This Is Me

Lydia’s pov

I took a look at the mansion one last time. I  felt extremely pathetic that someone like me would let myself be played with like this.

I should have sensed that. All these years, he never bothered to know me more and even the maids got more chances to see him than me. How could I be so naive to believe that such a cold man would ever treat me differently?

No, he is not that cold. It’s just his tenderness was never for me... I was just a nobody…

"Well, well, looks like you're finally leaving?" A voice filled with mockery came from my back and when I looked back I saw Dia, she is one of the maids. She glanced from my suitcase to my face. Lomi, another maid, stood next to her.

"Awww…I wanna say we are going to be so hurt and miss you but that will be a very nasty lie. If you go, who will do all our house chores?" Dia added.

"Is everything okay Mrs Lydia? Mrs. King asked us to pack your things." Lomi asked with sincere worry in her tone. I bit my lip to prevent myself from breaking down at the question. I  didn’t want to show any weakness before I left, especially to those who had hurt me.

Dia gave her an angry glance and mouthered for her to shut up.

"Next time stay in your place and avoid looking for rich men to get married to, you this gold digger." Dia spat with disgust in her tone.

"Stop it." Lomi cautioned sternly. Dia eyed her but in a flash, I slapped her hard.

Who the hell did she think she was talking to? I had been called different names like pathetic, poor, needy but one thing I would never play with is calling me a gold digger when I have never ever cared about his money.

"Don't ever speak to me like that ever again" I stared at her with coldness.

Pouring out my frustration on her, this was the last straw because I was sick and tired of how much they had all walked on me.

She was about to speak when I raised my hand up to stop her, "Shut the fuck up! Now you better know your place and stay there. Dumb little girl."

It felt so thrilling to say this, to let out all the bottled anger. She removed her hand from her face slowly moving towards me but Lomi held her back.

My phone rang loudly and I took deep breaths before picking up.

"Are you ready?" Andrew asked and I nodded before saying 'yes.'

"Alright, almost there." He said then we exchanged goodbyes.

Suspicion slid through Dia’s eyes but I didn’t give a shit what she was planning.

I turned around to Lomi and gave her a hug. She was the only one that cared about me in this home. She was always trying to help within her power. 

"Bye Mrs Lydia, I hope you find the peace and love you deserve because you've truly been a gem in this household and I'm going to miss you." Lomi said with her voice trembling.

"Thank you Lomi. Really thank you so much." I spoke and she nodded, giving me a warm smile.

A honk came up from outside the door. A smile creeped on my face when I saw the man standing beside the black Rolls Royce. His  lips curled into a smile and I instantly ran into his open arms.

"I'm so sorry…I really am sorry." I apologized repeatedly as he pulled for a bear hug.

"It's okay, thank goodness you're fine." He whispered in my ear exhaling in relief. “Dad is waiting for you back home. You have no idea how excited he was when he heard the news that you are coming home.”

I wiped my tears after his words and asked with a little worry. “Isn’t dad angry at me for leaving home for so long?”

“Silly girl. What’s family for? We’ll always be here for you no matter what you do.”

I  almost burst into tears again but I held it back because I didn’t want my brother to worry about me.

How silly was I during these years? I abandoned the family who loved me without any condition for all my life and came here to take care of the people who treated me like trash. It’s all because of the stupid decision that I made.

I knew I must have broken their hearts when I hid my identity to marry Nathan. They paved the most smooth way for me and I chose the hardest one. Stupid girl who chose love over family!

Now I am more conscious than ever before. And no one could hurt my family again, not even me!

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denice morgan
good job with the strength
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Marcella Ros
she had made wise decision to leave.
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Marcia Smith
Captivating page turner

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