I Will

I Will

By:  MaidenOfSpring  Completed
Language: English
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Aristotle Napoleon Higgins is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. He promised himself not to marry anyone but his grandfather is not having it. He wants him to marry a fine woman and have kids before he reaches 30 and threaten to disown him and remove all of his assets. He knew that his grandfather is not kidding at all so he use all of his connection to find a woman of his taste to act as bride on his "wedding day".

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36 Chapters
      “Are we there?” I asked the driver   “No Ma’am, I’m sorry your husband must be waiting for you.” He apologized. I shook my head and put the bill on the car seat and went out. Fuck this, I’m running to our location. I heard the driver shouted for my change, but I didn’t mind him.   I ran through the highway and I can already hear their cheers and some even congratulated me! They fucking thought I’m a bride that is late for her wedding. What the hell...   “I’m here! I’m sorry, I’m late!” I opened the big double doors. Wait...   Why are there many extras? Where is Caleb? Why is there a priest in front?   My eyes widened upon realizing something. Oh shit Nola this is fucking embarrassing. Wrong location! Retreat!   This is a real wedding!   I waved my hands awkwardly and was about to go out when th
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Chapter One
    I woke up to the constant banging of the door outside my room.   I sighed.   Here we go again. It’s so early in the morning. I got up of my bed and ruffled my hair in annoyance before going out. I barely get any sleep these days because of my sister.     As I was getting nearer to the door the banging and shouting gets louder.   “Open this door! Open up, Nola! I know you’re in there!” I was frozen in place hearing that voice. It was the freaking landlady! My eyes widened when I realized what day is today.   It’s the last day of paying our rent!   I cursed myself. Shit! How could you be so forgetful, Nola?   Nevertheless, I composed myself and opened the door. The huge body of Mrs. Castillo welcomed my sight. She was wearing her usual green dress and pearl jewelries. She looks like a cabbage, to b
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Chapter Two
We’re already here at the reception and I’m currently talking with five guys. They’ve explained what is really happening and I found out that the guy beside me was forced to marry because if he doesn’t, his grandfather will take all of his riches and send him to their farm.   I scoffed at his reasons. What’s wrong with being a farmer? For his information, it is the farmers that provide us food to eat but unfortunately, they were unappreciated and often abused by the country’s government itself. I stared at my ‘husband’. I studied his face. Hmm… He’s quite familiar. But what boggles my mind is why does he have to hire a woman to be his wife? With his face, he can get any woman he wants in just a simple wink. Is he perhaps… I shook my head to get rid of that thought. C’mon now Nola don&rsquo
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Chapter Three
“Hey please tell me where are my things?” I said while sobbing. How can I fix my things when he carried me in bridal style immediately. I left my things on the road. It might get stolen or worst garbage collectors might think it was a garbage and took it with them. I cried even hard while shaking his left arm. “For the love of God Nola, would you please stop crying? You’re stressing me out!” he said and stood up to walk back and forth. His living room is so wide, it is wider than my apartment. “My question is so easy! You don’t have to use formulas to answer it!” I shouted while still crying. He glanced at me and sighed loudly. He walked towards me and what he did next shocked me to the core. He cupped my face and wiped my tears. “My men already took care of it. Okay?” he said softly. I pouted and nodded. I looked at the kitchen area and saw
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Chapter Four
Malcolm and Keegan dragged the old man out of the restaurant and Aries went immediately to my direction. He cupped my face and his jaw tightened when he saw something wrong on my face. That old hag! Does he have powers or special ability? That slap was fucking hard! My face almost turn in 360 degrees. I remained standing and was unable to say something. “That fucking bastard!” he whispered. Why is he mad anyway? I’m the one who got slapped not him. “I’m okay Aristotle, I managed to break his bone! I heard it crack!” I said and clapped like a seal. “Keegan call my secretary. Tell her to withdraw all my investments with that company.” He said with authority. “Hey! You don’t have to do that! Just burn that man alive! Kidding.” I tried to let out a joke but no one laughed. Aries was just staring at me and suddenly hugged me tight. Seriousl
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Chapter Five
  “Hurry up! My friends are already waiting!” Aries shouted outside the closet. We just arrived from the hospital and his friends asked us to join them at Keegan’s club. I was planning not to go with him because I don’t drink much, but he forced me to.   What an ass.  We stayed at the hospital for two days, we arrived there Wednesday night, and we just arrive from there which is Friday. Caleb took over in taking care of Niah since he doesn’t have work as of the moment. We will be back tomorrow afternoon because Niah will have her surgery the nest day. She will need me.  “Wait! You forced me to go with you can I fix myself in peace?” I shouted back.  “My goodness Nola Florentina! You’ve been there for 30 fucking minutes already!” I can really sense his frustrat
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Chapter Six
   “Remind me again on why did I agree on coming with you here in the supermarket?” he asked while pushing a big cart filled with our groceries. We decided to buy groceries in the supermarket of his one of the many branches of malls he owned.  The moment we entered the mall, the staffs panicked. They were surprised seeing their big boss here wearing casual clothes. They were too surprised that they almost call a marching band to perform.   How unbelievable!  The staffs were planning on following us until we reached the supermarket but, Aries got annoyed by the attention he was getting so, he shooed them away.  I grinned at my husband who was frowning. “It’s because you are in a good mood,” I answered while also pushing an empty cart. I looked at the list and there were still m
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Chapter Seven
   It has been a week and Niah is still confined in the intensive care unit, she was always having seizures in those one week. It made me unable to function during those days, my mind is filled with her and her condition. When I came home with Aries last week, I was always eager to go back because I was worried that something might happen to her. I was awake the whole two days, I can’t bear to fall asleep knowing that my sister is in a terrible condition. I don’t care if I look like a goblin now, my sister is all that matters to me.  “For the love of God, Nola Florentina! Can you go home and rest? You have been awake for two days! Why is Aries isn’t here with you anyway?”  I didn’t mind Caleb, I continued staring at my sister who was peacefully sleeping with an oxygen mask on her nose through the ICU’s glass window.
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Chapter Eight
  “Wow this is pretty! Thank you, Aries!” My sister giggled happily as she stares at the different colors of acrylic paints and canvas scattered on her bed that Aries bought for her weeks ago when he had a business trip to Japan.  It’s been three days since my sister was finally out of the Intensive Care Unit. Aries also decided to have a private room since our spot was taken last week in our old room. I felt bad, I’m going to miss those ladies from the room who kept my little sister company when Caleb and I are both busy because of our jobs. He also assigned some maids back at home to take care of my sister while I’m away and working. I can’t just let Caleb take care of my sister every time because he has his own life and a job. Good thing the maids are very trustworthy, they were one of the maids who I keep talking with whenever I’m bored in the h
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Chapter Nine
  “Hey! Mrs. Higgins! ” Lea called my attention. I shook my head and looked at the melted chocolate. I quickly removed it and set it aside first to mix the egg and sugar. I felt Lea come up to me and slap me on the ass. “What now? You just came back from your long vacation and now your mind is wandering somewhere else," she said and laughed. “I was just thinking of something,” I whispered while carrying the egg in the mixer. To this day, what Aries said earlier still lingers in my mind. Is he serious about what he is saying? She teasingly poked my sides. “Sheesh, if I know you and Mr. Higgins did some lovin in those two weeks.” She let out a laugh. I turned to her as my eyes widened in embarrassment. “Crazy! We are always in the hospital! And why are you here at my station? ” &ldq
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