34. Bad Premonition-END

Present time.

Sofia changed her outfit into a presentable one.

She is completely engrossed in her gardening duty and often neglects her appearance. At the very least, when seeing Danial, she must look outwardly alright, or he might think of her as a gardener pretending to be a palace concubine.

After a while, she rushed towards the Prince Pavilion, leaving behind her palace maids.

She needed to deliver the thing that Carina entrusted to her. There was no way she would keep quiet any longer. Keeping a secret is a hassle and cumbersome thing. For eighteen years, she had a restless sleep and often had insomnia.

That woman had not only burdened her with an unbelievable request. She also insisted on her telling him the truth. And, despite the unwillingness to do what she instructed, Sofia decided to confide everything to Danial, letting him determine his own fate. 

She had a feeling that Danial knew what Carina was hiding from the rest of th

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