love?
A year had passed since Ricardo's passing, and things were settling down now. However, Paolo was expected to take over his Mafia soon, but he ordered his father's second-in-command to handle it until he finished his education – granted that nothing was to happen without his approval.Serafina had been sitting at her desk, trying to get her homework done, but instead was daydreaming of how her boyfriend would be like as a Mafia Boss. Handsome, no doubt. Firm and determined as a Mafia Boss should be. She wouldn't mind if he was a little intimidating, granted he wouldn't scare her given she was the daughter of the world's most h
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