His To Claim: The Mafia's  Possession

His To Claim: The Mafia's Possession

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It was a kiss I initiated out of anger. When I came into the club hoping to meet Benson’s daughter and have a one nightstand with her, I figured the little bitch fooled me by disguising her friend, Dawn, as her. Out of anger I kissed Dawn, hoping to quell my anger but no…it didn’t stop there. I began wanting to feel not just her lips again but own her. To possess her. I can’t help it. I can’t stop myself from wanting to possess her. To claim her as mine. So I do what my heart yearns. I stalk her. I bought her heart. I bought her soul. And…at the process she bought mine. But…everything I felt for her. Everything I felt for Dawn changed in one night. In one night I figured a huge secret about her. She’s the girl I swore to kill if I ever set eyes on, if I mistakenly see her walking on earth, alive. Should I revenge against her? To kill her just like I vowed to do or spare her life, especially when she has my seed growing inside her belly? ** When rage, hatred and love collides which one will dominate?

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137 Chapters
1. Dawn.
*A New Year's kiss from a stranger** Who could have thought that everything will change at the stroke of midnight on a new year’s eve? That’s right. A new year’s eve. Actually, I'm not so keen on getting my ass to the city’s square or a pub or a club to welcome the dawn of a new year. ‘Cause what’s the essence of it? This ending year has been a hell. To me. To my…family maybe. But having a bunch of nagging girlfriends. Hell, I have to get my ass up from my sulking bed and hit the washroom just to prepare. I’m that girl that has the worst wardrobe ever which makes it insanely hard to determine what I’m seriously going to fit in. A cashmere Jacket? Hell, no. Mae is looking downright hot. Likewise, Mercy. But here I am in a dire thought about what actually will make me look a bit pert. Just for one night. While perusing my wardrobe, I still can’t find something dashing. The door to my room cracks open and my brother slants his head inside, peeking at me. “Mercy says…you’re ta
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2. Dima.
**This is a setup.** Stepping into Benson’s club, I had one thing in mind and that’s to fuck his daughter as a way to placate the anger I feel for his inability to meet up with our initial arrangement. The arrangement, being the only thing I had in mind and flew all the way from Russia to this fucking States, wasn’t met and I literally requested for his daughter’s pussy. I mean, that’s what usually calms hot blooded men like me and sure enough he knows how the whole thing works. He’s a politician and a drug lord, therefore he downright knows how we all work to sate our desire, especially when a pact we've been looking forward to conclude is on the fallout. I should have been on my way to Prague to meet with Durov as per the meeting we initially finalized on having but the moment that fucking Benson sprinkled that the government wasn’t able to gather about a hundred pieces of Cannabis that I requested for, I had to withdraw from supplying them the weapons. In fact, I’m thinki
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3. Dima.
**A crossfire*** Shuddering wails, screams and scampering feet rain in the now dark club room as people begin running to safety while my men and the assailants exchange bullets.Gun shots blasts across the room. Bottles and glasses shattering across the floor while I wail and grunt as pains, accustomed pain to some extent, streams through me. This isn’t the first time I’ve received bullets nor the first time someone has daggered me.Pain has become my second skin all my life which is why I laugh manically as this new pain course through me. Anger brews through me because I felt so reluctant about my security for the first time in years, all because I was promised a politician daughter’s pussy.I should have watch out more. Be on high alert as always. Be security conscious, but today I failed miserably. My hands skids across my gun holster, aiming to make a purchase on my gun, but the freaking pains I feel at my side hampers the movements of my hand. Fruitless, I growl inside me.I wat
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4. Dima.
**The Feds are here.** “He's still unconscious…” is the first Russian sentence that travels into my ears as I twirl around the bed. It’s more like the person is on a call, I guess because I can’t hear another husky voice spilling responses to that very sentence that went straight to my ears.As I toss around the soft, tiny bed, I try to flutter my eyes open and take in my surroundings. I don’t remember what literally brought me here and on this seemingly tiny bed.Trying to lift an eye open seems difficult as it’s accompanied by a bright, agonizing light and strings of banging in my head.Shit!I cuss under my breath, immediately pulling my eye close. Taking two gulping breaths, I give it a try the second time. Slowly, I begin to pry my eyes open. First, I let my eyes mildly adjust to the intense brightness which I belatedly find out is the sunlight streaming in through a window. Then, I survey my surrounding. It’s only then that I figured I’m in a hospital.On that note, my mind begi
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5. Dawn.
*What she's hiding.* Distant voices reverberates in my ears as I rise from the couch. Oh, my body aches so effing bad, I have to recoil back on the couch.God, who could have thought I’d make out of the stampede last night?The events of last night gives me more reason not to be a social person. This is New York, and shits happen. Though, not as bad as what happened last night. I thought I’d die there.I just don’t get it. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that all that happens in my wake is disaster. I’m still sulking for my late father, and consequently my friends suggested that hitting a club with them on the crack of dawn of a new year will help ease the pain. The sorrow. However, things went south and now I’m not only going through emotional trauma, but also physical pains. My feet got blisters as I ran for my life last night.“Solntse!!”A seemingly raging voice spears through my eardrums from a distant, but it seems the voice is coming from speaker. I endeavor to str
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6. Dawn.
*what it'll feel like to have sex*** I stand frozen for about five minutes, my mind trying to process Mae’s blunt comment. However, no matter how much I try to piece things together, I fail woefully but all my instinct tells me is that, something’s up with Mae.Why was I dressed exactly as Mae last night? I mean, not like it’s a horrible idea but hell, we haven’t so much as use the same body cream to even consider fitting in the same type of dress, hairstyle, and…stilettos?Omigod.I can’t ignore this gnawing feeling that this isn’t what it looks likes. It's more than meets the eye. Besides, my instinct whispered something about the bartender being unnerving, right?I mean, the whole way he served me was as if he lay in wait for my arrival. Did someone alert him or something?He just offered me champagne as though he already knows without a doubt that is what I’ll order. For all I can remember, champagne is the only alcohol I can down and my friends knows about that. But the bartender
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7. Dawn.
**Stole my first kiss.** The frosty winter air gnaws my skin when I exit the elevator and lobby of the hotel Mae lodged in. The street is already buzzy, with pedestrians trailing up and down the sidewalk while cars lines up in traffic. The sun is barely radiating from the sky which adds to the intense chill spreading through my body.I take the sidewalk to my left and skitter down the road, at the intersection, I cross the road to the other side and begin making a beeline to the direction of the club where disaster rained upon all of us that gathered there.While hitting down the road, I still harbor thoughts about the stranger from last night. The way his eyes dilated when he looked at me is suspicious. Though we shared a kiss, which I seriously wish I can get more, it was like he was trying to hide his surprise or disgust I don’t know.I feel the conversation he incepted was just to buy time for something, I don’t know. I feel the conversation he initiated was forced. Like, he lite
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8. Dima.
**X-rated Image.** “Easy, Pakhan. You've wounds remember?” Leonid's voice booms into my ears as I pummel my right fist into the punch bag while he pummels the punch bag too from the other side with one of his hands.Beads of sweat drizzle down my skin as I channel all my focus on the exercise I’m carrying out. After our flight from the hospital two days ago, my mind has been entirely brimmed with different thoughts, starting from the mastermind of the attack and the girl whose Slavic face has stuck to my head like an X-rated image.Fuck. Fuck.I can’t douse the curiosity ricocheting through me about finding out who the girl is but I haven’t so much as slip out of this hideout I and my men were able to secure after we fled from the hospital.After our arrival in the States, we lodged in an upscale bed and breakfast in Brooklyn but following the clusterfuck at the club and the Feds implacable efforts in laying their fucking hands on me, I had second thoughts about spending a damn night
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9. Dima.
**Be on your fours** “I can help ease your pains in some other ways, you know.” The little ginger nurse I hired croons under her breath while wrapping a new, clean band-aid around my side. The graze of her fingers against my skin makes me feel aroused.Her eyes hold a sharp glint as she tucks her lips between her teeth. I begin to scrutinize her skin, her deft fingers, and her small, pink lips. I’ve no doubt as small her she is she has been fucked by at least five different men because her gestures are that of a professional whore.Ah, how can I forget? Nurses are the real deal when it comes to sex. Funny enough, I can only attest to this because I fucked three different nurses back in Russia.They give good head and their pussy is always wet and ready. Those creatures can send a man to heaven by just catching a glimpse of their dribbling pussy.One of my caregivers in Russia is also a nurse and I’ve had her countless times. As I watch the ginger girl graze her fingers down my torso w
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10. Dima.
**I own New York.*** As Benson stand-up in front of me, I hear my men and his click their triggers. The sounds making me seethe. I don’t know his agenda. I don’t even wish to know at this moment because my men and I are still recuperating from the attack meted against us at his club.So if he’s here for his own crossfire because of the chaos, I’ll say we ain’t ready, and besides, his men outnumbers mine.Yes, I promised to lie low and cause no pandemonium, but whatever happened at that club wasn’t my fault.But…wait a minute.Is Benson here with the FBI who must be scouring everywhere for me?Shit!I hope not.As that dizzying thought flashes through my mind I swivel my head back and study the men I regarded as Benson’s lackeys, initially. I failed to glimpse at them more accurately before, but now I do.The six hulk, muscled men are in dark sunnies, dark suits and earpieces.I don’t see anything that hints about the FBI on them. At that thought, my racing heart cools, but the curiosi
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