36. Misunderstanding

The silence was unsettling. From a distance, someone can even hear the sound of dropping a pin onto the floor.

The Bronze Pavilion became eerily quiet despite the palace crowding with people. The sudden drop in temperature, the unexpected coldness that froze out everything in its path, and the heavy pressure of tremendous Mana shrouded the place, all of this happened due to one person.

The culprit who caused such disturbance casually leaned his body on the wall with his arms propped on the handrails. He looked at the kneeling humans, and some even groveling on the floor. Those people got denied the right to raise their heads by the oppressive force radiating from Danial's body. The piles of humans scattering before him kept groaning and whimpering in pain. They begged with their heads on the floor for the prince to let them off the hook.

Danial said nothing. He neither felt pleasure nor guilty witnessing this scene.

Instead, the brown pupils kept glowing, and the pair of irises turned
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