His Kind Of Woman

His Kind Of Woman

By:  Jane Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Zayne-" I try to push him away when he grabs me by the waist and puts me on the counter. Letting out a gasp, I rest my hands on his shoulders as his warmth lingers on my body. His eyes are slightly red as if he was crying. And before I realize it, he leans forward and rests his head on my shoulder, breathing in my scent. "Myla," He calls, his voice intoxicating. I hate how he has the power to make my knees go weak whenever my name comes out from between his lips. "I never craved attention until I tasted yours."

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Hiba Jendane
It's so good
2023-02-27 19:35:41
48 Chapters
1. Myla
The sun is bright and the sky is so blue as I sit next to my father's grave. I put the bouquet of carnations next to it and smile bitterly, feeling the tears sting in my eyes. "Hi, dad," I say and hug my knees closer. "It's been a while." Today is his death anniversary, and just like the previous years, I come to his grave and talk to him as if he's still alive. After all, that's all I could do since I never got to see him or meet him before.Ironically, the day my mother realized she was pregnant was the day my father died. She called him when he was driving but the moment he looked down to search for his phone, a truck came out of nowhere and crashed into his car, ending his life in mere seconds. That's what mom told me, and I refused to ask any further about it. It seemed that it left a deep wound in her life and it was unnecessary to open that wound again. I have her and she's all I could ever ask for. Although having a father would have been nice. It hits me whenever I watch
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2. Myla
"Hey, Myla!" Sarah waves from the counter and I flash her a smile. Seriously, she's such a sight for sore eyes. Her hair is so silky and long and her black glasses match her nerdy personality.I glance at Alex who occupies himself with cleaning the tables when deep down he must be thinking about Sarah.I know that because one time I caught him taking a picture of her when she was reading a book in the corner of the café. I always tease him about that but today is his lucky day, I'm not talking about that."You must have been busy," I say and lean on the counter. "Thank you so much, I'll make sure to repay you somehow.""Oh, no you don't have to. I'm more than happy to be of any help." Gosh, I love this girl. "June helped us a lot too, so we weren't too busy at all.""That's a relief. By the way, where is she?""She's hiding from her high school crush who rejected her." She says and I wince. "There he is." I slowly look at the guy she's pointing at and my lips form a thin, straight lin
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3. Zayne
My mouth hurts from smiling too much at the cameras in front of me. My men stand behind those big lights and make sure everything is perfect, except nothing is.I'm forced, once again, to sit here and smile at the faces that watch me on the other side of the screen. What a waste of time.I don't know how much more I need to fake this stupid smile but if it's any longer, I'll lose it. Along with the interviewer who keeps staring at me with seductive eyes while I do my best to act dumb and oblivious.She puts her hair to the side, revealing her neck as she glances at me and I just roll my eyes mentally because I can't do that on national TV."So, Mr. Laurier," She starts, her voice adding to my annoyance. My only wish now is to get the fuck out of this place and have a whole day of no human interaction so I can relax and not think of strangling anyone. "What advice would you like to share with people as the CEO of one of the biggest corporations here and abroad?"Great, now I have to th
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4. Zayne
She pops into my mind out of nowhere and I groan when my body reacts before I even know it. I can't understand why she has this effect on me even though I didn't even get to see her face.There's one thing to do. I grab the iPad on my desk and start typing on it. Famous café with the hot girl. I don't even know what I'm doing at this point but I'm so damn curious about who this woman is and it's killing me.I slide my finger on the iPad and through the Google results until one photo appears and the corner of my lips lifts up. There you are.There's a picture of her in her motorcycle and Keith's words replay in my mind. I haven't even met her yet I can recognize her.Looking at the iPad's screen, I find myself too immersed in this. Her hair is long and black, bringing out her blue eyes. She looks unique and exotic, perhaps that's why people recognize her easily.I can't believe I'm admitting a woman is beautiful, gorgeous even, but she is one to praise."Keith," I click on his number
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5. Myla
"Was he really that bad?" I hear Alex ask while I make coffee for the customers and I sigh heavily at the unwanted memories. I have decided to put them in the never-recall part of my mind but Alex is not helping."Yes, Alex. So bad I could have killed him right then." He just laughs at my response and then stares at me with concern. "No, he didn't do anything.""Myla, tell me." I stop and turn to him, my lips forming into a straight line."Where do I even start? He was expecting me to suck his cock or whatever because it looked like that's why he called me there. Next time they order, you go." I point to his chest and his eyes widen."No. I don't want to get fucked." He laughs and I roll my eyes at him. "On a serious note, that's expected from someone like him. I mean probably everyone wants to sleep with him for both his looks and his wealth. He must be used to it.""Yeah, but not me. I didn't expect him to be such a dick but-" I stop for a second while holding the two drinks in my h
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6. Zayne
We slowly pull away from each other while I think about what the fuck just happened. All I remember before my desire took over me is the fact that I just wanted to make her shut up. And the only way I could think about is kissing her. Way to go, Zayne.She's looking at me like I'm some maniac before she wipes her swollen lips as if she's disgusted by me. That's not the reaction I was expecting. Women love kissing me, and I doubt I'm a bad kisser. Now she even makes me doubt my kissing skills?"You talk a lot." I know it's a lame excuse but that's all I can manage to say. She really makes me go speechless. There are cameras in the place and I just hope she doesn't report me for assault because the look on her face is not one of satisfaction."What is wrong with you?" Her eyebrows are furrowed and I watch as she licks her lips, making my eyes widen. "Do you go around kissing people to shut them up?""No, but it's definitely a good strategy for dealing with people who never shut up." She
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7. Myla
The car that stops in front of us is the same one that was parked near the café some time ago and I scoff, turning to Zayne. "I see you were stalking me.""I wouldn't call it stalking. I was waiting for the café to close."I stop in my tracks and put my hands on my hips as I frown. "You've been planning on taking me out since the start?""I say it wasn't spontaneous." I hear him say while he opens the door for me to get inside. I hesitate for a second because he's still a total stranger and I'm trusting him not to kidnap me. "I won't-""Hello!" Zayne is interrupted by the sudden voice inside and I look at the driver who happens to be a familiar face. I feel myself smiling when I remember him from the café. He's one of the kindest and sweetest customers I can ever forget."Oh? You're Zayne's driver?" He nods and smiles at me and I feel at ease. With him around, I doubt Zayne would do anything wrong. "You're Zayne's guest?" It's my turn to nod and his eyes widen as they dart to Zayne.
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8. Zayne
I have always been drawn to the classic and timeless look of black dresses on women. There is something undeniably captivating about the way a black dress can accentuate their body curves while also highlighting their beauty and confidence. So, when Myla steps in front of me with the black slit dress on, I scream inside. I feel my eyes widen and my heart beat faster than ever when my eyes travel from her upper body to her leg and thigh. Whoever chose her dress is a fucking genius and I owe them one. The simple, yet elegant design draws attention to her every move and I let out a heavy breath, feeling myself getting hot. The way the fabric moves with her and the way the light dances off it are so fucking attractive that she drives me crazy. "Your men are waiting in the lobby," Keith informs and I nod, directing my gaze to Myla who's sitting silently by my side. She's still wearing my jacket and her hair is in a low bun that matches the black dress. Although it slightly hides her fac
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9. Myla
Fuck Zayne Laurier. Now I hate him to the core.After what happened and after I got out of his car, I make my way back to the café and change from that fucking dress to my clothes. I put it back in the bag along with the jewelry and mentally remind myself that I have to give it back to him, which I'm already dreading.It was never mine and it will never be. I would never keep anything that fucker buys. I can't understand why I'm so frustrated or why I expected him to be nice when he was the worst asshole I've ever met since I first met him. It was all too good to be true, he would always spend time with women and toss them away like we were some worthless junk he didn't care about.I refuse to be like that, I'm worth more than all the wealth or power he has. Riding my motorcycle back home, I park it in front of the house and step inside while I look for my mother in the living room. "Myla? You're home?" Her voice feels like a warm blanket around my shivering body. "Hey, mom." She's
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10. Zayne
Evelyn and I are all over the news and I can't help but feel relieved they didn't get any of what happened with Myla. It's not even about me, I'm used to scandals and rumors. I just don't want her to be harassed by paparazzi and crazy people.She didn't sign up for that when we first met and I'm not planning on exposing her to millions of people who would only be a pain in her ass. "Mr. Laurier," Kevin, one of the employees, speaks from outside and I tell him to come in. "Excuse me, here are the papers you asked for.""Thank you. You may go back to work." I dismiss him and look at the stack of papers that he put on the desk. As much as I want to complain about the amount of shit I have to do, I have to work in order to keep my position and distract myself from thinking about Myla.I review some strategies and make a few changes when needed, all while thinking about not thinking about Myla. I hate when something is distracting me and I hate when I don't get what I want right away.And
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