Chapter 93


There was no one Acan loved more than himself, and so I didn’t think he had taken Silver with him. He wouldn’t even think about his boys, only himself. I believed I knew where Silver had gone, and so I took some guards with me and went upstairs, locating her room. There stood two guards, blocking the door, but I had four with me, and when I told them to move, they took one look at the whole scene and stepped to the side, not wanting to get into a fight with me. I smiled, feeling good about it, and I stepped inside, hearing Silver’s voice.


I saw her standing up from the bed, holding a cup of wine in her hand, and she had blood on her. I could see she had taken hits, and I believed the mob had gotten their hands on her, but then she had slipped away. She was waiting for her big hero, Acan, to come save her, but he wasn’t coming. There were only she and I here. She looked at me, scared, not understanding why I was standing there.


"Hello Silver."

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