Hidden In Plain Sight (wolves)

Hidden In Plain Sight (wolves)

By:  Klara Beth  Ongoing
Language: English
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5 years ago, hunters threatened to exterminate the High Bluffs pack after a pack member betrayed their confidence. The pack runs for their lives in all different directions across America from Alaska.Changing their identities, the pack members live mostly in urban areas, amongst humans in order to be harder for hunters to find. What happens when the Alpha of the Mississippi Bluffs Pack, finds out the Bannon family is living in his territory, not only without his knowledge, but without his permission? Can Susan and Travis ignore their mutual attraction? Can the packs across the country continue to evade the hunters and avoid extermination? Can werewolves continue to live "Hidden In Plain Sight," as humans, and control their animal selves to achieve their goals? Please read "Hidden In Plain Sight," to find out what happens to these packs and individuals as they are hunted and trying to survive.

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59 Chapters
                                                         Five Years PriorOut of breath, Shelby runs into Gannon’s office as fast as her legs would take her. Under her breath she is panting, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” as she runs. Even in human form, Shelby was faster than most other non-shifter humans. Turning 180 degrees once through the door, she slams it shut and locks the deadbolt. Finally she pulls down the 2x4 into the brackets that bar the door f
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Chapter 1- Present Day
 When the High Ridge pack split up and scattered, Alpha Gannon led his family to Minnesota to settle and hide in plain sight. They had been in the Southeastern Minnesota region for the whole five years since they all ran for their lives. Sources say their old pack lands were decimated by fire shortly after they left. Supposedly there was some old dynamite left in the mine nearest their territory and it blew up. They claimed one bundle was unstable and once it blew, all the rest stored there exploded as well. The fire caused, burned down the trees and all buildings on the pack lands until nothing was left. Fires in Alaska are not unheard of, but one of this magnitude so cl
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Chapter 2- Bullies
 Once Shelby, now known as Susan Bannon, entered college, Kyle was able to help her financially due to his success. A fact Shelby was extremely grateful for, especially considering the extreme cost of an education. Susan was attending college to become a Nurse Practitioner and had told Kyle, “I’ve chosen the name Susan after a famous Native American healer.” Nursing being one of the hardest degrees to obtain, Susan tried not to work more than part-time while attending college.  Thus far, she was starting her third year of college and held a 3.75 GPA; this was a fact Susan was extremely proud of. 
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Chapter 3- Thou Dost Protest Too Much
 “So what did you do Chett to cause that pretty little lady to throw water in your face?” Travis asked before he took a bite.Travis sat across from Chett in a booth with his one foot long sub to Chett’s two. Chett being a linebacker could afford to put on more weight. Travis’s position as a wide receiver meant he had to eat a lot of le
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Chapter 4- Coming Clean
 Finished with her classes for the day, Susan gathered her belongings and headed for her car. Susan was frustrated with herself that she was still obsessing over Travis. He was most likely a jock and a frat boy. No handsome face was worth putting up with that kind of ego, lifestyle, and likely feelings of entitlement. No, she needed to stop thinking about the sexiest man she had ever met and focus on her college classes and her job. She did not have time for a relationship anyway, and she did
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Chapter 5- Work, Work, Work
 “Good evening Allison. How was your day?” Susan greeted her 5yo. client. Allison was unable to ambulate and could only say a few single words, but oh she was a lovely young girl and Susan thought the world of her. Allison smiled in return, her huge dimples obvious when she smiled so enthusiastically. Allison’s dark blond hair was pulle
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Chapter 6- Meet The Alpha
 The rest of the week was uneventful with work and college, but Susan was always busy between the two. She did not see Travis, Chett, or the other football players, and that was just fine with her. Susan was off Friday night, but chose to finish up her homework due on Monday so she wouldn’t be scrambling Sunday evening. Susan generally worked twelve hour shifts every other weekend, so they could be exhausting. 
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Chapter 7- The Future
 Alpha Gannon took a deep breath before answering the question. “My ultimate goal is to reunite my pack, but I have to make sure it’s safe. I won’t put them in danger for my own selfish need to have them all together. You know how it is Alpha, they are like my children. I feel a bond with absolutely everyone in our pack. Living in urban or suburban areas is certainly not ideal, but it’s been safer, and we have made it work. Again, I sincerely apologize for not knowing about your pack and requesting permission before entering. “
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Chapter 8- Sweet Dreams
 Susan had slept several hours before she began to dream about Travis, his pack, and the full moon coming up. Susan’s dream felt so real that it made her adrenaline coarse through her veins, her chest was rising and falling rapidly, and Susan had sweat on her forehead. Susan was standing outside with a diet soda in her hand and a huge,  beauti
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Chapter 9- Sick Princess
 Sunday’s shift was not nearly as smooth a day as Saturday. Upon arriving at work, Susan found out Allison had begun to run a fever during the early morning hours of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. After washing her hands and donning a mask, Susan took Allison into her arms and sat in the rocking chair with her. Allison’s cheeks were flushed, she was coughing intermittently, and her normal good natured attitude and smile were gone; in its place was a frown with occasional tears and a little girl that did not want to be put down. 
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