His Forgotten Memories

His Forgotten Memories

By:  undefinabledreamer  Ongoing
Language: English
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It’s the unexpected that changes our lives. They say, Always expect the Unexpected, because the best thing happen Unexpectedly. Altalune Mizuki Starrin met Beauden Zypher Heisenix unexpectedly. That unexpected changed their lives, the last year of their college lives became more meaningful because of each other. Their relationship is full of understanding, you can say. It is a perfect relationship. Who would have thought that destiny would test them? Beauden got into an accident and forget all the memories he had with Altalune. ‘Mind can forget memories, but the heart can’t.’ Altalune used to believe this phrase before, not until she experienced being forgotten by someone she loves the most. Will Beauden still remember her? Or fate would continue to test their relationship?

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15 Chapters
“Is this all enough for your 1-month trip abroad?” I asked my boyfriend. Beau is my boyfriend, we’ve been together for years. I’m helping him to prepare all the things he will need abroad. We had to separate for a month because of what he had to do abroad, he wants to take me with him but I cannot because I have a job.  “You sure you don’t want to come with me?” He asked He is going abroad for his business trip, he is now the CEO of their company.  “As much as I want to go. I can’t. I have a job remember?” I laughed “Next time. I will come with you. I promise.” 
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Chapter 1
My best friend Stenzie and I are eating today in the school cafeteria. We just finished taking our final exam, after this, we will have a retreat with the whole 4th-year college department. “Alta!” She called me “I want to babysit a baby.” She giggled “Find yourself a boyfriend, I will be a nanny to your daughter for free!” She likes kids. I laughed “No, Go find yourself a boy. Not me. I'm not ready to have kids.” She pouted. “Hi, Alta. I’m Keison” A boy greeted me “Hello?” I greeted
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Chapter 2
Today is the day of our retreat,  I already prepared everything I need to bring. The clothes, the food, and the tent. All I need to do is to go to school because we need to ride a bus. Our retreat was 4 days, 3 nights. so the one I can be within the tent is Stenzie, We’ve been friends since high school so we knew each other a lot.  “Take care sweetie, Call me if you need help.” My mom said “Mom, I’m a grown-up woman.” I said, “Do you have a meeting again?” My Mom is a housewife, but we have a company and  Dad is taking care of that. But sometimes Mom
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Chapter 3
The venue of our retreat was held at a private resort, It has a beach and a space where we can build our tent.  ‘Over the beautiful moon’ That was the name of the resort. It was familiar. “Do you know the owner of the resort?” I asked Beau “Nah. Why?” “The name was kinda familiar.” I said, “Maybe because it has the same meaning as my name. My name means moon, Altalune is a Latin name that means ‘Over the moon’  and Mizuki, is Japanese means beautiful moon.”
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Chapter 4
I still can't believe it until now, it happened so fast. he took my first kiss away from me. Out of frustration, I kicked him, “You’re so fucking annoying that was my fucking first kiss!” I cursed “It’s so unfair! You took my first kiss when you kissed other women before!” He burst out a laugh “Come here, baby.”  He leaned me closer to him and showered me with his kisses. He even hugged me tighter, A lot of people have been looking at us but he doesn’t care at all. “Stop.” I firmly said, “There are so many people watching us. Be ashamed.” He stopped
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Chapter 5
It's too hard for me to say that but I have no choice, I'm tired of waiting and now I see that he doesn't want me. I gave up. He also gave up on me when he turned his back. “Beau, can you leave me alone? I will just talk to my parents.” I tried to smile He heard everything, what I said earlier and how my brother doesn't care about me. He smiled “Alright.” I called my parents to tell them what happened. “Hey, what happened?” Dad asked&
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Chapter 6
Archer Cirius’ POV It’s been hours and my sister is still not waking up. I want to talk to Mom but I can’t get a chance because she’s always busy talking to other doctors.  Her friends are still there even her best friend Stenzie who should not go to retreat, went to the hospital. I still blame myself for what happened to my sister. If I hadn't thrown her away, it wouldn't have happened. If I’m not mistaken our family is still a stockholder in this hospital. We own 10% of this. So we are always a priority here. “Mom. C-Can we talk?” I said when I finally found an opportunity.
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Chapter 7
Altalune Mizuki’s POV   I woke up seeing Beau sitting on the edge of the bed.   “B-Beau..” I called weakly “B-Beau...”   “You’re awake, how are you?” He asked, “Are there no big waves anymore?”   I don’t understand   “I don’t understand you, Beau.” I said “What waves? What happened?”   “Nothing...” he smiled “I’ll call your parents.”   He went out to call my parents and after how many minutes my parents arrived.   “Oh Thank Go
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Chapter 8
Altalune Mizuki’s POV My brother accompanied me down to the hospital to buy what we were going to eat. We bought chocolates and chips. “I’m so happy to be with you again,” I said  He smiled “I’m also happy to be with you again. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you.” “It’s all in the past.” I smiled “The more important to me is this. I am with you. With Mom, and Dad.” “Is that guy your boyfriend?” He asked, I looked at him with so much confusion “Beauden Heisenix” 
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Chapter 9
I went back inside the room and saw my mother smirking at me. “What’s wrong?” I asked “Nothing’s wrong don’t worry.” She smirked I ignored her and I sat on the couch instead, my father and my brother are playings games again on their laptops, I’m so happy that their relationship didn’t change at all despite those years that we are not together. “Are you two together?” Dad asked, I looked at him “Beauden.” “Nope,” I said “Suitor?” 
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