Her Dilemma

Her Dilemma

By:  InamorataFeels  Ongoing
Language: English
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Taissa Allendale, young, single mother of two and struggling to keep the wolf from the door. Pretty nonexistent social life. When a drunken night of passion leads to her carrying a rich, handsome billionaire's baby, her already lopsided world is thrown off balance completely. Channing Chevrolet, the Channing Chevrolet. He had always believed he had all a young man could ever want, that was until he met a beautiful stranger one night and found himself needing her as he needs oxygen. Taissa and Channing, they had nothing in common, so what could possibly bring them together? And the secrets folded beneath, just what trouble could their blossom bring?

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30 Chapters
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. HER DILEMMA. Copyright © 2018-202* by InamorataFeels. All rights reserved. By payment of the required fees, you have been granted the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access and read the text of this e-book on-screen. No part of this text may be reproduced, transmitted, down-loaded, decompiled, reverse engineered, or stored in or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, now known or hereinafter invented, without the express written permission of the author. DEDICATION Dedicated to R, my first reader. Blurb: Taissa Allendale, young, single mother of two and struggling to keep the wolf from the door. Pretty none
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Hiya. I don't have that much to say, just that I'm excited to finally publish this story. I started writing it in 2018, haq. I can be a lazy slowpoke sometimes. Haha, it's most times. But now, I plan to finish it. I have the story planned out and it'll be just about a hundred chapters. I hope you enjoy reading the book. And if you really liked what you read, don't forget to vote gems and comment what you think. Leave reviews, share with your friends, etcetera. While waiting for updates, you can check out my other books as well. 1. BABY'S DADDY (Pregnancy-Romance) 2. THE RANCHER'S HEART (Romance)3. ALACRIMIA (General Fiction/Adventure) 4. THE THIRD SIDE OF THE COIN (Horror) Thanks.
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1. We're Both High
De Grande nightclub was one of the elite's nocturnal hangout. It had hosted several of the city's big names and many more touring from other parts of the country. But it also boasted of having members from other respectable economic and social classes. It was fair for all.  It was at it's dark rosewood-top bar that a young redheaded lady was sitting, nursing her third glass of tequila in her slender fingers. She knew she was going to get drunk but, unfortunately, she had reached and passed the point of caring. The strong need to unwind after the stress from work kept her going on.  At a VIP booth far opposite the bar a guy stared intently at the lady. He'd noticed she came to the nightclub most nights, never with a partner and her ring finger was empty so he assumed she was single. Something about her intrigued him the way a girl had never before, she always looked so vulnerable and beautiful in a classic sense that called to
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2. You're Mine
She didn't resist when he walked her farther away from the building, his arms around her waist. Instead she missed the feel of his mouth on hers.  Channing guided her around the building with his heart pounding, his blood rushing. Every cell of his body was screaming for him to grab her. To take her. To have her. Right there. He turned the corner into the alley and finally alone, dug his fingers into her hair and ground his mouth on hers, again, desperately, taking what he wanted, what he needed.  With a growl that sent his pulse spiking, she grabbed the lapels of his coat and yanked her drunken self higher, meeting his mouth with a desperation of her own. 'Damn,' she muttered between kisses.  He didn't answer, he only devoured her mouth. His palms traced down the back of her dress, hesitating only for a moment before sliding up under it. He groaned and flexed his fingers in anticipation and then filled hi
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3. The Name's Chan
The sun was awake from its eastern cradle and was already taking its baby steps to the west when a sleek BMW pulled up at the at the curb of a two-storey house. The car occupants remained inside for some minutes drawing the attention of a young lady who had spied on the car from a room upstairs. The woman furrowed her brows wondering what the car wanted and went downstairs to find out.  She'd just closed the front door after her when the car opened and a man stepped out, went around to the other side, then reappeared, bearing a woman in his arms. She gasped as she realised on closer inspection that the woman was Taissa. What had happened to her? She looked pretty dead to the world. She quickly moved forward to open the gate and made to take her but the man shook his head.  'Let me,' he said in a husky voice that sounded suspicious to her. Who the heck was he? She couldn't see his face. It was cast in a shadow by the black baseball
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4. I'm So Fucked Up . . . Literally
Eleven minutes later Naima came out of her room with her pink and blue backpack slung over her right shoulder. She had on a loose, sea-crystal blue Fendi top that hit her thighs and white pantyhose with lace edging. Her pink Louis Vuitton high-tops made no sound on the floor boards as she crossed to her mommy's room. She slowly opened the door half hoping to see her awake but she was disappointed — her mommy was sprawled on the bed on her back.    Naima softly stepped in and stood, watching her, then went over to her. She brushed her mommy's red hair out of her face and bent to kiss her forehead. She wrinkled her nose. Why did Mommy smell funny? Whatever it was she smelt of, Naima didn't think it was perfume and she definitely didn't like it at all. She kissed her forehead and ran out of the room and down the stairs to the dining room where Marlee was packing their lunch with her brother. The latter looked up at her and smiled brightly like the sun. 
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5. Are You a Pervert?
Channing hurriedly clambered out of his car and made his way to the private elevator leading to his pent office. Just as his PA, Leighton, stepped out of it. The latter looked relieved as he sighted his boss, as if the weight of the world had been placed solely on his shoulders and was just lifted.    Channing rolled his eyes and tossed his key at him which he caught.    'Finally,' his PA said. 'I was beginning to think you'd disappeared from the surface of Earth.'    'What's on the agenda for this morning?' Channing said curtly, getting into the elevator.    His PA quickly did the same. Channing wasn't in the best of moods today, so he had to be careful. The PA knew when to back off, although Channing was just a few years older than him he was still his boss and the one who paid his salary.    'You were supposed to be at the board meeting forty-two minut
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6. A Close Shave
It was a miracle Taissa had managed to reach the kids' school without getting herself into a road accident. She was sure she'd have, had there been no snarl-up on the way. Her mind had been preoccupied — was still — with the thoughts and emotions trampling over her like an outraged herd of elephants. Heck, she'd even forgotten to turn the car to selfdrive mode. She parked the car and rested her head on the wheel. What to do? she asked herself that question for the nth time that day. She'd had a roll in the hay with Channing Chevrolet. Up an alley. She palmed her face.  This is very bad.  If she was going to get drunk, why did it have to be with him? Why couldn't she have been with another person, at least then she wouldn't be feeling this down in the dumps. For fucks sake, he was a playboy! He probably saw her as nothing but a tool to satiate his manly needs for the night. Fuck, he was probably in b
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7. Are We Gonna Be Poor?
'Mommy, please don't go out tonight, Mommy.'  Taissa slowly turned her head from the couch to Yannis. 'Okay,' she consented. Like she was planning to go back to De Grande after what happened last night. God help her, she wasn't going back to any night club again, ever. She needed to catch up with her kids on their life, the way they used to do.  Before, it used to be the three of them together, after school and work they'd chat and gist and have fun, but the increasing stress at work had put an abrupt end to that. She had to take on herculean tasks discarded by the others just so to earn extra to pay bills and stuff. So, most often than nought she turned to drowning her sorrows at the bar, getting Marlee or a babysitter to watch over her kids. Remembering all that, she couldn't help but think she was an irresponsible mother to her kids. Take for example what happened earlier today. But, thankfully, the kids had
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8. Castle in the Air
Chevrolet tried to sit up in the bed but the girl pulled him back down beside her, her mouth going back to his ears. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Instead he looked down at her with a smile and buried his face in her breasts, earning a moan from her. Funny, the girl wasn't even on his mind; a certain redhead was. He hadn't stopped thinking of her since that night, no matter how hard he tried, she was already stuck to his brain. He'd hooked up with this one yesternight to get his mind off her but it failed to work. As he had plunged into her his thoughts had turned to a mess and all he'd seen was Taissa. Every thrust into the girl had been reliving the ones with Taissa up the alley. For a moment he'd even believed she had been the one right beneath him till they both came and he looked down. He'd fallen out of his castle in the air hard, knocking the air out of him, leaving him cold as reality slapped him right in the face. It wasn't Taissa and it'd neve
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