Chapter 29: The Bully (Part-5)

Time is ticking and Drake Silvermoon can come to reclaim Noah anytime soon.

As the inner wolf of the future Luna of the Horton pack, Ruiz felt the urge to strengthen the Horton pack power to match the Silvermoon. He didn't want Noah to be reclaimed by his former mate and he would do everything to prevent it. And the only way to achieve it was to expand the Horton’s territory and recruit werewolves from the losing side. He knew Wade was too young and naïve to begin a war with another pack. Not to mention, the alpha seemed to burden a trauma from the past, which made him hesitant to make a big decision.

That’s why, when Noah decided to take a job as a chef in the Beverley Falls high school, Ruiz didn't stop him, even though he knew it would attract trouble. But the sly inner wolf let him take the risk since he wanted Wade Horton to start a war with the nearest pack soon, which was the Vaillant pack, the strongest

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Amy Van Buren
OMG... Wade is ready. Watch out Noah! I hope this relationship last. Noah needs someone to love him and that him right.

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