My Twin Alpha Valentines

My Twin Alpha Valentines

By:  Christina Note  Updated just now
Language: English
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Katelyn Grey, an 18-year-old girl with a feisty spirit and an iron will, finds herself caught up in a destiny she never desired. After being thrown out of her Colorado home, where she lived under her sister’s shadow and was a constant source of disappointment and irritation for her parents, she ends up in Oregon at the River Gorge Pack. This was supposed to be a new start for her, a chance to spread her wings and be herself without constantly feeling like a failure to her family, but life has other plans in store for her. She arrives just in time for the Annual Mating Celebration, but Katelyn refuses to attend, viewing the practice as outdated and a violation of one's freewill. Fate has other plans in store for her though. While nursing a broken heart, she unintentionally meets her mate, Tyler, causing Katelyn to question her preconceived notions and wonder whether she was the one who had been naive. Tyler Valentine is the future Alpha of the River Gorge Pack, which would make Katelyn the future Luna, a title she isn't eager to accept. But as if that wasn't enough, fate has a cruel twist in store for Katelyn, and she discovers that she is also mated to Tyler's twin brother, Ryder. Ryder is the chaos that cuts through the calm. While Tyler is thoughtful and composed, Ryder is reckless and impulsive, leaving Katelyn to navigate the complexities of these two very different men. While trying to come to terms with this new reality, Katelyn discovers her own hidden strengths, but this only adds another layer of complication to an already complicated situation. Then, just as she feels like she's starting to get some kind of control of her life once more, her past comes calling.

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Love the story, but I’m concerned with the other comments about not updating. 107 chapter 5/27/2024
2024-05-28 01:28:51
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Why do random sentences end with “so long” it is really throwing me off
2024-05-21 08:54:41
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Lorene McDaniel
Is this not being updated? If so it should be taken down it's not fair to readers to start something that just stops with no warning
2024-05-08 13:00:49
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I love the story so far. When will the next update be?
2024-05-07 05:16:00
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Delinda Schumacher
92 chapters 5-6-24
2024-05-06 21:45:00
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nice story, keep up your good work!
2024-03-07 11:58:45
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Katie Scott
98 chapters 5-15-2024
2024-05-15 12:27:16
user avatar
I really love the novel
2024-06-04 20:20:28
default avatar
Can you tell me the update schedule?
2024-05-05 11:56:13
134 Chapters
Chapter 1: F*ck You, Liam
I stomped along the deserted pavement, my mood as dark and brooding as the fast approaching storm clouds overhead. The library had been my escape from the overhyped Mating Celebration, but even the quiet rustle of pages and the familiar smell of old books hadn’t been enough to calm my irritation. The pack's obsession with this archaic tradition grated on me more than I cared to explain. That, and the fact that my family had booted me out of my home in Colorado and shipped me off to stay with my aunt here in Oregon almost a week ago now.The distant sounds of laughter and music from the celebration drifted through the air. It annoyed me. I couldn’t understand why everyone put so much stock in finding their 'destined mate.' The whole concept felt oppressive, like we were all just pawns in some preordained plan. The idea of 'mates' meant that there was no room for freewill, and that was something that just never sat well with me.My phone buzzed in my pocket, pulling me out of my thought
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Chapter 2: The Closed Door
"I guess it's lucky we're in the bathroom then," I mumbled sarcastically, causing him to chuckle."Do you wanna come out?" the voice suggested hopefully.I sighed, pressing my back against the cool wall, and feeling it's chill seep through me. "No. Not yet. I just... I need a minute," I replied before blowing my nose."Fair enough," he conceded, then I was certain I heard him sit down."Um... Are you staying then?" I asked tentatively."Yeah, if that's okay. I mean, you did say it was a good thing we were in the bathroom if we might throw up..." he tried to justify his presence."I mean, I guess..." was all I managed in response, my tears on pause for the moment as I tried to deal with this weird turn of events.I unrolled another length of toilet paper, crumpling it into a ball and dabbing at my nose, which continued to run. Then I took a deep breath as I tried to regain my composure."Shouldn't you be at the Mating Celebration?" I asked, unable to disguise the bitterness in my voice
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Chapter 3: The Big Reveal
“So, what kind of music are you into?” he asked, a playful note in his tone.“Metal, mostly,” I replied casually. I could almost hear his eyebrows rising in surprise. “Metal, huh? I’m more of a classic rock guy myself,” he responded seemingly unfazed.The conversation meandered through favourite foods, movies, and hobbies. I found myself divulging details I hadn’t expected to share, drawn in by the anonymity the door provided.“Okay, so random question – are you a virgin?” he asked. His tone came across as if he were trying to deliver the question as a joke, but there was an unmistakable hint of curiosity in his voice.I laughed, caught off guard. “That's a very forward question for a first date, don't you think?” I quipped, evading the question."So this is a date, huh?" he asked, and I could hear the smirk in his voice. I was grateful for the door between us as I felt my cheeks flushing with embarrassment at my blunder."Well... I mean... It sort of feels like one," I admitted as m
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Chapter 4: Heading Home
My phone suddenly rang, cutting through the charged atmosphere and snapping us both back to reality. Tyler cleared his throat while I patted myself down, finally finding my phone in my back pocket. I checked the screen before answering. There was no chance I was taking a call from that moron, Liam, now. Fortunately, it was my aunt Mara."Hi Aunt Mara," I answered brightly, giving Tyler an apologetic look. He gave me an understanding smile and gestured for me to carry on, but he never took his eyes off me for a moment, as if my presence was somehow captivating.Aunt Mara was calling to find out whether I'd stayed for the Mating Celebration after all. When I'd left for the library this morning, I'd assured her in no uncertain terms that there was no way I'd be attending the celebrations. So, I guess she had every right to be worried that I wasn't home yet. The library had closed hours ago and for all she knew I could have been kidnapped by a wily pack of rogues. I ended the conversatio
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Chapter 5: The Alpha's Son
I don't know how I eventually managed to fall asleep, but I did. Opening one sleepy eye, I gazed at my phone. I'd fallen asleep with it in my hand, clutching it like it was some kind of lifeline, and I saw now there was a light blinking to indicate I had a message.With absolute urgency I sat up and wiped the sleep from my eyes as muted daylight streamed through a crack in my curtains. My fingers worked as if they had a mind of their own, opening the text message, desperate to see who it was from. I was certain it was Tyler and beamed with excitement when I saw his name come up on my screen.The message was simple, but still managed to make my heart race and my breath hitch.Tyler:Morning 🌞 Hope you slept well.My entire body felt tingly as I read the words, thinking about our unexpected meeting the day before.I'd spent a good chunk of the night trying to justify the feelings I'd felt with him and reconcile these with my denial of the 'mate bond', but I'd come up short. There was s
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Chapter 6: The Heart Emoji
"I guess it makes sense why he was so evasive now," I mumbled, thinking back to our conversation the night before.Aunt Mara watched me, her expression a mixture of curiosity and concern. "Are you okay with this?" she asked gently."I mean... I don't know. I guess it doesn't really change the way I feel about him," I explained, trying to make sense of my feelings.Aunt Mara nodded understandingly. "It's a big deal, being mated to the Alpha's son. It comes with a lot of expectations and responsibilities."I groaned, feeling a weight settle over me. "I just wanted to get away from all the drama back home. Now it feels like I'm stepping into a whole new kind of drama here.""I'm sorry, hun," Aunt Mara said softly, giving my shoulder a reassuring rub."Maybe you're wrong. Maybe it's a different Tyler," I reasoned hopefully. "I mean, there were like 4 packs here last night. He could have been from any of them.""You're absolutely right," Aunt Mara said with a smile. "Now how about some bre
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Chapter 7: Tyler's Admission
I raced out of the house, hurrying to meet Tyler, who was in all likelihood already waiting for me. If it hadn't been frowned upon to shift in the streets, I would have done it, desperate to get to him before he could think that I'd ditched him. Fortunately, one of the perks of turning 18 and shifting was enhanced abilities. One of those being extended endurance. And thank God for that, because running definitely hadn't been my strong suit before. It still wasn't now, at least not in my human form, but there definitely had been some improvement. I approached the park, clueless as to the time and how late I was as I jogged towards the restroom we'd met in the evening before. He was already there, impossible to miss with his tall frame and tousled brown hair. He saw me and smiled broadly. Then he started heading towards me, so I slowed my pace and tried to walk casually in his direction so that we could meet somewhere in the middle. "Hey," he said, still smiling. "I thought for a se
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Chapter 8: A Secret Spot
Tyler gave an understanding nod, then continued deeper into the forest with me close in tow. "You haven't asked me anything about being the future Alpha," he remarked after we'd been walking in silence for a bit. "I figured you'd tell me when you're ready," I replied with a shrug, having already made my decision in that regard. "Well... I guess there's a lot, and I know we need to talk about it. But can we just have this day not to think about it?" he asked, his tone almost pleading. "Sure," I replied, giving him a reassuring smile. "Whenever you're ready." He sighed, clearly relieved. "Thank you," he murmured with gratitude. As we continued deeper into the forest, the sounds from the park became a distant memory as they were replaced by wild birdsong and the buzz of bugs. The forest floor was carpeted with fallen leaves that crunched under our feet, adding to the symphony of nature. "Tell me about Colorado," Tyler suggested, as we meandered through an area with a nasty thorn b
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Chapter 9: Tying Loose Ends
The pond was calm and peaceful and the smell of rain lingered in the air, though I couldn’t see a cloud in the sky above us. Time passed and we sat in quiet content. When we spoke, the conversations ranged from favorite books to most useless skills, which was an interesting topic to say the least. The minutes seemed to slip by unnoticed when Tyler checked his phone and grumbled to himself, "Shit... I missed a briefing." "Oh shit... You gonna be in trouble?" I grimaced. "Hopefully not. Worth it if I am though," he replied with a mischievous smirk. I gave him a shy smile, a little flattered by the implication that I was worth getting in trouble for. "But we should probably start heading back. I'm supposed to be meeting up with Jess soon," he explained pulling himself to his feet and offering me his hand. I took it, eager to feel the warm buzz between us. He never let it go as we headed back toward the park, chatting about everything and nothing. When we finally made it back to
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Chapter 10: The Towel
Tyler: I did it 😁 What do you want to do later? I woke up to 2 messages from Tyler. I'd texted him the night before, just letting him know that I was thinking of him and I hoped things were going okay. He hadn't replied by the time I went to sleep, but in all fairness, he was busy with something pretty serious. To see his messages this morning filled me with a sense of relief, especially when he confirmed that he'd broken up with his girlfriend. I saw that message had come through last night, but I must have fallen asleep just before. Me: Hope it went ok. It's rainy today 😞 Maybe we could watch a movie or something? The weather did put a bit of a damper on the day. Don't get me wrong, I loved the rain, but I was a bit stumped for ideas on what to do here. Seconds later I heard my message tone. Tyler: Great idea. I'll come pick you up in an hour. We can watch movies and chill at my place. Me: Perfect. See you soon. I hit panic stations. 1 HOUR?! I had over committed and
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