Chapter 4: The Rite of Rejection

Chapter 4: The Rite of Rejection

Thomas Silvermoon was feeling irritated about his son's behavior. In his eyes, his son was short-tempered and immature. Even if he admired his fighting skill and brute strength, it was not enough to become a good Alpha. 

‘He needs to find his Luna fast, so he will become complete and mature…’ he wondered. 

As for this morning, Thomas just had a small fight with his son. He asked him to join the important meeting with the pack at the Silverplate restaurant, but Drake refused him and left. He tried to act indifferent in front of his subordinates, but when he saw the look of his pack members who were sitting with him at the dining table, he wished that his son could join. 

‘That ignorant bastard!

“Would you care for a dessert, Sir Silvermoon?” Chef Clark asked him politely, as he stood next to him and waited for his response.

Thomas usually did not like sweets, but since he felt the previous food was too plain in his mouth, he was wondering whether or not eating sweets would cheer him up, especially after the incident that he had with his son, “Yes please,” he said.

 The Chef then asked the waiter to bring desserts for the patrons.

When it came, Thomas was mesmerized by the aroma; the cake aroused his appetite as he has been starving for months. He quickly grabbed the spoon and finished it for less than 3 seconds. 


 Thomas POV

‘What is it? I’ve never eaten a cake as good as this before! This is very delicious!’ I amaze. ‘Not only that, I feel like a stream of energy runs straight into my body as I feel stronger, could it be someone putting magic into it? Or is it just only my feeling?

“Chef Anderson, could I get another plate of this dessert please?” I plead.

“Could I also have another one, please?” asked my beta; “I would also want one, please?” other boys also want the same. Followed by another request from the entire patrons, which are all werewolves.

Yes, I booked the whole restaurant only for my pack’s meeting.

“I am sorry Sir, but we have nothing left,”

he said which makes me disappointed.

“Could you bring me the chefs who cooked this; I want to thank them personally.”

 “Of course Mr. Silvermoon, they would be delighted.”

Five minutes later, a fat girl with dirty blond hair appears in front of me. She mentions that her name is Lisa Abbot and she giggles a lot. I thanked her for cooking this exquisite meal and offered her a new job as a personal chef in my pack house. 

Yes, even she is a mere human with an unflattering appearance; she may possess a rare talent that my packs need. She spontaneously agrees and screams like an idiot.

‘Well, at least my son won’t bang her, that's for sure.’ 


Noah woke up on the stranger’s bed. He quickly stand-up and observed his surroundings. The bedroom was quite large with a king-sized bed, modern furniture, and some motorcycle pictures hanging on the wall. He recognized the handsome racer in the picture; it was the young version of Jason Watkins. He looked happy holding a cup for ‘the 1st winner of the American motor-GP championship, February 2014’ Noah read the description under the picture.

“Little dim sum, you’re awake,” said Jason as he entered the room and saw Noah looking at his old picture, “do you like what you see?” he teased and winked.

Noah’s face turned red, but not because of the fever that he just had. “Were you a racer, Jason?” He asked and tried to act casually.

“Yeah, when I was a teenager, I loved motorcycles and high speed.” He paused and gave Noah a glass of water that he was holding “here, drink this. I found you passed out on the alley outside the restaurant. You made me worried. So I brought you here, my apartment is close to the restaurant.”

“Well, thanks for your trouble to carry me all the way here,” Noah thanked and bowed in Korean manners. “I was just a little bit sick back then, but now I am completely ok,” he lied.  

“Please! We're buddies, beside you were light, it was no problem at all to carry you here” he teased his co-worker again. Jason then looked at the clock on the wall, “It's late. You can crash here if you want… but I only have one bed…” he smiled seductively. 

As Noah wanted to reply to him, he felt a sudden pain again, the same amount of pain that he felt at the restaurant. He held his chest while waking up his inner wolf.


Noah’s POV

‘Ruiz, is he having sex again at the moment?’ I asked 

‘Yes, but now, he’s doing it with another woman. That jerks! He replied with an irritating voice. We should go to Silvermoon Alpha and do the rite of rejection, sooner is better’.

“Noah, are you okay?” Jason's husky voice startled me and broke my telepathy with Ruiz. “Your mind seems to wander elsewhere?”

“I am fine, sorry to make you worry.” I see my bag on the night table; it seems Jason put my bag there while I was unconscious. I take it and say, “I need to go somewhere else now. Thanks for taking care of me Jason, I owe you one,” I bow and leave the room.

As I was about to put my shoes on, Jason told me that Mr. Silvermoon was fond of our dessert but Lisa Abbot took all the credits. She even offered her a job as a personal chef at Silvermoon Mansion. To be honest, I don't mind and feel glad for her. In fact, I feel grateful.

“Jason, do you know where the Silvermoon mansion is?” I asked 

“It was at ABC Street, you won't miss it,” he said. It is the largest mansion in that area,” he adds with amazement in his tone. 

‘Well, at least now I know where I must go.’

I bid Jason farewell and called a taxi to take me to Silvermoon Mansion. 


It only took me about 10 minutes; my cab brings me to the largest mansion that I have ever seen. Calling it a mansion is underrated because it practically looks like a palace to me. 

I paid the taxi’s fare and pressed the bell door with an answering machine on the front gate. 

 A stern voice is answering, “Yes who is this?”

“My name is Noah Cheong, I wished to have an audience with the Alpha of Silvermoon pack,” I said, panting as the pain starting to kick in

“Are you a werewolf? Hmm… I don't recall your name in our pack, which only means that you are rogue. Listen, kid, if you want to meet our leader, you better come tomorrow. We don't appreciate any visitor this late, especially from a rogue like you, coming into our territory,”

‘If your future alpha stops having sex with other women, I will come tomorrow, but I can’t, this pain is killing me!’ I mentally scream. 

“Please Sir, I must meet the Alpha now, I am dying and only he could help me.” I plead, hoping that the man behind the answering machine will take pity on me. 

 He sighed. “Okay then, wait there! I will ask the alpha.” 

After I waited for 3 minutes, the man replied to me “ok, you can enter.” 

A huge gate in front of me suddenly opened, exposing a large vibrant garden, filled with beautiful flowers, arranged neatly and well maintained.

 I entered and hurried my step to the front door. I can sense the presence of my mate in the house because I can vaguely smell his scent. But as long as he is doing intercourse with another woman, he wouldn't notice my presence, and I can sneak past him with ease. Talk about the silver lining of having this misfortune, huh? 


As Noah entered the alpha’s office, he was welcomed by his unfriendly glare. He was the second gorgeous man Noah’s ever seen. He has blue piercing eyes, medium blond hair, and wore a stylish dark suit.

“What, do you want rogue?” Thomas Silvermoon asked him straight to the point.   

Noah gulped; he tried to arrange his words carefully, so the Alpha would approve his request. “My name is Noah Cheong, Sir, and I request you to perform the rite of rejection for me since my mate… Uhm…” he -Noah suddenly remembered that Ruiz told him not to mention Drake's name- “is a member in your pack and he just rejected me.”

“It is not a simple request,” he said while looking at Noah with his sharp blue eyes, “both of you can lose your wolf. Besides, why would I do it for a rogue-like you?”

“Please Sir, this pain is killing me and my wolf, I believe my ex-mate also experienced the same.”   


 “Why did your mate reject you in the first place?” Thomas asked him with pity.

“Because he is a man and he is not gay,” Noah replied as tears fell on his rosy white cheek. It was not an act, he indeed suffered.

“What a shame, for a man, you are beautiful” Thomas paused, “how about you become a member in my pack and I will force your mate to accept you?”

‘NEVER!’ Ruiz suddenly growled in Noah’s head, ‘tell him, Noah, I would rather die than be mated again with that bastard’ 

“My wolf refuses your offer, Sir, I am sorry; he felt betrayed and cannot forgive his mate.”

Thomas sighed, “Farewell then, please step on the diagram in front of you”.

As Noah stepped in the magic diagram on the floor, he felt a weird sensation, just like the magical forces pulled his inner wolf out of his body.

“Ready?” he asked Noah.

“Yes, Sir!” Noah replied 

Thomas Silvermoon starting to chant something “Yea Moon Goddess! Forgive us your ungrateful children, as we cannot accept fate and breach your blessing. I, Thomas Silvermoon, plead with you to separate Noah Cheong from his mate…” 

While listening to the chanting, a red string suddenly appeared floating in front of Noah, as it tied to his little finger. Noah can see that it was also connected to someone across the wall.” 

‘It was the threads of fate which connect us to our mate’ Ruiz howl as he magically appeared and standing beside Noah, ‘Quickly cut it, you can use both of your hands.’

Noah held the flowing red thread by his two hands and pulled it until it broke. Soon after, Noah felt the pain from his chest had been lifted.

‘We’re free at last!’ Ruiz screamed in joy, ‘it was a success.’ 

After the rite of rejection had been done successfully. Noah bowed as a sign of gratitude and bid the alpha goodbye. 

When he exited the Alpha office, he could hear an eerie scream of a woman coming from Drake’s room.

‘Run Noah, run!’ Ruiz demanded. So, the boy left the premise instantly without any hesitation. Hoping that he would never come to this place ever again. 


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