The other man asked Alden, "Hey, Young Man, did you go to the wrong box?"

Alden's heart moved violently because of the fast running and now because of this situation. His  heart hadn't calmed down completely. He tried to control his breath and nodded gently at the stranger.

But suddenly, Kang DENNIS slowly raised his head and glanced at Alden.

Alden also took a short glance at him and found his hair was a little longer than before. He looked neat, energetic, cold and mature than the past. His hair was dyed that was not matching to his eyes. He was only wearing a white shirt, and a black trouser in this cold season. 

Alden's heart escalated as Dennis  looked very different from what he was four years ago. The facial lines became more clear, the eyes were indifferent, with a looming sense of distance.

Even if he had the same eyes, the same nose, and the same lips, but the temperament of his personality waa completely different from before. He seemed like an aloof cold CEO.

At this moment, Alden clearly realized that the person in front of him was still KANG DENNIS but not the Kang DENNIS he had ever known.

Suddenly, the fierce voices from outside of the VIP box came with the people who were chasing Alden.

Alden quickly stood at the other of the door and when the door of the VIP box opened it already help him hide himself from them.

Luca stood at the doorstep as his mouth was bleeding and jaw turned blue in color. In between Alden and Luca there was only the distance of door frame. Alden's body was hidden as the other people were not able to see him.

Other man inside the VIP box said , "Who are you all and why are you disturbing us?"

Luca shouted at the door, "Sorry for the inconveniences but i am searching for a young man with black hair and black eyes who has white skin and ...."

Luca was telling but at this moment, Kang Dennis suddenly moved towards him.

Dennis's piercing gazes observed how wounded Luca's mouth was. Luca blushed in embarrassment as it was brought to him by Alden.

"No one is here. You can go back now", Kang Dennis said but Luca shook his head negatively and said impatiently, "He entered into this box.

The man frowned, raised his head and looked at Alden with concern as if he was asking 'Man! Are you in trouble?"

Alden blinked innocently because at this moment, he was really embarrassed.

Past two years, his mother's business was struggling and was on the verge of bankruptcy, Alden fell from heaven to hell all at once. He no longer the young master of the rich family. He became an ordinary person who was working hard to make a living.

But He had never imagined that he would meet with Kang Dennis again and that too, in this situation.

At this moment, every strand of his hair seemed to be telling him to go and hide himself from this embarrassment because now, He didn't have the slightest hint of arrogance.

People were still outside, shouting and abusing him verbally.

"I know Alden is still here. He is hiding inside your box", One of the gang members said and The other man had already put down his wine glass at this time as his eyes were hard same as Dennis.

Dennis moved closer to Luca as he stood confidently. He glanced at Luca and his gang indifferently, with a smile but his tone was chilled, "Do you have any hearing problem? Go out now"

Dennis's tone was a bit of aloof and

There was a smile on the face of other man who was present with Dennis in the VIP box.

Luca opened his mouth and but by this time Dennis had already drove people away. His tone was a little weak, but with a strong force that could not be rejected as he waved his hand and motioned them, "Please leave."

No one did dare to be in the dead pool as Dennis's eyes was completely changed with hidden fierceness.

In the past four years, people in their circle have already realized the terribleness of KANG DENNIS.

Not only does he had a unique vision, but the industry he invested in was the e-sports, e-commerce , entertainment industry that had the strongest momentum in recent years, and what was more unique than his vision was his method.

KANG DENNIS was a ruthless character and no one could afford to provoke this person who had a cold face and a colder heart.

With heavy faces and hearts, Luca and his gang retreated but a question was still running in their heads, "Where is Alden?"

They were all disappointed but Luca wiped his face gloomily and said, "This will not end here"

"I know Alden is inside the box but why did KANG DENNIS help Alden?", Sara said as she was standing outside of the box and heard everything.

"I heard that President KANG doesn't like to be nosy. Maybe he accidentally helped Alden", One of the gang members said and Sara glanced at Luca as she waved her hand and said cruelly to everyone, "Go".

On the other hand, inside the box, Alden breathed a sigh of relief as he subconsciously heard the sound of a group of people leaving the door.

As soon as he felt relieved, Alden felt a fiery pain in his body.

He might have hurted more himself when he ran fastly. He just wanted to lay down but situation was not in his favor as he was the only one standing in the box and it looked like an unwelcome person.

Alden took small steps as he turned to open the door but his wounds burnt and he hissed in pain. His eyes were bloodshot red and mouth was dry.

At this time, other man asked lightly to Alden, "Is there any problem?"

Alden took a deep breath as he didn't respond at first as he didn't realize that the other man had asked him.

Alden shook his head embarrassingly as the few strings of his hair fell on his forehead.

"Sorry for the disturbance. Thank you for today", He said without looking anyone of them.

Both men were looking at him.

Alden tried to straightened his back, like a proudy king but then started limping towards the door.

At this time, Kang DENNIS suddenly spoke, "Wait a minute."

Alden heard his voice but did not stop as he turned completely and open the door and stepped out of the VIP box.

Seeing his stubbornness, Dennis's tone became seriously cold, "I said something to you, did not i?"

Alden gripped hardly at the door handle.

"What's wrong with you?", Kang DENNIS asked but Alden did not reply.

"I asked you something", Dennis questioned Alden.

"Nothing happened", Alden said and again took small steps outside of the box.

Other man raised his brows amusingly looking at Dennis. Outsiders said that Kang Dennis was indifferent. As KANG DENNIS's business partner for the past three years, he understood that 'This good looking young man was more than outsider to him'. Everyone knew that Kang DENNIS was more than just cold tempered. Actually he was cold hearted too. 

Looking at Alden's weak movement, Dennis expressions did not change but he looked back at the man and said, "Joseph, We will continue our meeting later"

Joseph subconsciously nod.

Why does he suddenly feel that these two people are not meeting for the first time?", Joseph thought as his eyes glanced back and forth between Dennis and Alden.

In two long strides, Dennis walked in front of him, He squited down and Alden stopped in his track, "Why are you doing?"

Dennis lifted him up with skillful movements and forcefully made him to lay on his back and automatically Alden's hand wrapped around his neck. Just like the past, they were close this time too.

"I'm taking you to the hospital", Dennis said to him

He walked slowly as his movements were too natural, as if he had done it countless times.

At this moment, These two people were taken aback at the same time.

Dennis carried him into the car without saying a word.

In the driving position, the driver dutifully fulfilled the duty as He just asked routinely, "President, Where are we going?"

Dennis simply spit out two words, "Hospital."

The air in the car was too quiet. No one said a single word.

Alden sat leaning against the window and looked up at the scenery outside the window. Suddenly, the car made a sharp turn, and he fell straight to the left in Dennis's arms but a sharp yelp escape his mouth.

The driver hurriedly apologized in front, "Sorry President" 

Dennis only hummed a little as his hands were both side of his body to welcoming Alden.

Alden looked up at Dennis's face. The slight smile that appeared in his eyes when he saw him suddenly turned into a cold and indifferent expression.

At this time, Dennis happened to look down. The eyes of the two were just right. Obviously they were the same eyes but the look in their eyes were completely different from before.

The joy and tenderness that were once obvious in the eyes, as if buried by time, all disappeared.

Alden pursed his lips, tried to ignore the discomfort in his heart, and sat up again from his arms.

After arriving at the hospital, Alden sighed annoyingly because it was the second time he had come to the hospital in just one day.

This was really not a pleasant experience.

"Thanks", Alden spoke and hurriedly stepped out of the car.

His one leg was out of the car on the ground and another was inside the car when suddenly a strong grip landed on his hand.

Alden cranes his neck to look at the person who was holding him. Dennis's strength was not small, and Alden couldn't move for a while.

A faint body temperature spread from the palm of Dennis's hand to Alden's skin little by little. Alden shrank his feet subconsciously.

"Don't move", Dennis spoke in his cold tone as he continued to ask him, "What's the matter with your body?"

Alden understood that Dennis was asking about his injury. He didn't want to lose even the last bit of dignity in front of Dennis as He was already embarrassed enough now. 

This was his last insistence.

Alden pulled out his hand from Dennis's grip and said, "Nothing is wrong with my body. I accidentally hurt myself"

His complexion was fair and delicate but at this moment, due to pain, His face was ghostly pale.

Dennis's eyes were sharp as he spoke in nonchalantly tone,"I can smell blood on your body".


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