Chapter 3) FEAR And INSULT

It was evening but due to winter time, darkness easily and fastly engulfed the day.

Alden stood before his small cupboard and glanced at his clothes.

Because of his injuries, he could only wear his casual and loose clothes today. He chose to wear a white shirt, black sweaters, cargo pants with trench coats and a hand knitted muffler. What he was wearing were all simple clothes and it did not suit with his current situation but even in this non branded clothes, he was looking very good. 

When Alden went out this time, he drew still attracted many people's attention as they were all looking back and admiring him on the subway.

Alden looked very good-looking. His high neck with pointed Adam apple was the centre of his features. His deep enchanting eyes, smile with dimple and red heart shape lips caught the breath of so many people. Her facial features were all gifts of the Creator, and every arc and edges were sharp, pointed and just right at the place.

The beauty was exquisite and public.

When Alden arrived at the exclusive Club of the emperial city of America. The waiter directly took him to the box where Sarah was waiting for him.

He arrived before time and his body trembled slightly. The waiter stopped at the outside of the private box. 

The waiter knocked on the door and announced, "Mr. Richards is here"

Alden was a little surprised. He thought he was early, but he didn't expect Sara to arrive earlier than him.

Alden nodded at the waiter as he took a deep breath and opened the door of the private box and walked in with his high head with full of confidence.

But As soon as he opened the door and stepped one step inside. He heard one after another one whistles with giggles in the box. The box was full of cigarettes smokes and smell of different different alcohol hit his nose. He instantly felt uncomfortable in that atmosphere.

Alden's heart escalated as he did not have a good impression of this situation. He looked roughly at the faces and found Sara was sitting in the middle of the round table and other people who were sitting around her were her friends.

An unpleasant feeling floated in Alden's heart because there was a boy named Luca who never liked him and feelings were mutual.

Alden's brows twitched to see so many people inside. It clearly looked that it was not a private meeting between Sara and him. But it seemed like it was a friends get together.

Seeing Alden standing at the doorstep, one of the rich second-generation man couldn't help but laughed, "Mr. Richard is really here. Oh no, i just lost a bet now"

Alden heard their snickering tone, "So what if he is here?"

Alden clenched his jaw tightly. Sara sipped her drink as she stared thim for head to toe. Even in the non branded clothes, His beauty was top notch. Her eyes had desires for him. She always tries to hold him in the past but this high almighty never gave a glance to her but situation was reversed now that simply satisfied her ego.

Another rich second-generation girl said with a mocking grin, "Katherine Richards is near to bankruptcy, you think he is still so proudy like past? He will not agree to you Sara"

Alden's nails were deeply embedded in his palm. He didn't even notice the bruising.

He ignored the other's and asked straightly to Sara, "What do you mean?"

Sara took a sip of the red wine and said casually, "Drink a glass of wine with me and i will pay ten thousand dollar to you. What do you say?"

Alden's face hardened.

"Think carefully. That's a lot of price, right? I know you need this. That's why you are here right?", Sara's friend said while having unkind smile on his face

"Wait Sara, What are you doing? Is he not a High Almighty, Mr. Richards is here to ask for five million?" , A male friend of Sara who never liked Alden spoke

"Then for five million, he must have to drink atleast five hundred cups?", Another friend of Sara said

Luca stood up from his seat and moved closer to him. He looked at Alden from head to toe as if looking at goods in the shopping mall and said contemptuously, "Alden Richards, Spent a night with me and i will pay five million directly to your mother"

Alden was trembling with anger as he fisted his hand and launched on Luca who fell down instantly with a sudden force.

Alden glared at them. Before coming here, He had prepared himself for the worst like insult and abusement but he never thought that Sara would prepare this trap for him.

Alden stared at Luca who stoop this low to humiliate him. Sara's friends were also there with crookedness to cynicism him.

Alden was always pampered by his mother and he never had a good temper. Even if his mother was no longer a big boss in the corporate world and his arrogance had been reduced a bit but it never disappeared from his bones. Arrogance and attitude were still running in his hot young blood. 

Alden smiled wickedly as his smile instantly charmed everyone in the box. He said, "Five million a night to spend with a dog like you? Are you worth of the price? Tsk, Tsk, You are not upto my standard"

After saying that, Alden took a few steps backward and glared at all the rich stupid monkeys. He slapped Sara and Luca with his words. 

Luca stood up from the ground furiously and grabbed Alden's jacket but Alden threw his hand away as they involved in a fight.

Luca's fists reopened Alden's Wounds as he pushed Luca and hurriedly opened the door and fled outside but he heard Luca's screeching voice, "Catch him for me. If you don't catch him today then i will kill you"

Someone ran behind to catch him.

Alden knew that Luca would not really kill him but it was certain that Sara, Luca and their gang would made him suffer a lot.

Alden was not feeling well right now. His wound was still fresh and it started in ache when he ran fastly but he did not want to get captured by them so he ran away in a panic as he could heard the following footsteps of others.

He did know where he was running or how many turns he took but he ran. Suddenly, he caught a Golden VIP box in the end of the corridor.

Before he could think about it, he heard the footsteps and loud voice coming from behind him. In an impulse, he pushed the door of the golden VIP box and rushed inside it.

When he the golden VIP box, no one was outside of the VIP box. Without thinking much and to protect himself, he entered into the box.

His eyes instantly got blank because the entire box had dim light and at first, he thought there was no one in it. But he was wrong and it was a big mistake because the originally calm VIP box was having a harmonious conversation but due to his intrusion caused the disturbance to those two people who were alike in personality.

Founding, two people staring at him, Alden's heart jumped. Due to the sudden silence embarrassed him the most.

Suddenly light turned on and Alden closed his eyes immediately. He reopened his eyes few minutes later as he lifted his head and his gazes landed on the two people who were sitting opposite each other.

One was a handsome Masculine guy with blonde hair and sensitive brown eyes.

And the other one was someone he had been extremely familiar with.

Alden's mouth was dry and heart palpalated as he found their eyes on himself.

He could not help but gazed at the familiar face who seemed to have just picked up the red wine glass when he rushed in.

He was someone that could always messed up with Alden's emotions.

KANG DENNIS - His Ex-boyfriend.

The first thing Alden noticed was the limited edition watch on his wrist. Even if its design was simple but Alden knew that it was an expensive item in a single glance.

Next, it was his other hand that was holding a glass of red wine. The picture was clean and his appearance was slender. Kang DENNIS looked like fine works of art, which was amazing.

And what caught Alden's breath was that Dennis was staring at him without blinking his eyes.


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