Chapter 10- Extra Work

The alarm went off at 6:30 AM and Susan begrudgingly reached for the clock on her side table. After several attempts, she finally hit the snooze button with her eyes still closed. Once the alarm stopped, she reached her arms up to the sky, then up toward the head board of her full size bed. Susan winced slightly at her sore shoulder and neck muscles from holding and rocking Allison all day yesterday. Susan couldn’t help but wonder how Allison and Tracy fared overnight. Susan knew she had to try to keep boundaries between them, but it was impossible to spend so much time with someone and not care unless you were a cyborg. Susan laughed out loud at her thought: only a werewolf, not a cyborg.

As tired as she was, Susan was glad she had showered last night. Clothes always set out the night before, she pulled them on and went into the bathroom to complete her morning routine. Susan could hear Tia and at least one of the boys up. Susan smiled that she would get to chat with them before she left for class. Susan loved kids, even though she was not ready for her own yet. Susan has always planned to finish her education and start her career prior to starting a family, but maybe someday. Ready to face the day, Susan shit off her light, put her backpack over on shoulder, and walked into the kitchen area to grab some breakfast before class. As Susan entered, Tia looked up from the stove, “morning sunshine! Are you hungry?”

Susan smiled as she answered, “I can always eat your buttermilk pancakes. Yum!” Susan wiggled her eye brows in an exaggerated manner which made her youngest nephew,  Theo, laugh out loud. “How ya doing this fine morning little man?” Theo clapped in response, smiled, squealed, and reached his chubby little hands toward the pancake plate on the counter. 

“Are you hungry little pup? Hmm? Aubri’s get you some pancakes?” Susan said from the counter, making her plate, as Theo sat with a sippie cup of what looked like juice. Theo being the smart nine month old he is, made two fist and tapped his fingers from each hand together at about chest height to sign, “more”, before touching his lips with the fingers of one hand to sign “eat” or “food”, depending how many times they touch the mouth. At any rate, Susan got the idea and asked Luna Tia, “is it okay if I give Theo some pancakes?”

Theo slapped his tray with his hands in an excited gesture before squealing and laughing again. “He had some already. Did he eat all I gave him?”

Susan smiled and ruffled Theo’s hair as she informed Tia his high chair tray was empty. Susan looked down and sure enough, he must have thrown or knocked his cup down when he got excited. “How you gonna drink this,” Susan said as she put his cup back up on the tray, “if it’s on the floor silly boy?”

Theo laughed, took a quick drink, and tossed the cup again with a squeal. “Alright buddy, now you don’t get it back again right away. Little scheister.”

This time Susan sat  the cup on the table and Theo gave her a funny look. Susan laughed at his expression. Susan cut up dime-sized pieces of pancakes and sausages and placed a little on his tray where he could reach it. She then began to eat her own pancakes with butter and syrup and numerous sausages. 

Protein is just as important for werewolves as for other carnivores such as wolves, large cats, hyenas, and the like. In fact, werewolves that don’t eat enough red meat can actually become ill. Susan remembered a former pack member that adopted a vegan diet based upon principle. That pack member named Jane, became very sick due to lack of protein. All the young wolves were informed by the pack doctor, obligate carnivores like werewolves, do not process plant based proteins well and require meat to stay healthy. They can eat other things of course, but meat is essential and should be a staple in their diet. Other important facts were that the more active one was, if still maturing,  or if trying to heal an injury, the more they need animal based proteins. 

“You little man, either have a hollow leg or are going through a growth spurt.” Susan laughed as she every so often added to Theo’s tray, a few more pieces of food. Each time she did so, he would smile, laugh, and sign “more”. Finally he stopped signing “more”, and began to throw his food on the floor. Susan made eye contact with Theo before she spoke, “are you done buddy?” Susan signed “done”, as she said it by putting both hand out flat and shaking them or waffling them severely  in a downward motion several times. 

In response, Theo signed “done”. Susan praised him for returning the sign and he clapped in response. 

Looking at the time on her phone, Susan realizes she was so wrapped up in spending time with Theo she needs to leave right now. Missing Theo on the head, she rinses her plate, places it in the dishwasher, hugs Tia with a, “thank you so much for breakfast,” and runs out the door with her backpack to drive to class. 

Twenty minutes later, Susan is walking into class and takes her seat next to Brad in the front row of class. The instructor is just beginning, so Susan hurries to get her supplies out and take notes. 

Several hours later, the group of students is again meeting for their study group prior to Susan’s last class of the day. Susan couldn’t help but ask Brad, “Chett hasn’t hassled you anymore has he?”

Brad simply shakes his head side to side in response. A smile then spreads over Brad’s face before he leans in close to Susan and whispers, “I wouldn’t mind if his friend that deescalated the situation wanted to hassle me though. Damn he was one fine specimen if I’ve ever seen one.”

Susan should be used to Brad’s comments by now since they had coordinated all their classes and studied last year too, but somehow they still amazed her. When she laughed and shook her head, Brad seemed to take that as a sign to continue. “I might even let him rip my clothes off, tie me up, and..”

Before he could finish that thought, Susan said, “enough! No offense, but I do not need that visual stuck in my head. Geez Brad… you are like my brother.”

Brad began to laugh loudly and couldn’t stop. People in the cafeteria were starting to stare at him. Instead of becoming irritated or trying to quiet him, Susan simply laughed along with him and shook her head again before returning to her studying. The last class went off without a hitch. Susan even did okay on her quiz she studied for this weekend. Being on the computer, the quiz results were instantaneous and she got 100%. 

Susan was usually off the Monday after her weekend to work, but Tracy had texted her during her morning classes and asked if she could pick up any hours this evening since Allie did indeed have strep and was home at least tomorrow yet from school. Susan agreed so that Tracy could rest since Fred wouldn’t be home until the weekend. When ill, Allie did not sleep much unless held. Susan cared deeply about the sweet little girl and her family so although it cut into her study time, it was no hardship to spend the evening with her. Susan had shot Tia a quick text just to be respectful to let her know she was working tonight and tomorrow night and wouldn’t be home for supper. Allie was given her nutrients via her gastrostomy tube because she was still running a low grade temperature and refusing anything by mouth. Some days her G-tube was a blessing and other days more of a curse. Right now having a G-tune would likely keep Allie out of the hospital since her medications, nutrition, and extra fluids could all be given this route and bypass her mouth and throat while ill.

Tracy came running into the living room at 8:45 PM, immediately apologizing for sleeping so long. Susan put her finger to her lips to quiet her so she didn’t wake her daughter, then smiled before speaking in a loud whisper, “It’s okay Tracy. Wake up, use the facilities, and then I’ll give you report.”

Tracy took a bad breath, nodded her head, and much more slowly went to use the restroom and throw cold water on her face. In a few minutes, Tracy returned looking more awake and less frazzled. “ Susan, I cannot thank you enough for helping us out tonight. You are an absolute God send. Without you and Fred gone over the road, I don’t know how I’d do it.” Tracy gave Susan a weak and slightly watery smile. 

Susan gave a much more genuine smile in response. “You know it’s my pleasure to Rick the princess. I can’t always help, but when I can I’m glad to do it.” Susan shifted Allie to her other shoulder in an attempt to get more comfortable before continuing to talk. “Okay… Alistar made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for them for supper. Addison was actually quite respectful to his brother and Alistar even helped him with his math homework without a squabble. I have to say, I was impressed. I wrote down what medications, fluids, and nutrition I gave through her G-tube. I didn’t even attempt to feed her because she is obviously still under the weather. Starting the antibiotic this morning, she should be much better by tomorrow afternoon and hopefully able to return to school Wednesday. If you need me, don’t hesitate to call. I will come if I can.”

Tracy took Allie from Susan and took her place in the rocker. “Thanks again honey. You are truly an angel Susan.”

“Okay, enough of that nonsense. If I’m an angel, I fear my halo is a bit tarnished.” Susan winked, washed her hands and headed home to shower and go to bed.

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