His Pet

His Pet

By:  Bryant  Completed
Language: English
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When did I stop seeing her as my best friend? Ever since the day we met, I've thought of her as a little sister. She was a girl that needed my protection. But something changed. She grew up, and now, when I look at her, I want to kiss her and make her mine. But I can't. She's my friend and more than that she's my bodyguard. I do not mix business and pleasure.

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Justine M
Lovely book, really enjoyed it and would recommend ...
2024-03-30 01:05:00
default avatar
Marena John Lambrou
Loved this story!
2024-03-15 11:48:26
user avatar
Kelly Churcher-Cope
Loved this book, hope here is more to follow.
2023-06-06 23:58:03
default avatar
Not a bad book. I love the progression of the storyline. Wonderful job by the author.
2023-04-15 17:57:17
user avatar
Great writer! Great story!
2023-03-08 05:18:35
user avatar
Loved this book. Read it again, I would really love a follow up Or sequel?
2023-01-23 11:39:11
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Nikole Burnes
You never disappoint! I loved their story!! Mason in real life please lol
2022-07-09 01:14:05
default avatar
I am loving this book!!! I really need to do other things but I just can’t put it down. I plan on reading almost all your books. You are my favorite writer on here!!!
2022-05-06 22:23:47
default avatar
nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-28 17:04:57
default avatar
Absolutely loved it! Took a chance after loving Bryant’s werewolf stories and it was totally worth it! Binged it all day and am sad it’s finished. Would absolutely read more about them!
2022-03-28 08:37:46
user avatar
One of the best stories I have read on Good Novel! This is a good example of how a romance story can have sexual tension without diving right into sex. good job, Bryant! Love it!
2022-03-27 09:12:35
user avatar
Ceejay Ramirez
This was so PERFECT! Can’t get enough of them! I want more love from those two!
2022-03-16 18:37:03
user avatar
Stephanie Lynn
very happy with this one. I like the back and forth view from the two main characters.
2022-03-11 04:07:59
user avatar
Simone Carlisle
I loved this story! When I first saw it it was promoted as a CEO story, but it is so much more and so much better than that! The meta-humans, the seedy underbelly of illegal fight rings and such mixed with romance and hope and change…everything about this story is fabulous!
2022-02-17 02:04:30
user avatar
Brianne Copenhaver
I'm almost done with this book, and I have to say, great read, as always, I've been nonstop reading. Also wondering if there might be a sequel, even to get ashtons views with tiff, or even for in the future??
2022-02-14 11:51:30
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59 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Mason
With a sigh, I looked at my reflection in the small mirror of my dormitory water closet. I still looked like me, just less put together. And that was the point of the evening. Tonight I was not going to be Mason Templeton, son of Lord Quentin Templeton, Duke of Leeds. No, tonight I was just Mason university student. My inspection of this casual persona was interrupted by a pounding at the door. “Mason?! Come on, man! It doesn’t take that long to throw some clothes on.” my best friend and roommate Ashton Wilson shouted at me.“Just give me a minute.” I sighed, running a hand over my hair, making it less put together than I prefer. I didn’t recognize the man looking back at me. I hadn’t shaved for the last two days in preparation for this. This black Sex Pistols tee, dark jeans with rips, and black sneakers signific
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Chapter 2 - Adder
It’s been...what two days...no wait three… definitely… three since I’ve had a decent meal. I’m a little lightheaded, but I need to ignore that and the sounds my stomach keeps making. I’ve got to get to the fights. It’s my chance to earn some money. And when I earn some money, I can buy food to shut up my stupid stomach. So, I hurry along the sidewalks of Oxford to make it to where the fights are tonight. I’d learned long ago my best bet was to keep my head down and not draw attention to myself. When people notice my scales or my snake eyes, they either want to hurt me or ignore me. Most people ignored me anyway because, well, that’s human nature, right? Ignore problems. Ignore social issues. Ignore those things they wished weren’t there. And I happen to be that. I’m a homeless teen. And more than that, I’m a meta-human. They would prefer to think there isn’t a homeless problem in Oxford, let alone the UK.
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Chapter 3 - Mason
Based on her reaction, I feel no one has ever treated this girl with respect and common decency.  And that perturbed me. No person should be mistreated, and I don’t care what their station in life or if they were born with abilities. I also don’t care that’s it’s not a popular opinion amongst those of what is considered my peerage. I released my hold on her, and the most she’d done was turned to face me fully. Smart. She wasn't trying to run from us. “Adder.” she said. “That’s not a name.” Ashton rolls his eyes.  “Like the snake?” I question. It made sense. Now that I was closer, I could see the scales along her neck and cheekbones. I could properly look at her eyes and see the pupils were more like that of a snake than a human.  “Yeah, like the snake. And it is my name. Or at least the only one I know. So, what’s a couple of socialites like yo
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Chapter 4 - Adder
Well, I was sore as hell, but I had won. That means I could get something small to eat tonight and keep money aside for either the next fight night or another meal sometime. I didn’t count my funds as I shoved the bills into my front pocket. I’m no fool. I know better than to count money in a place like this. Someone like me would try to steal it.Over the speaker, I heard the crackling calling of the next fighters, and my ears perked hearing the name ‘Mason’. I headed closer, wanting to see if this was the Mason I had met or someone else. And then I saw him. It was the Mason I had met, alright. He was handing his pocket watch, I was right, to his mate along with his tee.I watched him as he passed me. I’ve come to these fights on and off for a year now, since
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Chapter 5 - Mason
In small ways, Adder made me think of my kid sister Gabrielle. Well, except Gabby would never come to such an event, nor would she be dressed even close to how Adder is. She had grown quiet as the match began. I watched as Ashton and this champ circled each other, assessing each other.From my vantage, I saw none. But Ashton must have seen something as he grinned at the champ. "What he grinning for?" Adder asked. "He must have spotted a weak point." I explained. I still couldn’t be sure what the weak point was. But that was quickly answered as the champ moved to throw a punch at Ashton.Ashton dropped down low and went directly for the man's legs getting him to the ground, and started to twist at the left ankle. The man grunted, hitting the ground, and tried t
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Chapter 6 - Adder
I’d just cleaned up at the fights, but my good mood was being dragged down, feeling that I was being followed. Sore losers, I was sure. But screw them. If they don’t like that they lost to a girl like me, that’s on them, not me. I won my fight fair and square. And just got lucky with bets. No big deal. Leaving the latest location for the fights, I stuck to the back ways hoping to shake them. "We should find that little snake and turn her into shoe leather for hustling us out of our hundred quid." one murmured to the others. "Yeah. Show her that she can't mess with us. I think she went this way." another said.  Hustled? Bullshit! They underestimated me, which is on them, not me damn it.  "Then what are you two idiots standing around for? Let's get her!" the third ye
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Chapter 7 -Mason
Taking a deep breath and putting on my best terrified face I ran from the alley to the main street looking frantically in all directions and spotted a constable. “CONSTABLE! CONSTABLE! HURRY COME QUICK PLEASE THESE MEN NEED AN AMBULANCE!" I shouted, running to the constable. The officer stopped and looked at me with concern. This was the performance of my life. I don’t think I acted this well even back in my drama department at primary school. “Slow down there son. What’s this about needing an ambulance? Who does? Where are they? What happened?" the officer asked. He was looking me over trying to see if I was the person hurt. Of course I had no injures to speak of. I needed to keep up my show. So I took a few purposely shaky breaths. Letting him believe I was trying to regain some composure. “I was on my way back to the
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Chapter 8 - Adder
I’m left dumbfounded. He not only steps in to save me from those goons but now… now he gives me money insisting I seek medical treatment? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I’ve never known anyone like him before.  I looked up from the money he pushed into my hands and saw him looking back at me. I smiled just a little, and I can’t even understand why. Why does he want to look out for me, to take care of me? And why does that make me smile? Hell, why does him looking at me like he did make me smile? I shook my head and hurried away. Well, not hurry too fast. I am injured, after all.  Between what I won at the fights and the money Mason gave me, I could get a local doctor to check me out. He’s been known to tend the homeless, but he’s no saint. No, he usually wants payment, and if you don’t have the money, you have to make a trade which often means h
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Chapter 9 - Mason
I’d known she’d been following us around campus for weeks now. I didn’t call her out on it at first because it was amusing. And second, if she was on campus watching us, I knew she was safe. "I don't really try getting laid. Not exactly something I struggle with. Birds tend to be the ones pursuing me. So you in or not pet?" I questioned, stepping away from the wall. I could see the gears turning in her mind. She was trying to decide how much she trusts me. I know this offer is a lot and possibly extreme. I’m offering to let an underage girl stay at my house with three other blokes and me. I’m sure that there being two guys she doesn’t even know doesn’t help. But I want to know she’s safe. And if she’s with us, I can make sure she’s okay.She smiled and jumped off the wall with her rolled-up sleep
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Chapter 10 - Adder
So far, I was already on edge about this. His house was way too nice for the likes of me to stay in. And while Andy and Oliver seemed nice, I wasn’t sure yet. Ashton certainly hadn’t been pleased to see me. Which honestly, pissing him off might be reason enough to stick around the whole week. And now Mason was acting like everything was normal, showing me around. He is far too good of a man to be my friend. But I don’t think if I tried to distance myself, it would work. He found me that night that he saved me. I don’t know if it was just fate or he was looking for me. But he had been there. And every time I tried to forget about him, to even leave Oxford and give up keeping an eye on him, I couldn’t. I can’t explain it, but something about him draws me to him. Now so far, everything about this house seems okay. It
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