30. Bad Premonition-4

Danial entered his pavilion. He casually surveyed his surrounding with an expressionless face. He strode along the magnificent hallways with the shadow guard trailed behind him. 

The whole place seemed to paint in white. Only the curtains, the ornaments, and decorations were in different colors. The floor beneath is made of glossy wood. The surface seemed translucent and glistened when the light reflected on them. When you stepped on them, the footstep reverberated across the peaceful residential palace. 

In the center, there is a pond with a beautiful fountain. The Kois swam with great vitality, splashing the water around and sometimes creating waves after waves.

The pond separated the palace into two parts and sturdy black fences barricaded around it. To the left side, you will reach the Prince's residence. And, to the right side, you will be entering the princesses'.

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