Chapter 94


Darius and I had travelled quite far with our prisoners. We knew exactly who to give them to, and now we stood in the middle of the night with a single torch, a few guards, and Silver and Acan in front of us, tied up and shivering like crazy. Their clothes and bodies were dirty after days of being in the dungeon. We waited until things calmed down a little before bringing them here, and now we were waiting. We had already begun helping the people get back on their feet and ordered the army home. Things would go back to normal, but we knew we had work in front of us. But first things first, we needed to pay a debt.

"It’s been a while, prince," the Dark Ones’ leader said as he emerged from the forest.

He seemed to be alone, but I had the feeling he wasn’t. His dark eyes went to me and seemed excited.

"I finally meet her," he said.

I smiled at him, and he smiled back, before his eyes went to the king and queen in front of us, tied up and gagged.

"Oh, a present. I didn’t
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