Chapter 3- Thou Dost Protest Too Much

“So what did you do Chett to cause that pretty little lady to throw water in your face?” Travis asked before he took a bite.

Travis sat across from Chett in a booth with his one foot long sub to Chett’s two. Chett being a linebacker could afford to put on more weight. Travis’s position as a wide receiver meant he had to eat a lot of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, but lay off the carbohydrates. Of course Travis’s appetite was mostly for protein anyway, so it wasn’t a sacrifice.

Chett snorted. “The bitch was mad because I had the little faggot pushed up against the wall. Pretty sad when a man is so weak, he has to be rescued by a woman.” Chett laughed.

Travis took a drink and shook his head. Chett must have assumed Travis was reacting positively because he laughed even harder. Travis set his sandwich and drink down and stared at Chett, waiting until he realized he had Travis’s full attention and then he said, “does it make you feel like a big man to bully someone weaker than you?”

Chett’s mouth dropped open and he just stared at Travis. Chett was used to everyone kowtowing him and automatically agreeing with him because he’s rich, a starter on the college football team, and his dad was a very powerful representative in the community. “What’s your problem man? He. is. a. fag! What does it matter how I treat him?”

“So, what is your issue with homosexuals Chett? Unless the man is coming on to you, why the hell do you care?  Wait… Are you in the closet and afraid people will figure it out if you don’t act like a pompous ass to others that happen to be gay? ” Travis spit back at Chett with venom in his voice.

Again, Chett gaped at Travis, unable to process what he was saying to him. “That’s just disgusting. No I’m not gay!” Chett said with an expression Travis hadn’t seen before but appeared to be one of confusion or disgust.

Travis looked at Chett, smiled, and began to laugh. “You know what they say Chett… thou dost protest too much.” Travis continued to laugh slightly.

“Fuck you man!” Chett responded.

Travis leaned forward in his seat, rested his elbows on the table, made eye contact with Chett and answered, “as much as I appreciate the offer, you are not my type.” Travis winked at Chett before grabbing his meal and walking out of the sandwich shop.

Chett was left with his meal, purchased by Travis, in the booth at the sandwich shop. Chett shook his head and returned to eating his meal alone.

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