Chapter 29: The Bully (Part-4)

Waking up in his room, Noah Cheong recognized that Wade Horton was sitting next to him, looking at Noah with concern while kept holding his hand.

Noah then glanced at his mate with a faded smile, “Wade, what time is it?” he asked soon after we woke up. He noticed the view outside had already been dark.

“It’s past dinner time…” Wade caressed Noah's forehead. His voice was so soothing it calmed Noah.

“So late…” Noah murmured.

“You want me to bring you something?” The muscular athlete offered, “My mother cooked chicken casserole, her cook probably not as delicious as yours, but it's still edible…” Wade chuckled.

“You don't have to…” Noah shrugged, “I can take it myself…” he then woke up with ease. He felt that the wound from the previous fight ha

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