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When I lay dreaming of what my life could have been if I was human and not a hybrid, it always ends the same way, stop wishing for something impossible Laya. I am a hybrid, my yellow eyes a dead giveaway, and in the eyes of humans we are the virus that nearly destroyed the world.

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Can’t wait for more!
2023-03-12 14:27:14
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Martha L Adcock-Arroyo
I was reading this book! It’s a great story! But for some reason I lost it and it was where Layla was taken to the garden and Gordon was going to be killed by his uncle! Is there another coy somewhere?
2022-03-09 03:55:17
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Hey guys, let me know what you think of my novel Hybrid, it's still ongoing xx
2021-09-02 19:16:48
11 Chapters
The year was 2038 and I was seventeen years old, everything had changed so drastically I was told. I was born in 2020 the year a virus so severe swept the world it changed everything forever. Our kind had lived amongst humans for centuries without much conflict, I wouldn’t say we lived in harmony but at least things were better than they are now, atleast that's what I had heard. We don’t know what it was that actually pushed the humans over the edge but once they turned nothing was ever the same again. They were trying to find someone to blame and we were the ones they could unleash their blame onto I guess, they feared what they didn’t understand and they had no understanding of our kind, how we came to be or why we existed in the first place, to be honest nor did I. In their eyes we were the reason people were dying, we were passing this virus onto humans through simply breathing the same air let alone coming in close contact with them, or so we were told, even though that theory
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Forbidden touch
Tribe Taulantii took me in when I was still small, I never truly understood why that was. I wasn't exactly an accepted member of their tribe yet they allowed me to live and work amung them. If I was the root cause of this virus then why hadn’t they left me to die or more disturbing than that, why hadn’t they killed me themselves? I looked down at my hands which were covered in small cuts all over, since the incident with Jake, a boy from our tribe, more importantly chief Rann's son and the future chief of this tribe.  Clenching my fists I felt an all too familiar ache in my stomach as I thought about him, it had completely been my fault to begin with, I was now assigned to full time kitchen duty until the time would come for me to be handed over to the brothers. Sighing deeply I carried on peeling potatoes in the furthest part of the kitchen all by myself as I thought back to that day almost three months ago… ***Non
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“Laya!” Chief Rann shouted from inside the food packing room as he glared at me, this was food pack room C, we had three different ones marked A, B and C, this one was being packed with food for the brothers when they came. Anyone able to work was ferociously busy helping to stack the C room with bags of potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, nuts, milk and a few other types of foods our tribe worked so very hard for. They came once every third month, which meant our tribe had to supply them with food four times a year, of which they took a third of our food supplies, our tribe worked hard and it wasn’t fair that they had to give up such a large amount of their hard labor to scum like the brothers, all just to ensure the brothers didn’t kill them and take their women. It was an agreement which had kept the tribe safe for twelve years now, except this time they had something ever more valuable to hand over to the brothers, they had me.Gulping hard this realization
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Ham or blood
Swallowing hard I reopened my eyes to him as the fire still crackled on beside us, I didn’t even want to think about what fate would eventually bestow on me. I noticed him pick up something else beside him before handing it to me, it was a piece of bread.“Eat,” he said gesturing at the bread still in his hand. Taking it from him I slowly brought it to my mouth and took a bite, my mouth felt so dry which in turn made it difficult to chew. Handing me a metal mug he nodded once, “Drink,” I took it from him and started drinking the water, taking slow sips at first but eventually I started downing the cool liquid so fast that I half choked, “Slow down,” He said, pulling the cup from my mouth. Looking up at him I nodded once as I frowned slightly,“Thank you,” I whispered. Why was he being nice to me? Clenching his jaw, he nodded before getting to his feet, “Come with me,” he said gesturing for me to f
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Groban's POVSlamming the door hard behind me, I stood clenching my fists as I stared down at the ground. She fed on rats, she fucking fed on rats to sustain her hunger for blood. I could feel this impending rage begin to pulsate through my entire body towards tribe Taulantii, closing my eyes for a moment I instantly thought back to the moment I found her hiding in that kitchen, her appearance and complete horror struck face as I stared down at her from behind those boxes, what the fuck had they done to her! Opening my eyes I smirked as I thought back to the moment chief Rann was on his knees begging for his life just as he was about to be executed, even though I didn’t enjoy the idea of butchering human tribes, he dam well got what he deserved.I couldn’t stop this deep aching pull I felt toward Laya, I didn’t understand it but I knew it had to do with her being a hybrid. Taking a deep breath I stepped off the porch toward a pile of logs l
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First attack
Laya's POVI just stood there in shock as he slammed the door on me for a second time, my whole body felt shaky. I was fast asleep the moment he yanked me up almost shouting at me, what the hell was wrong with him, I wasn’t really hungry and why was he so obsessed with getting me to eat and feed anyway? I felt fine, I was more tired than hungry. My body was still sore from what happened last night, even though my body healed relatively quickly, emotionally I just felt exhausted and so unsure of what the future held for me right now. Groban kept telling me that I was a hybrid and needed to feed, almost as if he had a better understanding of what that even meant. He was human, so why did he even care?Feeling irritated and mostly agitated with him I abruptly picked up the sand which still sitting on the plate in front of me, bringing it to my mouth I angrily took a big bite as I started chewing, ‘Mmm,” the sound escaped my mouth as I closed my
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Laya’s POV Groban’s words kept running through my head over and over again, vampire and werewolf, what did that mean? I had always been told that hybrids were a virus, we were the reason everything had changed. I rubbed my hands together as I sat on the rug facing the fire, watching the flames flickering intently as his words kept rushing through my mind. Mythical legend…The words were meant to have meaning, atleast that's what Groban wanted I guess, but they didn’t, nothing he said made any sense, maybe he was wrong, he had to be wrong, I mean, hybrids had all but been exterminated from the face of the earth, we were nothing but the total destruction of what had once worked so perfectly, atleast that's what I had been told every single day since I came to a human village. I had never been told how we came to be, exactly what a hybrid even was, I was just always told that we were the problem and we should never have existe
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Second attack
The door swung open and I gasped as I looked up from where I was still sitting on the floor of the kitchen, eyes wide and puffy from all the crying, only to see four figures standing in the doorway grinning fiercely at me. My eyes quickly diverted toward the floor as my breathing sped up, I knew that I wasn’t meant to look up at them in fear of them seeing what I actually was, but I wasn’t too sure I would be able to get away from them if I didn’t so filled with confusion and dread I stayed still unable to do anything at all.Dax stood in the doorway with three other men I didn’t recognize, “Come on boys we better make this quick,” is all I heard him say in a self-satisfying menacing voice. Within a second I noticed them come at me all at once, knocking over a chair and a small side table in their wake. I gasped as I immediately jumped up and back against the kitchen table as my heart started speeding up and throbbing hard in my ch
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Bloods first kiss
Groban POVI found myself pacing back and forth trying to think of what to do, when suddenly I heard a knock at the door, my eyes shot up and I immediately hurried to go and unlock it, too my relief I saw Ward standing there. I knew he would come looking for me eventually, it had been two days and I hadn’t left the cabin at all. Laya had fainted in my arms two days ago and hadn’t woken up since then, faint groans would escape her lips every now and then and I had tried countless times to wake her up but she just wouldn’t open her eyes. I would have gone looking for Ward myself but I was too scared to leave her alone after what had happened with Dax. I hated him for what he had done, he had no right to touch Laya and even though we were brothers, we were nothing alike. “How is she?” Ward asked as he stood shaking the rain from his jacket before coming inside, there was a deep concerning frown spread across his face as he look
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Let me mark you...
Laya POVI felt myself slowly waking up from a warm dream, in my dream all I could smell was him and I wanted to drown in it. Smiling softly as I thought about this my eyes fluttered open as a small gasp escaped my lips, Groban was lying face to face with me, staring into my eyes as a smile spread across his face. Our fingers were entangled and brought up to our chests and I then remembered that it had not been a dream, with this realization I blushed a bright shade of crimson as I smiled back at him,“Hello beautiful,” He whispered. Swallowing down the excitement those two little words created within my chest, I nodded,“Hello.” We were both underneath his duvet, and I noticed the color, it was duck egg blue and I realized at that moment that I absolutely loved this color blue. His smile grew slightly wider as he tightened his fingers with mine, I felt his legs entangled with mine and realized we were both naked. Everything came f
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