I am the dragon II

I am the dragon II

By:  BurntAsh3s  Completed
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Born as the younger twin, his destiny in life is to live in his brother's shadow. His beast is strong, the bringer of chaos, and he follows nobody's lead. Ryder leaves home and disappears for almost two years after realizing that his first love had a dark ulterior motive. He starts working as a hunter, killing the supernatural. A near death incident that leads to personal tragedy brings him home where he becomes the Sire of his own lair and sets him on his path for revenge and ultimately finding his own Drakaina. I went back upstairs just as Megan came out of the bathroom sporting a pair of my sweatpants and t-shirt that was way too big for her. “I was going to recommend the sweat pants, it might be big around your waist but your ass will fill it out,” I said as she turned to glare at me. “Meaning what exactly?” she asked me. “It’s just that your ass… never mind,” I said. “Are you saying I have a fat ass?” she asked me. “No!” I said quickly. “Then what?” she asked me as she stood with her hands on her hips. “Just forget I said anything,” I said to her trying to hide my embarrassment. “No! Tell me,” she said adamantly. “Fine! Your ass is perfect for… no I can't, I'm going to sound like a pervert,” I said as the pillow flew across my face. “Ryder!” she yelled her face a bright red. “You asked,” I said and ducked at the shoe heading for my face. “You're such an idiot,” she said as she looked at me, “stop looking at my ass.” “Are you wearing my underwear?” I asked her as I saw the edge of my boxers above the sweat pants.

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Cheryl Fisher
Excellent read
2024-05-16 04:39:04
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After reading the story of Lucas, I was hopeful that Ryder's would be as good. I found myself completely immersed in this story, the adventures, brotherhood & love of the Team & family. My heart broke several times for Ryder. I laughed and cried with him and for him & Megan. Looking forward to 3.
2023-03-26 21:21:51
user avatar
Psycho Soul
it's a good story. no bullshit. ;)
2023-02-15 02:29:10
61 Chapters
Life can be a series of unfortunate events or it can be an adventure. The choice isn’t always yours but the road you’re predestined to take will always take you to where you were meant to be no matter what choice you make. The road I had walked started out smooth, I had faced many hard choices but I was always destined to end up what I became.It took me a while to come to terms with those decisions and I reveled in the path I was on. It was filled with violence and blood and it satiated my beast. He was angry, angry at the world and angry at the people that filled it.I grew up in a loving house, my parents weren’t your normal run of the mill parents and the word ‘asshole’ featured a lot. My father was strict and he had no time for bullshit but he was also our biggest ally. He covered for us a lot, much to our mother’s frustration. She was loving and caring but she expected us to be gentlemen and taught us that we always represented the lair.The lair was important but family came fi
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Chapter One
I was five years old the first time my father yelled at me and beat my ass so hard that I couldn’t properly sit down the next day. Chase and I had been playing hide and seek with Emily who was four at the time. I was hiding in my father’s office although we were forbidden from entering it. They weren’t home so I wasn’t worried about getting caught.I heard the office door open and I froze where I sat in the little niche between his desk and the wall near the windows. I heard my father on his phone and I knew I was done for unless I could sneak up on him and pretend to be cute or something.He sat down in his chair and I could see the back of his head and his broad shoulders with the phone pressed against his ear. He lifted his head and turned it to the side and then sighed loudly.“One of the fucking kids were in my office again,” he said to whoever he was talking to on the phone so I remained hidden in my spot.He ended his phone call after another few minutes and I concluded that he
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Chapter Two
I parked behind Chase on the side of Max’s long driveway. His father was the mayor and he knew all about our kind but I doubted that Max knew. I could already hear that the party was underway and we normally arrived about two hours after the parties started.“There you are!” Tia said loudly as she descended the stairs with her crew following behind her.“Sorry we’re late, Chase had an appointment with the mirror,” I said and he nudged me in the ribs.“And right now I have an appointment with Kenna,” he said as he started making his way across the room to where she was talking to Max.“Hi Ryder,” Leana said as she brushed past me with her breasts practically rubbing over my chest.“Hi,” I said feel uncomfortable with her proximity but Tia didn’t even notice and Leana winked at me.I shuddered and let go of Tia’s hand and made my way over to the kitchen to get a drink. In the kitchen I found Chase with Max, Burke and Chester doing shots and they cheered loudly as I walked over to them.
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Chapter Three
“Beast!” I called upon my own dragon.“Ryder,” he hissed at me.“Merge with me so that from this day forward we may claim each other and together accomplish our predestined fate,” I said loudly. The words had just come to me and I wasn’t even sure from where.“As you command halfling although I won’t be commanded like a lowly house lizard,” he hissed again and I laughed suddenly.“You a house lizard? And here I thought you were magnificent but now I’m not so sure beast,” I said and I could hear him chuckle.“You’ll suit me fine halfling,” he said sounding amused. He came out of the shadows and I held my breath in awe. He circled me and sniffed me tentatively as I folded my arms across my chest. He roared slightly and then merged himself into and onto me.I felt the burning sensation and I swear if I could strip off my own skin I would. I screamed out in pain as the tattoo of his likeness formed on my skin, burning and etching itself deep inside me. I felt like I would lose my mind as
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Chapter Four
For the rest of the Sunday we celebrated with our family and lazed around in the living room watching movies and napping in between. That night at dinner I felt more like myself and Martha had outdone herself making our favourites to celebrate us getting our dragons.“My boys are all grown up now,” our mother said as she looked at us.“In more ways than one,” Lucas said and Chase started laughing out loud.“What do you mean in more ways than one?” Rylee asked him.“Oh my gosh! Are you two banging girls?” Emily asked loudly and Rev almost choked and Hannah looked at her in horror.“Banging girls? Emily!” Hannah said as Rev just shook his head.“I think I hear my phone ringing in my office,” Lucas said as my mother glared at him.“Not so fast wise guy, is that true, are you two sexually active?” Rylee asked us and I didn’t know where to hide my face.“Mom seriously, do you want to discuss this at the dinner table?” Chase asked her.“That means yes Aunt Rylee,” Emily said as I pretended
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Chapter Five
Chase had to swallow his pride and he presented a clean bill of health to Melissa two weeks later on her birthday. She looked at the results of the blood test and then smiled as she kissed him. He had humiliated himself but in the end it paid off as Melissa finally accepted him.We had two months of school left and then we would also attend the Illinois Dragonkin Ball to present our bonded halves to the Elders for acceptance of that bond. Our parents would attend as well to witness the forming of the bond and after that night we’d be seen as an official couple within the lair.I had been looking at a promise ring for Tia, a promise that I wanted to make to her on our bonding night, that she’d always be the only one for me. Rylee was helping me with it and she was just as excited as I was. She didn’t know Tia personally but she was happy for me.Lucas didn’t say much since he had messed up his own bonding with our mother a few times but in the end he pulled his head out of his ass, as
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Chapter Six
There were ten more successful bondings that took place before it was our turn and I extended my arm again for Tia as we waited to be announced.“And now for our final couple, Tia Malone and Ryder Grey,” Elder Cliff said and applause broke out. Chase and Melissa were now seated close together at our table and I swear Chase was clapping the loudest.We made our way onto the stage and Tia beamed as everyone looked at us. I felt slightly nervous and Abeloth was restless to be let out but I couldn’t do it yet. He had to be patient until we eventually got home before he could separate from me.“Do you Tia Malone accept Ryder Grey as your bonded half? Do you vow to remain faithful to him and to your bond? Do you accept the placing of his mark on your neck tonight?” Elder Michael asked her.“I, Tia, accept you Ryder as my bonded half and I vow to remain honest and faithful and I accept your mark on my neck,” Tia said.
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Chapter Seven
I still wasn’t ready to go home but I knew that I had to so I drove behind Chase since he stayed at the Lake house while I showered and got dressed. Abeloth was snorting in my head that we didn’t need a babysitter or an escort home.“Shit is going to hit the fan,” Abeloth said.“I get that feeling too,” I said to him.“Guess we’ll know soon enough,” he mused as we entered lower Aurora and headed to the house.I wasn’t looking forward to this. Lucas had a quick temper and when he was pissed off like I knew he was then you were in for the ride of your life. I had embarrassed him and the lair. As a Sire’s son I was one of the lead examples and the only one to reject my bonded half.“Good luck brother,” Chase said as we climbed out of our cars.“Did he send you to the lake house to look for me?” I asked him.“No, I figured that one out all by m
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Chapter Eight
I spent the next six months in Chicago and underwent rigorous training under Wentworth and his men. The groups were small and once you failed your mind was wiped by a witch and you went back to your old life. I felt at home even though I was the youngest by three years and I quickly became close friends with the other guys I was training with.Most of them had green or blue dragons and one or two had a violet one. There were no yellow dragons in our unit and these were the best of the best. Training started at five am and we stopped at ten pm every day. It was hard and brutal and we even underwent torture training where we were tortured.If I had been a boy when I walked into that building I was definitely a man after those first six months. We were taught how to fight with weapons, without weapons, with your dragon and without your dragon. There were vampires and wolves training with us and we would go head to head with each other.We were taught how to read people and situations, ho
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Chapter Nine
I spent the rest of that Sunday shopping and settling in. I had gone for a jog since I was still in the training routine and I couldn’t just sit idly at home and do nothing. I had cleaned the house, jogged, washed the truck, gone shopping and packed everything away and I had already checked in.I felt better after talking to Chase and slightly worried that Lucas was looking for me so I drove to another store and bought a new cellphone. I drove to the forest behind the school and sat in the truck and called him.“This is Lucas,” he answered.“Hi Dad,” I said.“Ryder, are you okay?” he asked me.“I’m fine,” I answered him.“Where are you?” he asked me.“It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, stop looking for me,” I said.“I’ll never stop looking for you, you’re my son,” he said.“I’m working, taking responsibility, standing on my own two feet, you should be proud instead of trying to treat me like a little kid,” I said to him.“You have responsibilities at home,” he said to me.
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