I Am Not Your Victim

I Am Not Your Victim

By:  Ms. Sophia  Completed
Language: English
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When Thane Kago took over the position of Alpha in Harper Rae's pack, he had only one thing on his mind, more power and the beautiful Harper. Harper had no idea that an old folklore would have Thane's bloodthirsty eyes trained solely on her. Thane was Intent on making Harper his chosen mate and Luna, but when she refused his advances Thane decided to break her into submission. Little did he know, even mutilating her parents right in front of her would only make her fight harder against him. Gabriel Mason is the son of an Alpha of one of the most powerful packs in the region, The Harmony Moon Pack. He first met Harper when she visited with his father to ask for asylum in hopes of becoming a member of their strong community. Gabriel's entire world shifted the moment he first laid eyes on her, and he became hellbent on making Harper his. Harper is shy and innocent, but that doesn't mean she is weak and afraid. Her strength and determination will match that of a true fated Luna. She won't submit for anyone or anything… unless it means protecting the only thing she has left to fight for. With the memory of what happened to her parents, Thane may have found the one and only thing that will force Harper to give in to him. Harper's eighteenth birthday is rapidly approaching, and Thane's obsession with her is only growing stronger. Will headstrong Harper allow Gabriel to put his life in danger to help her, or is she determined to fight this battle alone? Follow Harper's journey as folklores become reality, powers are awakened, and a new race is born.

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A very enjoyable read! I went straight into reading the second book and also got hooked!
2023-07-04 09:25:46
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Peggy Anderson
Amazing book completely recommend will not be disappointed
2022-11-19 12:07:21
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Derena Marie
Just started but am really enjoying this story. How often does it update?
2022-10-30 11:44:29
user avatar
Peggy Anderson
Absolutely an amazing book. Definitely recommend this book make your laugh, cry, and you will fell in love with the character.
2022-09-03 16:30:13
user avatar
Jackie Connolly
it's its so great good reading. Couldn't put it down
2022-11-03 03:53:08
76 Chapters
Because You're Good
~ Harper's POV~ My eyes shot open, and I jerked straight up. Fear gripped me as memories of last night slowly trickled back into my mind. I screamed as it felt like my soul was leaving my body. It was so long and hard with a force that made my lungs burn. I didn’t care to control the tears streaming down my face as my wailing continued to fill the dark space around me. Images flashed through my mind. My mother, my father, both gone. My cries pleading for mercy fell on deaf ears and hardened hearts. The sad eyes of my parents staring at me seared into my mind. The hollow feeling where my heart once beat was a constant reminder of how alone I am. There are no words to describe the man responsible for my heartache. He took my life from me in the most gruesome and sadistic way imaginable. A cold chill rolled over my bare chest and arms causing goosebumps to rise all over my body. I lifted my hands to wipe my eyes. The light of the moon was shining through a window too small for me to f
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Escape or Die Trying
~ Harper’s POV ~A couple of weeks passed. I was in an actual bedroom now with a conjoined bathroom. I decided I was going to either escape or die trying. The last words my father said to me rang loud in my mind ‘never forget who you are. You are strong and a fighter. You will live through this. Remember that your mother and I love you so much…’ If I didn’t make It out for me, I would make it out for them. I decided it was best if I kept my head down and didn’t argue or fight. All those things go against my mind and body. Pride and stubbornness being the main driving force in my personality. I pretended to accept Alpha Thane and his plan for me. I had to force myself to act mean to the servants and guards. Purposefully yelling and breaking things then immediately making them clean it all up. I treated them like I was better than them. It was hard for me to do this because I was the exact opposite of all of this. When I got the chance, I apologized to the servants. They didn’t deserve
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Lost in Silver Eyes
~ Harper’s POV ~I couldn’t control my nervousness no matter how hard I tried. I wasn’t scared, but there was just something about meeting a new alpha. My life was literally in his hands at this moment. “What if he doesn’t accept me?” I whispered to Kelly. “Oh! shush… you have nothing to worry about. If you are a good person alpha will sense that. The only ones he ever rejects are the ones with ill intent. I can tell you are a good person. Try not to worry and tell him your story.” Kelly didn’t know all of what I had been through the last few days. All I told her is that I was running from someone vile and awful. I gave Kelly a nod signaling her to go ahead and knock on the door. Before the door opened all the way I paused to catch my breath and gather my nerves. Walking into the large office, I willed myself to look as calm and confident as possible. The first thing I noticed was the smell… cedar and pine? It was a natural smell that pulled my attention toward the source of
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Harper's Nightmarish Past
~Harper's POV~ “You already know my name is Harper Rae. I was born a member of the Foul Moon Pack. They are a growing mass of the most vile and dishonorable horde of wolves. It is not a rumor; they are recognized to be hate-filled and ruthless. They are nasty and take what they want. It is not beneath them to kill, steal, burn, and destroy anything and everything for their own nasty barbaric pleasure. Alpha Thane Kago took his father’s place as the leader of Foul Moon Pack nearly six months ago, and it has been my living hell ever since. I was among the only decent members left in Thane’s pack when Thane took over. Women were raped and taken as slaves. Children were sold, most likely forced into hard labor. Husbands were murdered unless they submitted to Thane’s evil cause. Even still, they had to give up their mates and prove that they were willing to do unthinkable things to innocent packs and families. The Foul Moon Pack is already a large pack. It took a while, but he co
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Don't Pity Me
CHAPTER 5: DON’T PITY ME~ Harper’s POV ~I took a deep breath, reaching my hand up to wipe the tears that I didn’t realize had been streaming down my face. I knew I looked a mess. I took a moment to calm myself and try to stop the pain that was growing stronger in the center of my chest. The pain of losing my parents was heavier now than it has been the last few hours. The cause, no doubt due to me reliving my story. I wanted to erase those memories. I know that until I see Thane Kago die, I could never fully heal. I wanted to help the servants and what innocents that are left in that place. At this moment, my confidence in that ever happening wasn’t there.“Your story is very tragic young lady. I am sorry to hear of all the horrible things that you have been through in the last few months.” I nodded as an intended thank you. Not wanting sympathy or pity. I looked over to Gabriel, for a moment all the pain and sorrow I was feeling faded away. He was sitting in his chair with his el
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She's Not One To Beg
CHAPTER 6: SHE’S NOT ONE TO BEG ~ Gabriel's POV~It was as if my heart stopped the moment the scent hit me. Perfume like the smell of a dozen fresh roses fogged my senses. Mika, my wolf excitedly jumping, and pawing was a new reaction of his. I had had my wolf for two years now; this strange behavior took me by surprise. I shut Mika out. I had a meeting with a potential new member of our pack. My father will never turn a wolf in need away. I am here to help him determine if any ill intent is detected from this, she wolf. The protection of our pack is our top priority. Before I could fully gather my senses, there was a soft knock on my father’s office door. I looked up from my standing position to the left of my father’s desk where he was seated. The feel of his authority was thick in the air. When the door opened, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I had to stop myself from nervously shifting back and forth on the balls of my feet. This girl is different… She had already walked midway
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The Moment She Walked In
CHAPTER 7: THE MOMENT SHE WALKED IN~ Gabriel’s POV ~I somehow managed to keep my wolf back for the remainder of her story. I agreed with my father, Harper was no threat to our pack “I have no issues accepting her into our pack, do you?” I ask my father through our link. My head is still resting in my hands with my eyes shut. My father’s response makes me want to egg him in the head. “I knew you would have no objections the moment she walked through my office door. HAHAHA.” His laughter boomed in my head. Yeah, I’m going to egg him in the head. I heard her sniffle and despite my head being down and my eyes closed I knew she had been crying. My heart ached for her. I know that the pain of losing her parents in the way that she did must be overwhelming. I hated the fact that she had to relive everything while telling us her story, but unfortunately it had to be done. “Your story is very tragic young lady. I am sorry to hear of all the horrible things that you have been through in t
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Thank The Moon Goddess
CHAPTER 8: THANK THE MOON GODDESS~ Gabriel’s POV ~I held the door of my father’s office open for Harper as she exited into the hallway. I internally kicked myself knowing good and well that I held that door not to just be a gentleman, but to get a good look at her ass as she walked in front of me. I feel like a real creep right now for checking out a girl who has recently been to hell and managed to walk back out. I couldn’t help it though, her long black wavy hair trailed down her back stopping mid back. I love her long hair, but right now I am thanking the Moon Goddess for not hiding this girl’s shapely yet slim Waist. My eyes trailed down her back, drinking in every curve of her hourglass figure. Continuing their descent, my eyes rested on her perfectly round and toned ass. I have always been a booty man, but this girl is on a whole other level. In my father’s office while she was introducing herself, I could tell she was having a reaction to me. The red blush that settled on he
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Meeting Tanner
CHAPTER 9: MEETING TANNER ~ Harper's POV~ Gabriel left me standing with this guy in the middle of the dining hall. His sudden departure left me feeling cold. I understand his need to do other things. He is the alpha’s son. Deciding I need to get to know the members of my new pack, I tried to loosen up. “Um… hi, sorry my name is Harper.” Tearing his gaze from Gabriel’s form disappearing up the stairs, the guy turned to me. “Nice to meet you Harper, my name is Tanner. I am Gabriel’s Beta.” I smiled and shook his outstretched hand. Tanner was as tall as Alpha Gabriel, and well built. The type of body structure you would expect a Beta to have. Although handsome, Tanner wasn’t as attractive to me as Gabriel. He had a nice personality. He had golden hair; buzz cut like something you would see in the military. His eyes were like navy blue. His face was round, but still suited his toned body. “The food smells good, were you planning to eat?” “I was, yes. Just a little uncomfortable
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Making Enemies Already
CHAPTER 10: MAKING ENEMIES ALREADY~ Harper’s POV ~I randomly glanced toward the corner of the dining hall, back toward the stairway. There was a tall girl standing with two other girls who had their backs facing me. The tall girl, however, was drilling holes into my skull. She had blonde hair that was straight and shoulder length in color. Her skin was slightly tanned, it made her look like she was fresh from the beach. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and she obviously was in a bad mood. Why was she staring at me? Maybe she is Tanner’s girlfriend. Not wanting to make enemies so soon, I decided to ask Tanner.“Um…that girl over there is looking at me. She doesn’t look happy, is she something to you?” he didn’t even turn around to look. In the middle of scraping his plate clean he ask, “Does she have blonde hair?” Curiosity hit me, not understanding if we were talking about the same person. “Yes, how did you know?” pushing his plate back he continued, “Is she tall and slim,
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