I reject you, Mr. Alpha

I reject you, Mr. Alpha

By:  lovelyfan  Completed
Language: English
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I sensed his presence before I ever saw him, my mate... I looked up to meet amber eyes gazing at me confidently. Zane Black, Alpha of the Blue moon pack, was gorgeous, powerful and just what every woman dreamed of… or so he thought. “Hello, mate...” he said with a smirk. I looked at him blankly for a moment before I slowly smirked at him. “I reject you, Mr. Alpha,” I said in a bored tone. His brows furrowed as he stared at me uncomprehendingly. Then slowly realization dawned and his expression changed to disbelief, pain and finally rage.  “You reject me? You think I am not worthy to be your mate? I promise you, the day will come when you will beg for my love. You will regret rejecting me. That day, I will be the one who will have the last laugh,” he vowed. “Let’s see, Alpha. I will just tell you one thing. I, Kayla Xanders, had never ever tasted defeat in my life till day,” I said confidently.  I watched his eyes go wide in shock as he heard my name. Before he could reply, I turned, and walked away from him. Bring it on, Alpha. Let the games begin. __________________ An unexpected rogue attack changed the life of Kayla Xanders. She lost her family as well as half of her pack. At just sixteen, she took over as the Alpha of the Crescent moon pack and vows to avenge the murder of her family. Seven years later, she had become a ruthless Alpha, feared and respected by all. When she meets her mate, Zane, a playboy with an attitude, she rejects him outright. Soon, they start their games against each other. Why did she really reject Zane? And will he ever win her over? 

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This was such a cute story! Loved the strong female lead and the dynamic between the main characters!
2023-02-12 11:02:08
user avatar
3rd time reading this book and I still love it.
2022-04-11 04:59:31
user avatar
Amanda MacDonald
I like it so far. well written just don't like the repeating chapters from different points of view hopefully it doesn't do that the entire book. other than that it's a good read so far.
2022-02-25 04:34:28
user avatar
Charleen Norris Munger
I really enjoyed this book. Sadly it came to an end. I can't wait to read the second book once it's ready.
2021-12-24 01:07:52
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Thank you for a unique experience in the world of enchanted worlds .
2021-11-16 09:37:50
user avatar
Mary Mcnatt
I lived it
2021-11-16 08:24:58
user avatar
Cory Glaser
such an amazing read!!!
2021-11-06 12:47:39
default avatar
Abrie May Capell
Loved it! I couldn’t stop reading it!
2021-10-24 01:28:29
default avatar
Kelly E
Great story line
2021-08-13 19:53:58
default avatar
Morgan Stinson
Loved it!!
2021-08-13 09:00:22
user avatar
Sharron Totten
enjoyed interesting
2021-07-28 19:10:46
user avatar
Hey all! The sequel His Feral Mate is now up on the website. It would be available in the app after it's signed. Check it out! Thank you all!
2021-07-24 00:48:33
user avatar
Victoria Richard
good read I was really impressed
2021-07-18 21:14:35
user avatar
Devine Ray
Good book well written! A few errors but they don't detract from the story of the book! Would love to read the sequel!
2021-07-12 13:08:05
default avatar
Loved it so much!
2021-07-11 17:33:28
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88 Chapters
 Third person POVA heavy scream broke the silence of the night. Soon, more screams filled the air as the Crescent moon pack was attacked by rogues. Trained warriors alertly faced the rogues while the rest ran for their lives.
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 (Seven years later…)The night was eerily silent as the wolf prowled through the training grounds. Its grey eyes were glowing with madness as it searched for its prey. And then, it halted as it spotted the family; a middle-aged man, his wife and their young son.&
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 Kayla’s POVThe next morning, I was in my office going through the paper works of the new warriors when I heard someone knock.
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 Kayla's POVThough the exterior was extravagant, the letter itself just had a few simple lines written in neat cursive script.
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 Kayla’s POVI stared with disgust at the monstrosity laid out in front of me. Well, to be fair, the dress was pretty, and it was the best I could get in such a short notice. It was a royal blue full-length gown with a boat neck and full sleeves. There was silver-colored embroidery
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 Kayla’s POVWe had been travelling for an hour when I felt the sudden urge to turn back and go the other way. I felt as if ants were crawling up my body and the sensation was really unpleasant to say the least.
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 Kayla’s POV“Everyone, meet Mr. Leander Parker. He is a member of the werewolf council and he will be presenting the topics that have been selected by the council for today's discussion,” Jonathan said while pointing to a golden-haired guy who looked to be in his mi
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 Kayla’s POV“As you all already know, the Feral Assassin has been killing rogue wolves for the past five years. The council is undecided on whether he is an actual threat or not, since he has only killed so far. But recently, there has been a spike in the incidents, as if he is getting more violent. The time has come that we decide what we are going to do about him,” Leander announced.At the mention of the Feral Assassin, all the Alphas grew uncomfortable and exchanged doubtful glances.“The Council has been lenient with him so far because though his actions were not legally sanctioned, he was doing a favor to all of us by killing off those dangerous rogues. Though we had tried to catch him a few times in the past, he had always been evasive, and since the Council didn’t feel the urgency to catch him, we never put too much effort either. But now, with him growing more violent per day, what is th
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 Kayla’s POVI felt as if everything else faded away and it was just the two of us in the world. A dreamy smile formed on my face as I felt all my rage and pain vanish by just looking at him. As I met his amber eyes, I felt myself getting lost in them. As my eyes greedily drank up his appearance, I sighed with contentment.  His dark hair was messed up sexily and I couldn’t decide if it was deliberately arranged like that or if he had messed it up by running his fingers through it. I had the feeling that it was the latter one, but anyhow; it looked perfect on him. There was just a hint of stubble on his chiseled jaw, and I suddenly had the urge to rub my cheek against that stubble to know how it would feel. He was wearing a tuxedo like every other man here, but somehow it looked better on him than anyone else. Maybe I was a little biased, but there was no denying that he was absolute perfection and I felt lucky
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 Kayla’s POVI looked up at Ethan and as I expected; he was staring at me with a confused expression. As the other couples danced around us, I started moving slowly so as to not bring notice to us by standing there idly. Realising my intention, Ethan followed my lead and slowly, we started moving together.As we gently swayed together, I saw Ethan opening his mouth to speak. I shook my head at him in warning and he nodded his head in understanding. This was not the time or the place for that conversation.  ‘Just trust me and help me out for now. You will know everything soon enough. But first I need a little time to sort things out,’ I mind linked him.Ethan stared at me with an intense look before giving a slight nod of acknowledgement.‘If that is what you want. You already know that I trust you. More than anyone and anything in my life, including myself,’ he replied.&nb
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