Chapter 6: The Anxiety

Chapter 6: The Anxiety

Noah Cheong was lying on his bed, feeling restless. He couldn't sleep. It has been two weeks since he conducted the rite of rejection and he suddenly felt worried that the Silvermoon pack soon would discover him as their future Luna. 

He was afraid he would be hunted again like he was in Korea. He tired of running away and wanted a peaceful life as a human, far away from the werewolf world. 

'I was mixed blood anyway,' he thought. 'I don't have a problem living as a normal human, as long as I could live happily.'

'And you should be,' Ruiz whispered in a soothing voice'I want you to be happy, Noah; I want us to be happy.'

'But how, Ruiz? I’m so tired of running, I want to settle down, have a stable career, and get married to someone.'

Suddenly, a text message was coming to his phone; it was from Jason Watkins, the one who stole his first kiss. 

Jason: Hey little dim sum, I have two tickets of the latest avenger movie for tomorrow night and It is the original sequel of Avenger ;) Do you want to go? We can go to watch it after work.

Noah blushed when he read the text and without any hesitation he replied.

Noah: Sure Jason. I would love to :)

Jason: ;)

‘There is plenty of fish in the sea, but it seems someone already took your bait even without you going fishing,’

Ruiz teased.

Noah clueless about what Ruiz just said, ‘D-do you think it's a d-date? Not just a friendly get together?’ He paused for a while and continued, ‘I hope I can have a serious relationship with him…’

'But, it is risky to stay here Noah, especially when you’re working in a restaurant owned by the Silvermoon family. I am afraid the Silvermoon pack will soon find out that you were their future Luna. They can easily track us down if you live and work inside their territory.’

‘I know Ruiz, but it has been two weeks now and there are no signs of them hunting us.’

‘Then we must act quickly’, Ruiz replied‘you need to ask Jason about his feelings to you!'

Noah blushed; He realized that he and Jason just knew each other for just two months. However, he felt a strong connection to him. Especially after Jason kissed him on the lips. In Korea, men do not kiss other men on the lips no matter how close their relationship is to each other. 

'Don't you think it is too soon to ask that?’ Noah asked doubtfully, ‘Besides, my heart is just starting to heal from the rejection.'

Ruiz chuckled; he knew it was too soon, but considering their circumstances, it was probably the best option. If Noah could mate with Jason, not only he would be happy, but also it could save them from the incoming danger. 

'If you mated with a human, you could no longer be a Luna in a Silvermoon pack. So they have no reason to chase us and you probably can still work in Silverplate with ease,’

Ruiz paused,

‘Hence, if Jason rejected you, then we will move from here for good' 

Ruiz thought it was a good sign that for the past two weeks that no one chased them yet, but he couldn't rest assured. 'We need to plan this carefully; otherwise, it would be futile.'

'Understood,' Noah replied. 

Noah completely ignored his anxiety as he dreamed about how wonderful the date would be with Jason Watkins. Hopefully, Jason accepted his feelings and mated to him. He was blushing and giggling to imagine how the two of them would make love. 

As it was getting late, Noah Cheong went to sleep with a smile of happiness plastered on his face. Unfortunately for him, he should trust his gut more, because anxiety was the gift from the Moon Goddess for her children, as a warning for the upcoming danger.


It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in 'Silver Boxing Arena' gym, New York City. There, you could see the Silvermoon pack's members were training to impress their future alpha. Sadly for them, Drake Silvermoon was not impressed. It was not because they were unskillful fighters but it seemed that Drake was distracted with something else. They could notice Drake's strange behavior recently, but they couldn't understand the reasons behind it.

After Drake Silvermoon had been knocked down easily by his beta, Ken Byrd, in the boxing ring. He decided to give up and walked out of the ring,

"Hey, are you okay, buddy? You usually can dodge that punch easily." Ken asked from above the ring. His eyes looked concerned about Drake.

"I'm ok, dude, just wanna go heavy lifting now. Spar with someone else would ya!"

As Drake held 100 Kg dumbbells in both hands and lifted them. He was getting weaker in each lift. He had never felt as miserable as this before. 

It was all started two weeks ago after he suddenly passed out without an unknown reason. Since then, his wolf seems to abandon him as he grows weaker every day.

"Hey Drake, what's wrong? You look down. Maybe I can cheer you up a little bit." Jasmine, one of the unmated-werewolf, tempted Drake with her sultry voice. She flashed her busty breast at him as she spoke.

 The view always aroused Drake's perversion, but not today.

"Sorry babe, I have to attend the dinner party at my house." he refused, nonchalant. His response made his pack look at each other faces in confusion as they looked at their future alpha with a question mark.

Due to the anxiety that Drake's felt inside, he seemed not only lost his power, but also his lust for women. 

Drake was unhappy about it and the only reason he could think of was the stranger that he met two weeks ago; when he had a fight with his father and left the Silverplate restaurant.

'It’s probably because of that gay dude! I must find him fast and make him pay for the pain that he never felt before in his entire life,' because Drake thought, the only solution to cure his anxiety was to kill Noah Cheong.


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