EDEN: The Daughter of the Moon

EDEN: The Daughter of the Moon

Oleh:  K. K. Winter  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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After years of mistreatment and anguish she escaped the hell and found a true friend. Finally, Eden wanted more from life. Or at least until she came across another obstacle in her quest to freedom - Lucius Lockhart. The rumored vile monster, who claimed he was her second-chance mate. Although hesitant, Eden gave in and put all her trust in the Moon Goddesses' choice. However, when she had to come clean with Lucius and reveal secrets she hid, he wanted revenge. For her. Returning to her tormentors was the last thing she wanted. With her mate at her side, Eden might survive the reunion, but will she?

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this has the potential to be an enjoyable book series if only the author would write more of Eden & Co.
2023-10-03 18:09:00
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Ayemere Ayemere
My name is Priestess Raven. I'm a Gypsy Queen, I'm a forseerer, and fortune reader. I use the elements in my magik. I also keep a open mind when I meet people.    Stop suffering today!!! Why should other people enjoy life yet you are faced with some of the life’s problems and diseases.
2023-09-08 10:02:25
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Shammie Mahmood
It’s wonderful
2023-08-14 15:18:03
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I love your book so much! It is so good!
2023-07-16 09:19:28
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Shema Roye
The story is taking too much turns. I wasn't expecting this. When I started reading this I wasn't expecting multiple mates especially with the beta.
2023-07-16 06:40:06
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This book is soooo good, and i love the spine tree ... ...
2023-06-29 21:57:00
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Delinda Schumacher
77 chapters 6-25-23
2023-06-25 23:29:21
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Kiera J
Once again, I find myself completely captivated by K.K. Winter's writing. This story has it all, and while it breaks your heart, you don't have to wait long for the satisfaction of revenge.
2023-06-20 02:09:47
default avatar
Ahhhhmazing book
2023-06-18 12:37:37
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Christine Owings
65 chapters 6/17/23
2023-06-18 11:19:01
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This hook is so good!... u are a damn good writer...
2023-06-15 18:01:34
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Janet Swisher
Omg!!!! I’m so in love with this book can’t stop reading it got all 53 chapters in last night gonna reread it to wait for more !!!!!!!
2023-06-10 20:52:40
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Gabriel Swan
Can i point out how amazed i am to get a book with supportive caring and absolutely smitten ML? Kings in other books ive read usually are mean so this is a wonderful and welcome change. i love Eden and Lucius together cant wait to read more and see how he gets back at the bad guys
2023-06-10 02:55:49
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
Jush can’t get enough yhur stories are wild I jush can’t wait for the ass kicking part lol..
2023-06-09 07:26:13
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Jessica Pineda
I absolutely Love this book so far can't wait to read more!!!
2023-06-08 00:51:26
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Eden povThe howls, the screams. My heart pounded against my ribcage as I tripped over a log and forced myself back to my feet. Pain surged through my body in waves as I pushed my body forward, away from the vicious sounds. The air around me felt heavy, laced in the metallic stench of blood. Breathing became a secondary thing once I realized my lungs fought the movement as I tried to suck in a breath. Just when I thought there was no escape from the beasts that chased me, with the sound of the horn the howls and snarls behind me died down, and I collapsed, panting for breath. “You were lucky tonight, halfbreed, but next time, you’re not getting away!” Someone shouted in the distance. It wasn’t luck. It was their game - always staying close enough for me to know they were there, but keeping their distance to create a false illusion of safety. Once I managed to calm my racing heart and breathing didn’t burn my lungs anymore, I tried to force my body up, just to be grabbed by the b
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Eden povI came to my senses in the cell. Perhaps thinking they would allow me to stay in the hospital room until I wake up was yet another delusion, but it still stings to know they threw me in here after what they did. Worse of all, I didn’t sleep on my bed - I was tossed inside the cell and woke up on the ground. This place didn’t even have a floor, so my body was covered in dirt. Groaning, I sat up and a wave of pain instantly shot though my lower belly, forcing a sharp hiss to escape my lips. My hand shook as I gripped the shirt I was wearing and slightly pulled it up. Surely, everything they did was hidden under bandages, but I didn’t need anyone to come here and explain to me what had happened. I knew a year ago she was planning this, but I never thought she could be that heartless to actually go through with the plan. “Happy birthday, halfbreed,” someone chuckled. I didn’t dare to look around or speak up. Unless I was asked a question, talking was a punishable offense.
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Eden povI was taken back to the cell and for safe measure, thrown against the wall. The man laughed and locked the metal bars to ensure I won’t try to escape. My mind was racing. What was my step-mother telling that man? Was he really an Alpha? Would he believe her words without listening to my side of the story? Would someone, sent by the Goddess, disregard my pain and walk away from me? Was he already planning to leave me behind so I can rot in here? I sat in the corner of my so-called room and silently sobbed. My emotions were all over the place and I couldn’t fight off the tears anymore. Years of abuse, pain and suffering. All that, for what? For her to block the last chance in happiness and freedom I had? I had no idea how much time had passed, but by the time I heard someone open the door to the cells, I almost dozed off. Heavy footsteps echoed against the walls as someone walked down the stairs. I didn’t pay much attention, thinking it was another guard on his way to the
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Eden povThere were no words in my vocabulary I could use to describe the pain I felt while my so-called mate stood there with a grin across his lips. Didn’t he feel the pain? Why didn't it affect him like it did me?As I stood there, everyone’s eyes on me, I felt like a claw was forced though my ribcage, clutched my heart and set it on fire. I could feel the invisible thread that connected us weaken. The kind stranger’s words echoed in my head. He saw it coming, I kind of did too, but I had nowhere near enough time to prepare myself for the moment of disaster. Although my initial reaction was complete shock, something within me moved and I nearly gave into the instinct to drop to my knees and beg him. Beg him to reconsider and take me away from this awful place. The sad part was that my pleas wouldn’t do anything but make me look weak in their eyes. Weaker than they already taught me to be, definitely not a woman worthy to become one’s Luna. So, I closed my eyes and sucked in a s
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Eden povThe day I have been waiting for ever since I had to move in with my step-mother turned out to be a nightmare, not a scenario of a fairytale I was hoping for. When the Alpha left, my step-mother came downstairs to berate me. She did her best to come up with every excuse under the sun to blame me for what happened. Before she left me, she made it a point that Kayla was the best option for the Alpha and I had to stay out of their lives so I don’t ruin the beautiful relationship those two had. According to her, the Moon Goddess had no idea what she was doing when she paired souls and I had to grow up and face reality as it was. I didn’t react to the insults, didn’t answer questions and didn’t acknowledge her words. All I did was stare in the distance and let her have it. There was no point in telling her anything about the Alpha’s words because I knew I was leaving before he returned and dragged me from one hell to another. Besides, she wouldn’t believe me even if I had a r
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Eden povAs promised, once midnight rolled around, I snuck out of my cell and went to the old man at the end of the hall. I spent hours pondering ideas how to unlock his cell just to be met with the surprise that his cell had never been locked. I helped him out and led him to my little space to grab the backpack. He was right, the poor man really was old and had difficulty moving, but since I promised to get him out of here, I didn’t let him convince me to leave him behind. The pack was sound asleep when we got to the top of the stairs and opened the door to the main area of the building. Not everyone, though, as we heard some voices in the distance. I glanced at the old man and nodded towards a darker corner. “You stay here, I’ll sneak into the kitchen and grab some food for us. Don’t question me, I know what I’m doing,” I whispered. He didn’t look too pleased, but did as I told him. As I snuck into the kitchen and grabbed some fruits from the pantry along with dry foods we could
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Eden pov“Leave me and run. You have a bigger chance to get out of here alone. Head to North, that’s where you will find a safe shelter. Run and don’t look back.” Although his words were barely louder than a whisper, they held so much power, bravery and selflessness I knew I couldn’t leave him behind. A person, who was willing to put his own safety in jeopardy deserved salvation as much as I did. I knew we couldn’t outrun the patrol or fight them off, but what we could do was use anything we could to our advantage. I looked around and tried to figure out which route would be the best. So far nothing worked like I had planned, but somehow, the very thing I feared the most turned out to be the distraction I needed. The growl I expected was so powerful, it might have shaken the ground around the pack house. The sound alerted the patrol and they instantly took off towards the building, leaving us behind. I glanced at the old man and grinned. “Think you could run until we get over the
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Eden povWhat was the chance that two people who managed to escape hell kept running into more danger? Seriously, fate? Ever since I turned twenty-one, every step I took brought more danger. Like a never ending tale of misery.And now, I was fearing that the misfortune of my life might stick to Richard. He was a nice old man who didn’t bother anyone, and because of me, he was in danger. I had no idea how he was treated by the pack members, but if it weren’t for my insistence to run away, Richard would have a roof over his head. Oh, yeah, and he wouldn’t stand near a forest fire, a detail I shouldn’t forget. “Where?” I asked once I got back to my senses. Unlike me, although old, Richard was a werewolf and his senses were way better. I bet he could smell the smoke from miles away while I could notice that only if the fire was very close. “Close,” he muttered and scrunched up his nose. I watched Richard as he closed his eyes and let out a silent ‘shh’ sound. I held my breath while R
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Lucius povFrom the moment we stepped on this territory, I knew the underground market was worse than my spies reported. Every building we passed was another orphanage or hospital. There was no way that a pack with such wealth and infrastructure as this one claimed to have had nothing but abandoned children and injured warriors. “They lied,” Titus, my second in command, whispered. I nodded my head, letting my eyes roam the surroundings. All suspicions aside, what had my senses alerted was that by now, I had counted thirteen orphanages, but no schools and there wasn’t even one playground for the pups they claimed lived here. Not only did this place look suspicious, but it also had a stench of something I couldn’t put in words. I felt like I stood in the center of everything wicked, cruel and malicious.Worst of all, the feeling sunk deeper and rooted itself when a very pregnant looking woman wobbled her way towards us. She had a wide smile across her lips, but her eyes were empty,
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Lucius povThe moment Titus ran away, the so-called Luna slowed down until we walked side by side. She did her best to rub herself against me. When she tried to place her hand in mine, I took a step to the side and glared at her. Maybe she understood me, maybe not, but once she opened her mouth, I realized she was very well aware of everything she was doing. “Oh, don’t be like that. I’m somewhat human and loneliness without my Alpha around has its toll on me. I just want some company.” Sure, to someone else, she might sound like a lonely woman, but in my eyes, she was nothing but a power-hungry mutt. She didn’t have an Alpha, she wasn’t a Luna and there was no saying whose child she was carrying. If she was carrying any. “I will show you the Alpha suite. You will fall in love with the bed, it’s so comfortable, like clouds,” she beamed as she opened the door to the massive building and let me inside first. Just like in the rest of the territory, I didn’t hear any sounds. If there w
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