Chapter 5) HURT

Dennis's eyes were sharp as he spoke in nonchalantly tone,"I can smell blood on your body". 

His eyes were staring deeply at Alden because Alden himself didn't know that every time he lied, he blinked his eyes continuously.

Let those who knew him know at a glance whether he had lied or not.

Dennis sighed coldly when he saw Alden's eyelashes blinking frequently. Dennis's eyes became colder and colder by each passing second..

Alden hurriedly pulled his hand and in a swift he stepped out of the car. He took baby steps towards the hospital as he clutched his clothes tightly. He knew that Dennis's car was still there.

Inside the car, the driver turned around and asked Dennis, "President KANG, where do we go next?"

Dennis pressed his lips tightly and said nothing as his eyes were looking at Alden whose steps were not clear and legs were shaking. 

He smelt blood on Alden's body. He was well aware of Alden's body, his habits and his actions. He knew that Alden hated the feeling of pain. 

Dennis was sitting in his silent and indifferent posture at the backside of the car as if he was waiting for Alden. His eyes were still looking at the front of hospital. Suddenly, He ran inside the hospital and searched for Alden.

The nurse took him to the doctor's chamber where Doctor was treating Alden. He opened the chamber and stepped in. What caught his eyes was injured Alden lying down on the bed and metallic scent of blood that filled his nostrils.

"How did this happen?"

The Sudden voice of Dennis startled Alden as he looked at Dennis.

"I fell on the glass pieces", Alden replied while ignoring his heated gazes.

Cotton gauze and bandages were wrapped around his wounds. His wounds were still fresh and it was hurting him more than the morning. His back and upper hip bone was injured with side arms. He even faced difficulty in wearing the clothes but he quickly wore his clothes to avoid the intense burning gazes of Dennis.

Alden did not wait there as he paid the bill and started walking slowly to the gate of the hospital. He was in pain. His wounds tore up again and it started bleeding. He needed to take care of his body.

Dennis walked behind him and suddenly said only four words, "Get in the car" . Dennis's tone was commanding.

Alden glanced at his car and thought that it would be better to take his car than the crowded Subway because he did not have money to pay for the taxi either. 

"President KANG, Where to go now?", The driver asked and Alden shut his eyes tightly.

"Please drop me to the near of the community area", Alden spoke in a low tone.

On the road, the atmosphere in the car was extremely dull. No one spoke. From time to time, the driver carefully glanced toward the back seat. Even a blind person could perceive that the atmosphere was wrong now.

The driver drove silently all the way to the gate of the community area.

Once he reached the destination, he felt a little relaxed.

Alden saw the two big and bold letters carved on the hoarding "T-Rex Hills" in the neighborhood. He hurriedly said to the driver, "Please stop the car here"

Alden's little self-esteem began to faint again as he did not want Dennis to see where he was currently living now.

Dennis still did not speak. The driver couldn't figure out what his boss was thinking at this moment, so he could only tentatively ask Alden, "Sir, Are you sure?"

Alden nodded his head and said, "Yes and thank you." And then he got out of the car.

The driver started the car and was about to leave but suddenly a faint voice called him, "Wait a minute"

The driver didn't know why but he stopped the action obediently and turned off the engine again.

The driver followed Dennis's gazes only to see that Alden was walking slowly inside the gate of the community and then a young boy of the same age as Alden stepped forward to support him. The two talked and smiled and walked slowly into the community.

Only then did Dennis squeeze his eyebrows, and said quietly, "Let's go." Dennis's heart was could not bear to see Alden with anyone.

"Okay President", The driver said as he observed his boss whose eyes were closed as he leaned back to the seat.

"President, Are you feeling sleepy?", The driver asked but Dennis didn't want to talk more about this topic, so he just gave a faint hum.

The driver sighed weekly because The old people who had been around Dennis for three or four years knew that he had extremely serious insomnia.

He was just a driver and did not know much about it. He only knew that President KANG had an extremely serious insomnia seemed to have only started four years ago.

On the other hand, Alden got support from Eun Woo as he returned to his house.

Eun Woo frowned deeply as he found Alden's pale face and weak demeanor. He questioned Alden and Alden told Eun Woo one by one. Including what Sara, Luca and their gang members did to him. 

"Five million a night, he doesn't even look at his own dog-like face, is he worthy?", Eun Woo cursed Luca and Alden felt distressed until now.

Two years ago, Sara, Luca and all other rich second generation kids were as obedient as a tortoise in front of him. They were all always buttering him. But now, Luca and Sara and their gangs finally revealed their original ugly faces to him.

Park Eun Woo was stunned, "Even street dogs are better than these rich second generation dogs"

"But Alden, Sara and Luca will definitely create trouble for you", Eun Woo said as he worried for Alden.

Alden looked completely indifferent at this moment, "Luca family is in entertainment company and Sara's family is in textile company. I am not related to these things"

Eun Woo nodded his head.

But Alden looked at Eun Woo his thought shattered and said, "Now the situation is like this, can it be worse?"

"Don't worry. I am with you", Eun Woo said as he couldn't bear to see him hurt.

Suddenly, Eun Woo looked at Alden very carefully, and said, "It's a pity that you are not entering in the entertainment circle with this handsome face of yours"

Alden was as beautiful as a blooming rose and handsome as a shining moon.

Alden was Bright, sexy and charming.

Alden laughed slightly as he said, "Eun Woo, I am not like you. You are more charming than me. I am unconsciously fascinated by you".

Eun Woo laughed as well. Peach came running towards Alden. Alden  rubbed his white furry head as he thought, "Peach, I met your daddy today"

"But you must maintain a safe distance from me. I don't want Sara Luca and his gang members to know about you. I don't want them to hurt you", Alden said in a serious tone and Eun Woo narrowed his eyes as if he was not liking what Alden just said a few seconds ago.

"I am not scared of them", Eun Woo spoke instantly

"Don't forget that You are working as an extra artist now but you will get the lead roles in the future. Your struggling days will end soon", Alden said and Eun Woo sighed irritatedly

"By the way, I saw you stepping out of an expensive glowing car at the gate of the community just now. Who drove you back just now?", Eun Woo questioned him.

Alden's heart escalated as his expression did not change and continued to rub Peach's head, "A kind hearted man found me limping outside of the hospital so he just dropped me here"

Eun Woo nodded his head as he did not pry on this matter. He helped Alden to clean up the house. Eun Woo made dinner for them. They are together as it was already very late in the night. Eum Woo yawned and went upstairs to sleep.

Alden locked the house properly. His heart ached for the lose of silver bracelet. Peach barked affectionately at Alden. He stared at Peach and unknowingly spoke, "Your daddy, He is changed now".

Alden was hurt. He was more emotionally hurt than physically.

Alden's mind replayed the scene from the past. Dennis had never been so cold to him in the past but now, it seemed like he was freezing to death just by looking at him.

PEACH barked excitedly when he heard the word 'Daddy'. His tail began to swing frantically from side to side. Alden snorted as he spoke angrily, "Don't you have any shame? I feed you, take care of you but in your heart, he is the king right?

Peach flicked his tail as a response to him. Alden snorted when he saw the stupid white furry ball was staring at him. He couldn't help but laugh. His mood finally warmed up slightly because of his pet dog.

Unknowingly, Alden's heart warmed as he leaned towards Peach  and muttered, "Your Daddy becomes an amazing person now. He is no longer a poor, weak and warm person like the past"

Alden still remembered the cruel words he threw at Dennis when he broke up with him.

"You are just a poor boy. What can you give me? I am the young master of Richards family" - These were Alden's exact words.

At that moment, Alden knew that his sourness of heart and bitterness of his words almost killed Dennis because of the hurted look he found in Dennis's eyes.

Alden chuckled softly as his Adam apple bobble up and down painful. His eyes turned red because he never cared if Dennis had money or not. Dennis was a treasurable man that he lost four years ago.

Alden used Dennis's poverty as an excuse to break up at the time.

PEACH barked twice, as if he had understood Alden's mumbling.

Alden glanced at the time, it was almost midnight.

"Go to sleep", Alden said to Peach who immediately hid himself inside her dog house.

Alden was about to sleep when suddenly his phone started ringing.

He picked up the call and deep strings of breathing caught his attention.

After taking a minute, at last Alden spoke, "Mom"

"Alden, My boy",  On the other end of the phone, Katherine Richards voice was hoarse which was unconcealable and full tiredness.

The former high spirits of Katherine Richards had long since disappeared. The current Katherine Richards was worse than ordinary people.

Alden's throat constricted when he heard his mother's rough voice.

"Mom, Tell me. Your son is here to listen to you", Alden said as he could hear sniffing sound from the opposite side.

"I am leaving", Alden's heart stumped painfully at his mother's words.

Both mother and son was hurted being any limits. In the world, Accusations, betrayal and revenge, They were trying to manage the crown and name of RICHARDS.


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