Fated To The Alpha Twins

Fated To The Alpha Twins

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Language: English
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After being heartbroken at the start of her last year in high school because of her long-time relationship, Sarina couldn’t just stay put and cry inside her home. Her birthday was coming, she was coming of age. She is not going to allow some lousy, cheating bastard will destroy it. That night, she was invited to a party where all of the pack were present. It was too overwhelming and she could feel it was time. Running to the woods, she felt her whole body was changing. Screaming and agonizing in pain, she felt someone’s hand on her waist as he licked her neck aggressively, her body was immediately set on fire. “Mate.” She heard him deeply say. His tone was utterly familiar, and to her surprise, it was one of the Alpha in their pack, Ethaniel Lynx Stephenson. Sarina took in a deep breath, trying to endure the pain coursing through her body like a thunderbolt with a heavy thought in mind. If her mate is the Alpha, then…she would have two mates because they are twins. And they’re her childhood friends!

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Charley Ross
Yeah ok so far!
2024-04-19 10:17:43
user avatar
Okwara Chikwado Prosper
I have gotten to chapter 12, but I can tell it's going to be my favorite storylines
2024-03-05 01:00:58
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
101 chapters 2-18-24
2024-02-19 08:09:15
default avatar
My favorite story here until now...️...️
2024-01-31 22:55:32
user avatar
Andrea M Pemberton
I have only gotten to chapter fourteen, but I can tell it is going to be one of my favorite storylines.
2024-01-22 05:24:06
default avatar
Great story want more plz
2023-12-12 10:29:57
user avatar
Angela Blackwell
so far loving this book
2023-11-23 04:33:01
user avatar
Seems to have a good plot, & could be really good with a more mature author. Aspects of the writing seem very juvenile/sheltered, and there's a BIG issue with consistency. Canon seems to change from one scene to the next, based solely on how the author wants to move the plot. Didn't finish reading.
2024-03-24 11:04:15
default avatar
It’s amazing but frustrating how I have to watch ads just to read it .........
2024-03-06 20:12:54
105 Chapters
Chapter One - Betrayal
Sarina Hazel MoonAmid the bustling symphony of echoing footsteps and excited chatter in the crowded hallways, I could feel the vibrant energy enveloping me like a warm, familiar embrace as I walked towards my dormitory.The contagious excitement that radiated from my fellow students was like a fizzy soda, bubbling with enthusiasm, and I couldn't help but catch that contagious giddiness.The promise of new beginnings, the tantalizing scent of knowledge in the air, and the hope of eventually graduating to explore the multitude of places that had been only dreams until now will soon turn into a reality.Just like them, I am excited about the start of the school year, especially for us seniors who will graduate this year.After I got back to my dorm, I heard loud, aggressive knocks and gasped in excitement after seeing my friends who looked extremely happy to see me.“Alison! Oliver!” I ran like a child missing her mother and father to jump and hug them tight, making them laugh.“Gosh, w
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Chapter Two - Coming of Age
Sarina Hazel MoonAfter Oliver worked his magic to get me ready for class, the three of us headed out for the day. It was heartwarming to see how insistent they were on accompanying me to class.Ever since the tragic accident that took my parents away, these two amazing souls have been like a guiding light, filling the roles of both mother and father in my life.And it's not just them; their parents, too, have been incredibly kind and supportive when I needed it most, especially during those tough days when I lost my own family.We were talking about the upcoming ball games when we heard cheers in the hallways, I bit my lower lip as numerous eyes darted on me when I realized who they were cheering for.I realized that we might walked by to his classes and there he was, looking so happy with his hands wrapped around Samantha, his mate.He didn’t even glance at anyone, his brown eyes were only locked to hers. His eyes were filled with desire and lust.My heart shattered once more as I h
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Chapter Three - Birthday
Sarina Hazel MoonThe burning light of the sun woke me up. My senses were heightened especially my hearing. After the transformative experience I'd undergone, there was no doubt my strength had surged twofold. I could feel the newfound power coursing through my veins like liquid lightning.As I allowed my curious gaze to wander around, I found myself inside a room I was not familiar with.It bathed in the refreshing aroma of mint and lemon. The scents intermingled, creating a deliciously invigorating atmosphere. This is my mate’s room.I was about to stand when a muscular arm stopped me as it possessively wrapped around my chest and waist.“Oh? You’re awake baby?” I heard Ethan mumbling beside me, which made my wolf whimpered in excitement. She was so happy to be right next to our mate.What happened next surprised me when he pulled me to sit on top of him, I almost moaned because of the warmth radiating on his toned body, “Sarina baby, it has been a while. You have finally come of ag
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Chapter Four - Elijah
Sarina Hazel MoonAfter talking about a lot of things with my friends, we decided to attend our next class and it was finally lunchtime after the bell rang.When I got out of my class, I was greeted by Ethan with his warm, tight hug as if we hadn’t seen each other a while ago.His warmth made my wolf whimpered in excitement and desire. I could tell that he was pleased with my reaction to his gesture.“Damn, those classes took a while baby, I have missed you.” He whispered behind my back before breaking his hug, “Come, let’s eat!”I smiled before nodding, allowing his hands to slip and intertwine with mine, “I do feel hungry.” “Good! We are ordering the whole menu there so eat a lot! It’s your birthday!” He beamed before kissing my cheeks.My eyes widened in disbelief with his statement, “Please don’t do that, let’s not waste food, okay?” “I will eat everything that you can’t finish, don’t worry baby.” He playfully winked, making me smile because my wolf knew that he would do that ju
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Chapter Five - Surprise
Sarina Hazel MoonAfter our deep and meaningful talk, Ethan decided to invite me to their basketball practice. I almost forgot that I am part of the organizers of the main event for this school year tournament.I am still worried because a lot of things have changed between us three, especially because it has been a long time since we spent time with one another, they have been busy with Alpha duties ever since they came of age. Still, I can’t believe they kept the fact that I was mates with them a secret. Is it because of my relationship with Paul? I bit my lower lip, I feel like I would have difficulties handling them now that we are mates.Our parents were really close back then, so whenever we visited the mansion, those twins have always been my company. I stayed away with everyone when I lost my parents, but they and my friends never let me feel that I was alone.Ethan also mentioned that they came back as soon as possible because of the ball games. This is important for the twi
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Chapter Six - Make out?
Sarina Hazel MoonNo matter what he says to me right now, he can’t just get away with what he is doing to me. I don’t care if he is our Alpha.“No, who are you to boss me around?” I clenched my fists while gritting my teeth, “I forget people who hurt me.”He looked like he was shocked by what I said, his eyes containing worry and anxiousness, “I can’t believe you can hurt me like this Eli, what did I do to make you hate me this way? I didn’t do anything that would make you upset.”Eli and I rarely quarreled. In fact, I can’t remember the days that we fought because he is always so calm and understanding.If I am wrong, he will correct me gently. Eli was kind, he never even raised his voice at me. Where is that kid now?“No, that’s not—you kiss me and plan this birthday, are you shitting with me?” I cut him off by cursing and swiftly, he was already right in front of me to cup my mouth.“Stop it, Hazel, we all know you don’t curse.” He muttered softly, but I harshly shoved his hands aw
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Chapter Seven - Training
Sarina Hazel MoonMy heart skipped a beat when Eli caught me gazing at them with intense focus. He wore a mix of hurt and fury in his eyes, a storm of emotions before he turned and walked away.I wanted to run after him, my inner wolf even urged me to chase after him, to comfort him, to understand his feelings but my anger was placed above everything else.He is hot and cold towards me. Aside from that, he lied. There is no way I’d console him after all that.I gasped when someone hugged me tightly from behind. I almost heard him whimper before snuggling to my neck, “I am jealous, baby, why are you speaking to him?”Ethan sounded like he was about to cry but his voice was stern, “What did he say to you?” I heard him ask.Speaking to him is not on my list today because he lied to me with his brother but I can’t just ignore him feeling distress.“N-Nothing, the coach asked him to hand me these papers for the Lynx Cup, I have no other choice but to accept.” I bit my lower lip before care
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Chapter Eight - Confusion
Sarina Hazel MoonI arrived home, standing alone in the vast mansion. I really couldn’t finish watching the practice, everyone was getting on my nerves.The only company I had a while ago was the cab driver, a trusted member of the Stephenson family's inner circle, who had just dropped me off. I did my night rituals and decided to study for the quiz tomorrow. I also locked my doors because I didn’t want to deal with either one of them right now.Suddenly, thunderous, relentless knocks reverberated through my door. It was Ethan, pounding on it with a furious intensity. Meanwhile, my inner wolf raged, frustrated that I wasn't taking action.“I am studying, leave me be!” I furiously screamed but he still didn’t stop there. He even knocked loudly and aggressively.“Please…baby, talk to me. I don’t want you to reject us….we waited for you for two years to come of age, we restrained ourselves from having you.” Ethan sounded like he was sobbing and this worried me.I couldn’t bear to hear h
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Chapter Nine - Wounds
Sarina Hazel MoonI heard numerous noises around me and that made me relieved. I was safe and sound, Eli was there to save me from whatever those wolves were planning.Brexton and his friends will be in huge trouble. Ethan wouldn’t give them mercy, most especially Elijah. He almost sounded like he was ready to kill them a while ago.I knew that I’d recover fast because I finally came of age. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw the twins arguing right in front of my bed.“This is all your fault! If you haven’t been cruel to her, the pack will not get the wrong idea!” Ethan punched his brother.Eli seemed to have accepted that without any emotions plastered on his face, “How can you bear to see her this way!”He didn’t say anything but he glanced my way. His eyes widened before pushing his brother away from him to approach me.“How do you feel?” His voice was soft and calm. My wolf almost danced because of joy but I prefer to be alone right now.I winced in pain when I realized that there
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Chapter Ten - Strange
Sarina Hazel MoonI wish the ground would just eat me up. Just like what Eli wanted, we are all eating lunch together at a huge table.We are the main spotlight of the cafeteria. Countless curious and bewildered eyes are fixed upon us. I can’t blame them though.It was truly strange to see us like this, especially about what just happened yesterday that was still the talk of the whole campus.Not a single word escaped our lips. Ethan shot daggers at his brother, and my friends cast furtive glances around, trying to enjoy their lunch while keeping a close eye on the unfolding drama.“S-So um, I heard you were suspended, Belly. How was the break?” Alison broke the tension in the air.I knew that she was going to be the one who would break the heavy tension hanging in the air. Her extrovert side can’t keep calm.Tina—err Belly looked at her with disgust, “Why the heck would I tell you? We are not that close, and forget that issue, it’s dead to us here.”Oliver's irritation bubbled to the
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