All Chapters of His Unbeloved Queen: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1
-Katherine- I watched from a little distance as the beautiful tents were put up, the poles and strings adorned with flowers and pretty decorations. The big festival of Elements was once again taking place. Every fifth year witches from everywhere would gather to celebrate the gifts bestowed upon us and the connection we had with the many elements around us. It was always the biggest and most significant event there was, and as queen of Adorna, it was my responsibility to ensure everything would work smoothly and be in perfect order. I watched it all with a smile, assisting where I saw things were going and instructing the workers. It helped that our powers could do much for us. “No, not there!” I quickly interrupted as some worker were about to set up the big torch that would be lit later in the night was about to be put up in the wrong place. I hurried over to them, showed them the platform that had been prepared and elevated from the soft grass ground, and showed them where it sh
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Chapter 2
-Darius-One moment later and our queen would have been crushed. Sometimes I wondered if the people here secretively planned to do it. There were many people around and yet no one had acted? No one had seen where the pole was going and then used their powers to freeze it, stop it, turn its direction. No, I had to come out of hiding. I had to get the queen out of its crushing way, and instead of seeing the dangers that lurked around Katherine, she said it was a mistake. An accident. I didn’t believe in mistakes or accidents. Not after the things I had seen and heard when no one thought I was there. I knew the truth. I knew what truly lied in people’s hearts, but Katherine was too nice to see it. Too naïve. Too good. It was there for my duty to keep her safe, because it was clear the king was too busy.Still, the love they had for each other inspired many, and made her blind towards others. I knew it was wrong for me to desire my brother’s wife. We had always been close. We had each oth
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Chapter 3
-Katherine-The evening was magical, just like I had expected. Acan stood by my side, holding me close. We were both dressed in the dark red colors, representing his powers, with a drink in our hand, and conversing with other lords and ladies. But we invited even commoners. Everyone was there, and the garden and the lawn were filled with as many people as it could fit. It was so excited and I loved every moment of it. Planning and doing a well succeeded party always made me happy, and I could only believe this was a success.Soon, though, I saw a couple coming down a little path and I let out a happy squeal before waving my hand in the air. They looked amazing, I noticed. Silver was dressed in a dark blue color, the dress flowing and fitting her perfectly, but she always looked her best, and her silver hair was blowing in the wind. She held Darius’s arm, and my eyes wandered down his body, seeing he had matched her tonight. They radiated power almost, and it surprised me I had never c
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Chapter 4
-Katherine-It will all be okay…The words echoed in my mind, but I wasn’t sure who spoke them. They calmed me though, making me feel at peace, but then another sensation spread through me. Warmth. It was an interesting kind, making my body burn almost, but not hurt. It was a pleasant warmth that spread through me, as I felt hands on my body. I smiled, hearing a dark voice in my ear.“Missed me, my Queen?”I chuckled happily, feeling the throbbing feeling between my legs, while a hand wandered lower, finding just the place where I needed it, touching me, making me burn even more.“Ah… yes,” I whispered.“You know how much I need you every time we have been apart,” he whispered in my ear. “You always taste so sweet when you have been missing me.”Acan was never this vocal when we were intimate together. It was enjoyable, but then the hand kept teasing me, and I felt something explode inside of me as pure pleasure spread, and I gasped, clinging to the body on top of me, while lips kisse
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Chapter 5
-Katherine-“Goddess, I want you all the time,” he said, making me feel warm over, and he was still inside of me, growing hard again.“We need to talk!” I told him, and he looked at me confused. “So let’s dress.”“Dress? Now?” he asked with a smug smile, like he couldn’t see why there was any need to dress when we were naked and clearly burning for more, but this made no sense, and I believed Darius was the source of my answers.“Yes, dress. Now.”“As my Queen commands.”He moved away from me, and I gasped as I felt him slip from my body. I watched him as he left the bed, completely naked, and for the first time I saw him. I saw him as someone to be desired, and I certainly did. His body was so strong, and Goddess! How tight was his ass? No, I scolded myself. Never had I had such thoughts, and I was still a bit confused since my mind remembered Acan as my husband, and I should only desire him, but now he… wasn’t. It made me notice something else.“Why do you keep calling me ‘my Queen’
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Chapter 6
-Katherine- It was so unreal. Darius was kissing me… and I was enjoying it! I couldn’t help it. It felt fantastic, and I was absorbed by the powerful sensations he was bringing out in me, making me feel so good. I moaned a little as his tongue slipped into my mouth. It felt almost natural for him to claim me like this, but I couldn’t forget the questions. “Darius…” I pulled back and whispered, but he caught my lips again, and I hastily turned my head. “We are talking.” I heard him sigh in my ear, and it sent pleasant shivers through me, while his body shook with pent-up need, but then he let me take a step back. I watched as he shook before me, clearly trying his hardest to calm down. “Sorry, I don’t… know what happened,” he said. “You just… make me go a little out of control.” I still held the sheets tightly around me, but his words warmed me a lot. I had never thought I could make anyone go crazy like that, but Darius was shaking in front of me, and it made me feel very good. “
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Chapter 7
-Darius-I watched as my wife—Goddess, I loved thinking about her as such—turned in front of the mirror, now dressed in a beautiful dark green dress that complimented her eyes, and her almost orange hair cascading down her back, making her look like something out of painting. The floor had been cleaned by some servants, and we were both now dressed, but my wife kept turning from side to side, trying to see any changes around her stomach, but as the memory we both saw appear in our head, she had only recently found out she was pregnant, and we had had a physician confirm it a few days ago. So there was nothing to see. But she kept doing it anyway, almost like she didn’t believe I had managed to get her pregnant. Wow… I had gotten her pregnant. We had been married for three years, but Acan had had her for ten, and he had not managed it even once. Katherine was actually pregnant this time, and I smiled as I stood from a distance watching, resting my shoulder against a stone pole, and jus
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Chapter 8
-Katherine- It felt strange not being shot daggers at as I ventured through the castle. It was only nobles who did it to me in my former life, but they barely even looked at me and Darius. We were like air to them now, but maybe that was because he was still the Dark Prince, the one everyone avoided, and I was no longer queen… meaning no pressure! I couldn’t believe how refreshing it felt, even though I had to die to experience the freedom of it. Darius seemed very content as well. I understood, of course, he liked this world. He enjoyed the past… future… the life he had created for us, but I couldn’t forget. It lingered in my mind… I died. I was killed. I was still young… Darius thought it was best to let it go, but I wasn’t sure if I could. I didn’t speak of it though, as he led us to the dining hall. We were the only ones there, sitting down and grabbing something to eat. Darius seemed happy to serve me the food almost, bringing lots to my plate, pouring me some fresh water, able
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Chapter 9
-Katherine-“You’re pregnant. Like you were a few days ago,” the physician said after holding my hand.He knew just from touching me. His healing powers were incredible. They originally came from earth powers, but they didn’t come out in the sense of talking to animals and such. Even though our powers were given by the elements, they could be expressed in many ways. Just because you had water powers, didn’t mean you could freeze things.“You’re sure?”He chuckled a little, because it was the third time asking him. But after a ten-year marriage with no kids, I was still finding it hard to believe. I mean, three years Darius and I had been together in this life, and he had managed to get me pregnant. Was there something wrong with Acan? Or did he just not want to get me pregnant?“Look here,” he said.He had drawn a little blood, putting it in a small glass vial, and I watched as he held it up, using his powers to make me see something the eye couldn’t see. Soon my blood glistened almos
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