Chapter 4- Coming Clean

Finished with her classes for the day, Susan gathered her belongings and headed for her car. Susan was frustrated with herself that she was still obsessing over Travis. He was most likely a jock and a frat boy. No handsome face was worth putting up with that kind of ego, lifestyle, and likely feelings of entitlement. No, she needed to stop thinking about the sexiest man she had ever met and focus on her college classes and her job. She did not have time for a relationship anyway, and she did not do ‘casual’. In fact, Susan has never been attracted to any of the men she had dated enough to even consider sleeping with them. At one point, she even started to wonder if there was something wrong with her because she just did not respond like other women seemed to. Using her key fob, Susan unlocked her car and reached to open the door. In her peripheral vision, she saw a flash, and Susan jumped into a defensive fight position, ready to protect herself in case Chett was coming back to finish their earlier quarrel. Susan knew he was likely stronger than she was, but she was no doubt faster than he would be. 

“Hey pretty lady. Where ya heading?”

Susan’s eyes became as big as saucers as she realized it was Travis and not Chett. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack? I damn near knocked your block off thinking you were Chett again.”

Travis laughed. “I’m sorry I startled you. I just wanted to catch you before you drove away.”

“Well you caught me. What did you need Travis?” 

“I wanted to invite you to go on a date with me.” Travis said, allowing his million dollar smile to take over his face.

Susan’s mouth dropped open and she just stared at him. “It’s not very nice to play practical jokes on people. I’ll pass thank you.” Susan sighed and opened her car door. 

Travis was dumbfounded. On what planet would a guy ask a girl out as a joke? Wow, this girl has issues. Too bad her scent and appearance keep pulling me back to her. “I’m not sure why you think this is a joke, but I’m serious. I would really like to get to know you.”

“We both know the only reason you stepped in and distracted Chett was so that he wouldn’t get suspended from the football team. I’m sure there are a limited number of linemen his size, that like to hurt other people.” Susan said as she placed her bag in the back seat of her VW Beetle and moved the seat back again so she could get in.

Travis took a step closer to Susan before speaking again. “You think I distracted Chett for his sake? Oh my gosh woman! I stopped Chett because I saw your eyes flashing gold, and I was afraid you were going to shift, right there in the college cafeteria. Ya know what.. never mind. Forget I asked.” Travis said his peace, and walked away.

Susan was dumbfounded. He knows I’m a werewolf? How does he know I’m a werewolf? Oh no, what if he tells someone? Susan slammed her door and  took off running after Travis like her tail was on fire. “Stop! Hey, Travis… stop. Please?”

Travis turned back around with his arms crossed over his chest and glared at Susan. “I’m sorry Travis. What… how..”

Travis laughed sarcastically before cutting her off. There was a slight yellow tint to his eyes as he said, “Don’t worry princess, I won’t say anything to anyone. I know the risk. Your secret is safe with me. So you can go home now and not have to worry about it.”

Susan sighed, unsure what to say or do, but realizing how important this conversation could be. When his eyes flared, she caught a slight pine scent she hadn’t noticed before. He’s a shifter too?

“I’m sorry, but I have to get to the weight room and then to practice. For the record, I’m sorry Chett was such an ass to your friend. Have a good night.” Travis turned and began to walk away again. 

Susan was dumbfounded, but had to get home and get ready for her work shift tonight. Ugh! Susan walked back to her car, drove the few miles to Kyle’s, and went in search of him in his home office. The realtors took turns covering office hours, and today was a home office day for him. Susan sat down in the chair across the desk from Kyle and waited until he finished what he was doing and looked up. Kyle sat back in the office chair behind his desk with a surprised look on his face. Susan rarely entered his home office, let alone came in and sat down. “To what do I owe this honor dear sister?”

Susan sighed before answering and fidgeted with her cuticles on her left hand. “Did you know there are other werewolves in town?” 

Kyle sat forward with his elbows on his desk and raised his eyebrows at the shocking question. Kyle had not met other wolves in town. If Susan met other wolves, are we still safe here? “I have not yet met other wolves here in town. I take it you did?”

Susan nodded but still didn’t meet Kyle’s eyes. Susan began speaking about the incident in the college cafeteria, how she stuck up for Brad, how Travis handled the situation, and finally their discussion just a bit ago. 

This time it was Kyle who sighed and ran his large hand down his face as he decided what to say. Before he could answer, Susan asked, “what do I do Alpha? Please tell me what to do. I’m so sorry I was emotional enough that my eyes flashed and gave me away.” Susan began to cry.

Alpha Gannon came around the desk and knelt down next to his sister. Putting one hand on her back, the other hand lifted her chin and then wiped the tears on her cheeks that were streaming down from her dark chocolate colored eyes. As Susan met her Alpha’s eyes, her lip quivered slightly, so she took it between her teeth to stop it. Susan hates showing any sign of weakness, and her Alpha and big brother, was one of the few people that had ever seen her cry. Even though her brother was Kyle the realtor, to her he would always be her Alpha. Even though she was Susan the college student and Personal Care Assistant, she would always be his little sister Shelby. Gannon was proud of Shelby and didn’t tell her that often enough. If she had not come forward when the Catfish debacle took place, they may have all died instead of being given the option of hiding in plain sight. The last 5 years, they had been lucky, but Alpha Gannon figured at some point they would either cross paths with other wolves or with some of the exterminators. Although the pictures are five years old now, the exterminators supposedly had pictures of every person in every pack they were aware of. Shelby has changed, but adult werewolves changed appearance very slowly and tended to live longer than humans. 

“So here is what I want you to do. I want you to befriend this boy and give him no reason to be upset with you.” Alpha explained with authority.

Susan sighed again. “I would really prefer not to Alpha. He is a jock for one, two, I think he is in a fraternity, and three, I think he is an entitled rich kid.”

Alpha Gannon’s eyes flashed slightly; a sure sign he was not happy with her response. “Do you want to remain here and finish your college education?”

“Of course Alpha.” Susan sat up straight, much like a soldier, and made eye contact. 

Gannon’s appearance was very masculine and strong but they shared similar coloring and the same eyes and nose. Gannon looked at Shelby seriously before speaking, “if you want to stay here my dear sister, you need to make sure this young man has no reason to be vindictive. The other option is to pick up and relocate again.”

“Yes Alpha, I will talk to him and smooth things over. I’ll try to find out more if he will tell me.” Shelby nodded like the good pack member she was when given an order.

“Okay, thank you. Please keep me abreast of anything that may seem out of place or even remotely like a problem.” Alpha’s face softened, and he was just Kyle again, her brother. “I love you Shelby. I would be heartbroken if anything happened to my baby sister. Please be careful.” Kyle leaned in and gave her a hug. 

Shelby relaxed from her loyal pack member to be just Susan again. She pulled Kyle into a big hug before speaking with her chin on his shoulder as he still knelt next to her chair. “Thank you for understanding. I love you too, and will do my best to smooth things over with the wolf.” With that, Susan released Kyle and went to hurriedly get ready for work.

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