High in Pursuit : Another Story

High in Pursuit : Another Story

By:  Nia94  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kang Jae Woon is the youngest prosecutor in his department. With his handsome appearance, outstanding achievement, and powerful family background, he is being admired and envied at the same time by many people. One day, his best friend, Han Ryan is murdered by a serial killer and Jae Woon felt his world is crumbling down. Due to his excessive sadness, Jae Woon drowns himself in alcohol at his house, alone. He drunk and snacking food until his body suddenly convulsed in an allergic reaction. "Shit! Who the fuck put almonds in my snack?! I clearly remind the salesgirl to not put any almond in my baggage! Damn it! Where is my medicine?!" As he's groping around in agony, searching for his precious medicine, Jae Woon felt his body plopped on the bed as his consciousness faded and darkness is embracing his body. How miserable. To think I would die because of a stupid almond...Ryan will be laughing when he heard this. ------ "Wake up, you pig!" A harsh voice is jolted him away from his sleeping state. At the same time, his body is being drenched by a bucket of smelly water. "Since you're a pig, you didn't mind to bathe in poop, right?" Mocking waves of laughter are resounding in the dark, small room. Three boys and one girl are looking down at him with disgusted expressions plastered on their faces. One of the boys is holding an empty bucket. Jae Woon is dumbfounded. Wha...? Where is he? No, no, no. Actually, who are these pompous brats?! How dare they...Jae Woon suddenly felt that something is wrong with his body. He had difficulty in moving around and felt extremely sluggish. What is this?! Since when his slender and sturdy body changed into a piggy in just one night?!

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it's a amazing story! I'm in love with it...great work author. Please keep up the good work. kudos
2021-08-13 22:43:01
36 Chapters
*I forgot to mention this. But, the cover picture is not mine. The credit goes to the real owner.     High in Pursuit: Another Story. Kang Jae Woon is the youngest prosecutor in his department. With his handsome appearance, outstanding achievements, and impressive family background, he is being admired and envied at the same time by many people. Everyone is looking at him like he is some famous idol or celebrity. Girls always flocking around him, sought after his hard-to-get attention, but Jae Woon never once glances in their direction, nor did he replies to any of their ridiculous demands. He is a man of a few words and very serious about doing his job perfectly. He also rarely expressed his emotion to others. Do you want to hear his dreamy-like voice? Then be the criminal or his coworkers. Although, no one should probably attempt to be one(the criminal). Most of the time, he kept his mouth shut. One day, his best friend, Ha
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System and Me
Jae Woon manages to cry himself to his sleep. He curls his shivering body on the cold and filthy floor as this room didn't have any necessary furniture. Forget about a spacious and comfy bed in his old world, this body didn't even have a single blanket to cover himself and he always sleeps in this pitiful condition since he is a small kid. No one ever reaches their hands towards him, nor anyone feeling anything when looking at his miserable state. They will laugh, ridicule, and torture him in any fashion that suited their taste at any given time they get. For them, he is their special punching bag, and his life is only worth that much. He is what you called dead baggage in these places. Thud! Jae Woon is once again jolting up from his sleeping state. He almost bumped his head to the broken drawer beside his body as he scrambles of from the floor and sits in a squatting position while eyeing his surroundings suspiciously. What the fuck
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Meeting The Female Lead-Part 1
Jae Woon stared at Mochi, unblinkingly. "Really? You will help me changing my hideous appearance? And, you will not charge me with anything?" Mochi nodded its head in enthusiasm. (Of course, host. I'm a mighty system. I already guided more than a hundred hosts, and all of them managed to complete their mission in flying colors. Just leave it to me, host!) Jae Woon's eyes once again are brimming with tears. He is suddenly started to cry and the system is flustered by its host's reaction. Why? Did I say the wrong thing to him? Mochi mentally said. Why did he cry? Aigoo...This is the first time this system is meeting such a peculiar host like him. Despite having a power that could topple the entire continent in a blink of an eye, my host is actually a pure man, with a tender maiden[?] heart. I got myself a very kindhearted host. Mochi stretched out its hand and gently rubbing Jae Woon's back. This simple gesture of
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Meeting the Female Lead- Part 2
The people in this world is adoring the existence of the goddess Athena, the goddess of war. They believe that magic is bestowed by Her Grace as a gift for her followers to survive the harsh wars in the past. Athena’s statue is built in the middle of the busy plaza of the most famous and secure town in the whole continent, Snowflake Town.     This town is where the king and his royal lineage reside. The castle is situated on top of a mountain, 13 km away from the main entrance of Snowflake Town and surrounded by a long stream of a beautiful river. Trees and flowers were planted on the riverside, and people love to spend their blissful time beneath those trees together with their beloved ones. Whether during the day or night, these places are overcrowding with people and hawkers stalls. &nb
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Meeting the Female Lead-Part 3
"I..." As Seiran tried to counter Danial's words, her brothers' worried voices are then heard, calling for her attention.   "Ran! Ran, where are you?! Ran!" Arthur, Sean, and Julian screamed their little sister's name in panic.   Danial's eyes widen in shock. Ran? This girl is Seiran Knight, the only daughter of the scary Duke Knight? This is bad! If her brothers saw him with her here, they might misunderstand the whole situation and he will end up dead. Danial turned around and ran away in haste. He ignored Seiran's desperate pleading for him to stop. In a flash, Danial's back no longer visible for Seiran to look at.   Seiran clutched her left chest. Without her realizes, a drop of tear is rolling down on her flushed, pink cheek. A surge feeling of sadness and d
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Meeting The Female Lead-Part 4
Seiran is walking beside Danial. She gets her long-forgotten wish to walk alone with him without any interruption of her nosy brothers, but, she is too nervous to comfortably talk with him. After the incident that happened in the past, she tried to find Danial and she even requests her father to visit Danial in the palace. But, her request is denied.   She vividly remembers the conversation she had that day with her family, about the shocking secret of Duke Knight Mansion and her identity.   "You cannot meet him, not until you are strong enough to protect him, Ran." Her mother, Lady Liliane, a woman with black, and long wavy hair, with a pair of beautiful ocean-like orbs, is gently caressing her tears-stricken cheeks. "You are his protector, his support, and his soulmate. If you showed your true self in front of other people, your enemy might know the first prince's real identity. We need to protect him in silence, not endanger him."
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Meeting The Female Lead-Part Final
"Oh, My Mighty Goddess, please hear my humble prayer and help this poor soul. Lift the curse that had been bounded him and save him from this damnation cycle. May you bless his life with your grace." Seiran muttered a prayer whilst closing her eyes in concentration. A bead of sweat is rolling down from her forehead as she is using a large amount of her inner energy to conjure a high-level healing spell, to counter the ancient curse in Jae Woon's body.   At the same time, Jae Woon reluctantly swallowed the pill inside his mouth. As soon as the pill is dissolved, a chain of reactions is taking place.   Hazy, black smoke is seeping out from his body along with a thick, foul odor. A rotten stench is wafting in the air, that it's almost making Jae Woon vomit on the spot. He managed to hold his
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Mochi's grievance
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The antique hanging watch on the wall is reverberating when the time hits ten o'clock in the morning. The ticking sound of the clock is not deafening enough, however, it's disrupted the tranquility state of the living room.   Lady Liliane fiddled with her fingers. She had no qualms in continuing her silly lie to the prince. They have been sitting in the living room in silence for almost fifteen minutes. She is subconsciously holding her breath and greedily exhaled a relief sigh once she heard the sound interruption from the clock.   Nevertheless, the longer the time is dragging by, the more nervous and fidgety she felt about the situation on her hands. She apprehensively glances at the handsome male in front of her.   "What will you do aft
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The Truth-Part 1
Seiran opened her heavy eyelids. She is stretching out on her big bed like a lazy domesticated Persian cat. Her watery eyes swept around her surroundings in wonder.    Seiran no longer felt lethargic and her inner energy and magic power already rekindled to their maximum state. Although right now, she is yearning for the comfortable and cozy feeling of Danial's embrace.   The familiar setting of her own room and the homely vibe she is experiencing proved that she is back in her own haven.   Ah, this is my room. Seiran dazedly contemplated this in the back of her mind. Did Danial bring her home?   Seiran covered her blushing face with her palms as she remembers Danial's handsome and stunning appearance. His dazzling, and enthralling
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The Truth-Part 2
Liliane finally calmed down. She released a relieved breath. Her shoulders shagged down a lot and she suddenly felt exhausted with all this secret she is keeping. Her daughter, Seiran keeps asking about her condition, which she assured her multiple times already, that she is okay and nothing is wrong with her. Liliane curled her lips into a smile.   As soon as Seiran confirmed her mother's well-being, she turned her body around and face Danial. Danial flinched as he saw the fury in her almond-like eyes. Her eyes are burning with fire. Both of her hands are on her waist, while she is throwing an accusatory look toward the prince. The prince, however, just lifted his hands in mock surrender and give her his best puppy eyes and innocent look. Seiran's tense shoulders visibly relaxed. Her eyes soften at the pitiful expr
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