Chapter 5: The Uninvited Guest

Chapter 5: The Uninvited Guest

Thomas Silvermoon hurried to his son's room after hearing a woman's scream coming from there.

He tried to mind-link his son, but there was no response. So, it made him worried.

When he entered Drake’s bedroom, he saw his son was lying naked on his bed, unconscious.

The woman who sat beside him was also naked. Her pretty face looked shocked, while she covered her mouth with one hand.

"What happened here? What did you do to him?" Thomas asked the panicky woman, he tried to look calm, but his tone sounded the opposite.

"I've done nothing, Mister. I swear!" she said while crying, "He suddenly fell unconscious in the middle of..." she paused and looked embarrassed.

Thomas completed her sentence "intercourse?"

The woman nodded.

Suddenly Ken Byrd, Drake's beta, entered the room.

He asked, "Alpha Thomas, what happened? I heard a woman’s scream?" when he saw Drake, lying unconscious, he was shocked, "What happened to Drake?"

Thomas POV:

I walked closer to my son and checked for his vital condition, 'he's not dead, just passed out. Thanked the Goddess. My son has never fainted like this before. What is happening here?' I ask myself the odd question. 'Nevertheless, first, I must clean up his mess.'

"Ken, do you mind escorting this young lady out and give her some money, please." I ordered Ken and he nods his head, as he quickly understands the situation.

'He is a smart boy. I wished my son had half of his IQ.'

"But I am not a prostitute, Sir, I am his... girlfriend." The girl says to me, she looks pissed.

‘I smirked at her, she is too naïve for a slut.’

"Listen, young lady, I have news for you, Drake has many ‘girlfriends,’ and you probably just one of them.” I paused and looked at the girl sharply in the eye, “that money is for you to keep your mouth shut! I don't want this incident to leak to another pack. Do you hear me?" I order her with irritation, she replies by shaking her head. Her body trembles as she looks at me in fear, and that's the response I want.

When they both had gone I tended to my son, fixing his body position and putting a blanket on him, to cover his nudity. As I am about to call our pack's doctor, he suddenly wakes up and asks me, "Dad, what happened?"


Every night after work, Jason Watkins always went to the gym to train his physique. It was located near the subway station and it only took a minute away by his motorcycle from the Silverplate restaurant.

He parked his bike at the front of the establishment.

But when he was about to enter, he caught a glimpse of Noah Cheong in front of a shady shop, across the street. He wanted to say hi, but after he saw what kind of shop that Noah at, he reconsidered. He thought it probably best for his friend to get a private moment.


Two days have passed after the rite of rejection and Noah felt relief that no one was after him. He was also glad that he didn't feel any pain at all.” However, he was anxious about something else. He had never thought that the Moon Goddess had chosen a male soulmate for him and began to wonder about his sexual orientation.

So, on his way home, before he entered the Subway station, he saw a shady shop with erotic men pictures attached at the front window. This particular shop was intended for an adult man who had an interest in another man.

He frequently passed this shop, but he never paid attention to this particular establishment, until today; defeated by his curiosity, he decided to enter the shop.

Before entering, he wore a face mask, to hide his identity as well as to protect his dignity.

Noah’s POV:

As I enter the shop, a bell begins to ring, signaling the clerk of an incoming customer. I hope no one notices me, at least the one who works in the restaurant. I cannot bear the embarrassment if someone who I have known professionally finds out that I am here.

As I’m wandering the store, I find many… interesting objects. But what catches my attention is the DVD titled the Avenger XXX parody.

 ‘I never knew this sequel before, probably the latest series of the Avenger.’

The front cover of the DVD is captain America who looks so cool holding his gigantic shield.

I love the avenger series! It is one of my favorite things that I like about America. So without hesitation, I took the DVD and a magazine titled ‘Bear Fantasy’ near the counter. The reason is that the front-page cover model resembles Drake, but less attractive and a bit older.

‘Probably I haven’t completely over him…’ I sighed.  

When I reached the cashier, the shopkeeper observed me carefully from head to toe and then he smiled. “Are these all? Could I interest you with this item Sir, we have a 20% discount on this?”

The item that the shopkeeper offers to me looks similar to my late grandmother’s massaging machine, but it’s much smaller, lighter and the shape is somehow different. My grandmother’s machine is shaped like a club with a crooked edge, but this one looks like a microphone, with a vibrating head.

“I think I don't need any massage machine at this moment,” I said. “I am still young and rarely have any back pain at all. Besides, don't you think it’s a little bit too short to reach the back?”

The shopkeeper gives me a surprising look; it seems he doesn't believe what he just heard. “I can guarantee this will give more satisfaction than any other massaging machine. It is the best selling item for umm—self-pleasure. I recommended this item for a single young professional who lives alone.” He pauses, inclines his head nearer, and whispers “believe me, Sir, you won’t regret it.”

I don't like how he mentioned single and alone with a particularly annoying tone. I don't know why I feel very sensitive about those words.

It’s not because I just get rejected… well… to be honest, it is because I just get rejected and I don’t want to admit it.

 So, I just bought that damn thing along with the DVD and magazine, and then went straight home.


As soon as I arrive in my studio apartment, I feel a sudden urge to watch the DVD. So I turn on my DVD player and watch it. At the same time, I took a glance at the magazine I just bought. Each page contains pictures of good-looking men who barely wear any garment at all and posing provocatively. I wonder why this magazine is called Bear Fantasy when there are no bears inside, so I decided to focus on watching the DVD instead.

The opening scene is Captain America fighting four villains. Captain America is currently losing and held captive in a cell room. Then the Villains come to visit captain America who seems to be powerless at the moment. Captain America tries to resist as they tear his clothes one by one… wait! What kind of Avenger movie is this?

Before I can figure it out, I hear a doorbell at my front door.


I was surprised and spontaneously opened the door.

It was Jason Watkins. He stands in front of me looking handsome as usual and a bit sweaty, “Hey Noah, I just went around the neighborhood and to check on you…” He suddenly pauses when he sees what I am holding. It was the Bear Fantasy magazine. He chuckles awkwardly, “But it seems that you are a little busy… with yourself at the moment.” He said while pointing at the magazine.

I am speechless; I spontaneously throw the magazine away, while standing at the door in silence.

I tried to arrange words in my head to make a good excuse, but nothing came out.

I am very nervous, I don't know what to say until a sultry voice comes out from the television and breaks the awkward silence.

 It is a moan of pleasure coming from the video I just played.

‘Shoot! It must be Captain America; the villains seem to have tortured him already.’

“What was that?” Jason asks suspiciously as he walks around me and sees the television. “Whoa! Little dim sum, turns out you have been growing up,” he smirks at me.

When I see what he saw, I quickly grab the remote and turn the TV off.

“Jason is not what it seems, I mean I just…” I panic, I am out of words, Goddess please help me, Jason may think I’m a pervert and won’t see me as a friend anymore!

 ‘Study,’ Ruiz telepathically helped me to complete my word.

“I just study” I complete my sentence.

“About?” Jason asks me again as he walks closer.

“About…” I was still in a panic, so I asked Ruiz for assistance, ‘Ruiz, a little help here!’

Then Ruiz replies, ‘How to get into your pants.’

‘Ruiz you’re such a sly dog, how could you’re joking at this moment,’ I telepathically mad at him.

‘I am not a dog, I am a wolf. Woof!’ He replies without feeling guilty.

Jason seems to wait for my answer, so I just say, “about… something.”

“Something huh… I see…” He shook his head as he understood and was satisfied with my answer.

I sigh in relief, ‘That was easy.’

“Noah, I just went from the gym, can I take a quick shower here? I don't like showering at the gym, it was way too crowded.” Jason then suddenly asks me, which automatically changes the subject. 

“Sure,” I said, “The bathroom is over there,” I pointed out the door near the mini kitchen.

Well, I live in a small studio apartment; you can see everything as soon as you step in. 

Jason then takes off his jacket and his tight black V-neck T-shirt… in front of me. I feel aroused just by observing his half-naked body. He has lean athletic muscle and smooth tan skin.

When he is about to take off his pants, I spontaneously say, “I’m going to see the other way,” as I turn in the opposite direction, “so don't worry… you can take the towel from the cupboard near the bathroom.” 

“I don't mind you watching,” I can feel that he smirks behind me as he enters the bathroom.

While he is showering, I quickly hide the magazine that I just threw in the safest place in my apartment, under the mattress. ‘No one will find it here,’ as I sigh in relief.

I eject the DVD and hide it under my pillow.

After 10 minutes or so, Jason comes out of the bathroom with only a white towel covering his lower half. I spontaneously turn around again facing the wall before he takes it off and changes next to me.

“Sorry my apartment is so small compared to yours; I’m trying to save some money,” I said bitterly; it was an honest confession.

“Don't worry about it; your place is cleaner than mine though.” He replied.

After he gets fully dressed. He told me it was late and bid me goodbye.

Before he reaches the door I say, “Jason wait… about what you saw today, please…” but I stop talking when he suddenly pulls me closer to him and kisses me on the lips.

I gasp.

“Don't worry little dim sum, it will be our little secret.” He winks, “See you tomorrow at the restaurant.”

When he left, I dropped to my knees as my heart beat faster.

‘That was my first kiss.’

Yes, Jason Watkins was an uninvited guest, who came late at night to Noah’s apartment. But after what happened tonight, he could also be an intruder that came into Noah’s lonely heart.


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